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CBD Cheese Autoflower Seeds

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From strain stability to epic yields and a uniquely intense flavor and aroma profile boasting welcome (albeit unexpected) fruity undertones, there are a million reasons this CBD-heavy swift-flowering stinky auto super strain should make the top of your list to try...

A Serenely Calming CBD-Heavy Cheese


Bud Basics

Original Cheese has been doing the rounds for decades, impressing growers and tokers alike in both recreational and medicinal cannabis circles with a delightfully pungent (somewhat divisive) aroma, dense bud structures, generous resin coatings and stupendous yields.


Given that, it should be no surprise that a great many super strains have come into existence from this remarkable pheno - one of which, the legendary Cheese XXL Auto (which adds autoflowering Ruderalis genetics into the mix without tempering the traits enthusiasts love), gave rise to this high CBD strain variant perfect for therapeutic tokers.


Furthermore, the addition of elevated CBD genetics from the CBD Auto side of the family has strengthened the sumptuous delights of this strain’s cheesy parentage, bolstering the genetic makeup with an impressive 12% Cannabidiol (CBD) and delivering a fast-flowering pheno with an impressive 1:2 THC to CBD ratio.


The lower THC levels make for a strain far better suited to the medical marijuana (MMJ) market, however, lovers of those quintessential Cheese terpenes and traits will have a medical match made in heaven with some CBD Cheese Autoflower.


From strain stability to epic yields and a uniquely intense flavor and aroma profile boasting welcome (albeit unexpected) fruity undertones, there are a million reasons this CBD-heavy swift-flowering stinky auto super strain should make the top of your list to try.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Cheese

CBD Cheese is everything you would expect from one of the Cheese family and then some.


A delight for all the senses, these plants promise of the pungent treats to come the moment they start flowering, however, lovers of the classic Original Cheese will notice something new and positively delightful in the mix - a trait which earns CBD Cheese a home among many a flavor-loving connoisseur’s choices.


If you don’t notice the citric notes on the nose, there’s slim chance you won’t catch this orangy addition on the exhale. Of course, you’ll find plenty of that quintessential cheesiness both in taste and aroma, though the fresh fruity vibes brought into the blend from CBD Cheese Auto’s famed CBD Auto parentage is certainly the gem in this rich ganja glory.




Skunk is a strain so wildly potent that many uninformed individuals incorrectly use the term to refer to any and all strong cannabis. Given that the Cheese family are direct descendants of that famed lineage, it should go without saying that these strains tend to be some of the highest THC strains around.


Such a potent punch can be a huge limiter for those with low THC tolerance or minimal interest in the psychoactive properties of pot, however, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to CBD Cheese Auto.


With this hybrid, it’s all about the CBD content, which stands at a reliable 12% - fully double the 6% THC levels.


This result of this is that once all-powerful psychoactive influence becoming dramatically muted in favor of a far mellower experience which allows the user to enjoy the full range of relaxing and uplifting effects this strain has to offer.


It’s a bit of a creeper when it comes to the high, which for some is the definition of a slow burn. Soon enough, you’ll feel that soothing sensation spreading throughout the body, paving the way for a state of unrivaled tranquillity where stress and anxiety become no more than memories.


All this makes CBD Cheese a perfect choice for later in the evening when all you need is to unwind and recuperate. Never forget though, this hybrid comes from one of the most potent pot families around - do not underestimate her unless you want to invite the likes of dry mouth, red eyes or mild paranoia, consume responsibly.



Medical Uses of CBD Cheese Autoflower 

Without a doubt, this CBD-heavy hybrid has been designed with the medical users firmly in mind.


By tempering the THC content with high CBD levels of 12%, patients with no interest in the psychoactive elements of marijuana are able to experience the powerful treatment that CBD Cheese can bring to the table.


Cheese has long been renown as an effective means of mitigating stress, and the elevated CBD in this member of the family extends that effectiveness to the likes of anxiety, depression, PTSD, arthritis, persistent pain, muscle spasms and insomnia.


Just like the rest of her family, CBD Cheese is also capable of inducing a devilish case of the munchies, making this strain ideal for anyone suffering from a loss of appetite - you’ll be eyeing up the kitchen cupboards in no time.



Growing CBD Cheese Autoflower Seeds 

Given the autoflowering nature of these beans, even first-time growers are in for a reasonably simple cultivation experience with CBD Cheese Autoflower seeds in their crop.


Thanks to a varied mix of Indica and Sativa genetics, these plants represent the best of both growing worlds - Indica-influenced growth patterns and the large structure and branching of a quality Sativa. The result of this is plants which tend towards a shorter and more compact nature and rarely reach higher than 1.5 meters whether grown indoors or out.


Novice growers should get on just fine when cultivating CBD Cheese Auto as these plants have a notable resilience when it comes to fending off pest problems or disease, a trait inherited from the sturdy Skunk genes which run through the Cheese family.


Resist the urge to be overzealous with your plants and subject them to HST, aka High-Stress Training - breaking or removing parts of the plant in an effort to maximize bud output - but opt instead for the less intrusive Low Stress Training (LST) methods - tying or bending branches rather than cutting. Make sure you know your plant training techniques before diving into a crop of CBD Cheese.


Getting the most out of these beauties come harvest time is a mix of starting off right and treating your plants with delicate precision, so be certain to choose your growing medium with care depending on your desires - eg, organic soil is known to enrich terpene production which directly influences the flavor and aroma profile of the buds.


Overall, a little research before you get started can see you to a reasonably effortless crop of CBD Cheese Autoflower plants in as little as 10 weeks flowering time. After which, indoor growers are looking at in the region of 450 to 500 grams per meter squared, while outdoor crops can yield between 60 and 170 grams per plant.




Cheese can be an intimidating strain, to say the least, but with a crop of CBD Cheese Autoflower plants at your disposal, all those with low THC tolerance and an interest in this famed cannabis family are in luck.


With twice as much CBD as THC, now you can enjoy all the decadent tastes and pungent aromas of this stinky strain of Skunk lineage, without any overpowering psychoactive influence.


Boasting a range of therapeutic properties and a relatively straightforward cultivation process, these beans make an ideal addition to any medical marijuana crop.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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