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Lemon Autoflower Seeds

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Combining one highly potent hybrid strain with a miniature sized and unassuming auto, has led to the genius creation that is Lemon Autoflower - cannabis that is small in stature and still fully capable of getting you stoned, thanks to her 19% THC content...

Calming & Cerebral Citrus Cannabis


Bud Basics

Combining one highly potent hybrid strain with a miniature sized and unassuming auto, has led to the genius creation that is Lemon Autoflower - cannabis that is small in stature and still fully capable of getting you stoned, thanks to her 19% THC content.


This strain owes her awesomeness to her parent strains. Lemon Skunk provides the skunky, lemon flavors and aromas you’d expect, alongside a mood-boosting and introspective high and a sedating body-stone. Lowryder #2, on the other hand, brings her tiny size, cerebral stimulation and medicinal properties to the table.


This gene infusion combined has provided a hybrid with a more Indica structure and a shorter life cycle than her parent strains, but her autoflowering nature makes her able to grow year-round, despite her environment, and her tiny size makes her a great strain of choice for beginners or those without grow rooms to fall back on.


As a medical strain, Lemon Auto boasts pain-relieving properties alongside antipsychotic capabilities, making her sought after for migraines and mood disorders alike due to her all-encompassing calm.


Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Autoflower

As the lovechild of two phenotypes that boast particularly citric flavors themselves, it’s no surprise that Lemon Autoflower carries on the legacy. Breaking apart these nugs, you’ll find a pungent skunky aroma will exude from the bag, mixed in with a strong lemon note that tempers the strength of the scent nicely, underpinned with notes of pine and earth.


Once you light up, this strain has a particularly smooth and tasty smoke, and that citrus lemon flavor is present once again with a peppery aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.



Lemon Auto is one of those strains that can only be described as small and mighty, as she’s fairly potent. Her onset is fairly slow, but once it hits, you’ll find her mind-clearing, psychoactive properties can induce a joyous, gentle euphoric buzz, bringing on a feeling of well-being that boosts your mood and brightens your day.


This cerebral high is soon followed up with a complementary uplifting body-buzz, that gradually strengthens as it numbs your limbs from top to toe, ushering in a heavy feeling of deep and total relaxation. But though your body will feel lazy, you won’t feel too couch-locked and lethargic.


Since Lemon Autoflower’s high takes a while to come on, many tokers underestimate the potency of this strain. With THC levels between 17% and 19%, care should be taken not to overcompensate by overindulging, as you may find yourself glued down and lost in introspection if you’re not careful - and of course, that’s alongside the usual possibility of dry mouth and eyes, and dizziness.


Medical Uses of Lemon Autoflower

The mild cerebral euphoria that accompanies a joint of Lemon Autoflower is ideal for erasing stress from the mind, with antipsychotic properties capable of helping patients to cope with anxiety and depression alongside managing mental conditions such as bipolar disorder.


A great strain for daytime pain relief, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Lemon Auto can be put to good use by those in the medicinal marijuana community who are struggling with chronic migraines, and is regularly prescribed for this purpose.


This cannabis is also effective at relieving nausea and increasing appetite for those with eating disorders, but is particularly therapeutic for those suffering from insomnia, as the drowsiness that follows a hit of this herb can easily result in a deep and restful slumber.


Growing Lemon Autoflower Seeds

Not exactly a classic Indica strain, Lemon Autoflower is extra short, with only a small number of side branches so that her energy (and those all-important nutrients) is focused on the central cola.


Because she’s so small, we’d recommend trying a Sea of Green (SoG) set up to maximize yields - but her tiny stature also gives her an important advantage over many other hybrid strains available. With this little lady, you don’t need a grow room or any fancy equipment to grow her well - some reports even say she’ll thrive on a windowsill, if you’re willing to risk it. So as you’d expect, she’s an excellent strain for newbies.


If you’d rather stick with traditional cultivation methods, hydroponics is a great choice for rapid growth, but Lemon Auto’s terpene profile (not to mention flavor and fragrance) will really shine if she’s grown in organic soil.


Regardless of how you choose to grow her, this hybrid will take between 7 and 9 weeks to go from germination to harvest, and you can expect between 28 and 42 grams of buds per plant - and significantly more if you keep her in a place where she’s exposed to plenty of light, ideally 18 to 20 hours per day.



If you’re struggling to decide between growing a strain that can calm the mind with an uplifting euphoria, or a weed that’s more likely to relax you into a deep body-stone, then Lemon Autoflower is the ideal compromise. Capable of inducing a gentle, euphoric buzz that’s slow to build, this strain will also give you the body-buzz you’re after, numbing the limbs into lazy sedation.


Lemon isn’t just a name with this little madam, as her fragrance exudes a skunky citrus scent that’s alluring and inviting, which only strengthens once combusted to draw out those balancing notes of pine and earth.


Lemon Auto’s delicious flavor is yet another mark in the pro column for medicinal users, as she’s a potent pain reliever and an excellent choice for those struggling with symptoms from mental conditions such as stress and anxiety.


Since she’s a small plant with a short flowering period, you can’t really go wrong growing this strain - newbies will have no trouble at all, and experienced cultivators can kick back and relax as she practically takes care of herself, autoflowering to provide decent yields, given her size. Usually around 28 to 42 grams of nugs per plant.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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