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Chocolope Feminized Seeds

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The famed DNA Genetics have created a bunch of game-changing ganja strains over the years, few standing as popular as the deliciously decadent and energizing Sativa Chocolope, aka D-Line...

A Chocolate Coffee Cannabis Sensation


Bud Basics

The famed DNA Genetics have created a bunch of game-changing ganja strains over the years, few standing as popular as the deliciously decadent and energizing Sativa Chocolope, aka D-Line.


Coming from a cross between Cannalope Haze and the exquisite and rare landrace Chocolate Thai, this hybrid is far more than a sensory delight with rich terpenes and an unforgettable flavor, she’s also a multiple award-winner famed for a swift-hitting and potently motivating high.


This beauty regularly tests with up to 22% THC content and has scooped up a number of accolades from High Times over the years, both at Cannabis Cup awards and the High Life Cup, as well as featuring on the cover of High Times Magazine as the coveted Strain of the Year in ‘07.


This 95% Sativa is a true superstar packed with psychoactive influence and a smoky chocolate flavor and aroma able to win over most hearts with the briefest of tokes.


Careful though, if you’re new to the ganja growing game, these plants are not the simplest to cultivate for newbies, which can be challenging given Chocolope Feminized’s relatively long cultivation period. And, despite her highly desirable effects (as much a boon to therapeutic tokers as a treat to seasoned daily stoners), those with low THC tolerance will need to approach this high THC hybrid with measured caution.



Flavor and Fragrance of Chocolope 

The blend of myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpenes at play with Chocolope serve exactly as intended by paying the truest homage to the fabled Chocolate strains of the ‘80s.


Earthy, smoky and sweet coffee notes waltz with hints of chocolate evident to the more acute senses, presenting a delightfully dank aroma to the plants which intensifies in the cured buds - often likened to the scent of a delicious dessert.


On the tongue, these nugs offer a smooth hit with notes of chocolate and fruitiness that largely follows the influence of the Cannalope Haze parent strain.


The flavor and fragrance of these buds have certainly helped with the considerable acclaim Chocolope has received over the years, but she’s far more than a decadent, irresistible and mouthwatering treat.




Chocolope has never been a strain to wait around long, and it’s quite common for tokers to feel the buzz of her cerebral high sweeping through them after a mere few hits.


It seems all at once that you’ll feel flooded with a sense of wellbeing, positivity, motivation and energy, all surging through you, clearing out any internal cobwebs and setting you up for whatever lies ahead.


Of course, this makes Chocolope pretty perfect as far as a wake and bake strain goes, but the entirely cerebral influence of these buds does mean that those hoping for the more quintessential body stone effects should look elsewhere, because this ain’t that.


Along with the clear and focused mental high this delicious hybrid delivers, she has the tendency for helping the mind transcend its own barriers, provoking deep and meaningful contemplations and unlocking the door to inspired creativity.


Naturally, this makes Chocolope Fem an ideal choice for creative types searching for their marijuana muse, or even as that added booster to help see you through a tough or busy day with a million items to check off your to-do list.


If you’re the kind of person who turns to a cup of Joe first thing in the morning, this energetic bud could well prove capable of outshining that morning cup.


The only ‘downside’ to this exquisite strain is that the high tends to peter out faster than anticipated, however, given that when it does you’re likely to still feel blissfully content, motivated and positive, it hardly seems like a downside at all - especially when these buds are so downright delicious it would be a crime not to re-indulge and return to the crest of that cerebral wave once again.



Medical Uses of Chocolope Feminized 

Given that Chocolope Feminized is all about the cerebral influence, there are not many patients who turn to this particular hybrid for physical pain relief. However, the effect this stuff has on the mind can and often proves to be truly game-changing.


Since Chocolope first arrived on the green scene, tokers suffering from severe stress or depression have found the instant hit to the cerebrum to be a potent tool in shaking loose the mental ties that bind.


Likewise, anxiety and even conditions such as PTSD can and often have met their end in the wake of the intensely uplifting and motivating high that this mighty marijuana strain delivers.


While not specifically targeting any kind of physical influence, the knock-on effect this kind of cerebral high can have on the body is also powerfully palpable. For some, that mental jolt is more than capable of energizing the body into life, helping combat fatigue and even (in some cases) extending to become an effective treatment for physical maladies.


As many people are realizing with the changing times, the right mental state can and often does prove essential in our physical health, which makes Chocolope’s high mightily desirable from a therapeutic standpoint.


Due to this strain’s place among the high THC strains, it’s important to take care when consuming these nugs - stay hydrated and don’t overindulge unless you want to invite some of those less desirable cannabis effects such as dizziness or paranoia.



Growing Chocolope Feminized Seeds

While the feminized nature of these beans takes away a degree of the challenge in growing Chocolope Feminized seeds, it’s certainly recommended that growers only attempt a crop of these ladies once they have a few successful harvests behind them at least.


As is largely typical of Sativa strains, Chocolope can develop into quite the monstrous specimen, reaching for heights over 1.5 meters if given the right conditions. Of course, while the idea of towering ganja trees sounds appealing, it’s not without its downside - namely, how to control or manage such mighty statures.


Growing yours outdoors could seem like the best option, especially if you have access to Mediterranean climates, however, be warned - Chocolope Fem can be frustratingly susceptible to mold or pest-related problems and diseases, which means you’re likely to have your work cut out for you by opting for an outside cultivation experience.


It’s for this reason many experts suggest growing these beauties indoors and using Low Stress Training (LST) techniques to bend and prune the plants’ stems. When done early in the vegetative stage, this can help you stay in control of this cannabis strain’s colossal height.


Indoors also has the advantage of giving growers maximum control over essential aspects such as temperature and relative humidity (RH) - given that this strain is notoriously particular about her environment, this can prove the difference between a successful harvest and a complete flop.


Regardless of where she grows, Chocolope is ever a hungry specimen and is going to require a lot in the way of nutrients and feeding. Be sure you know how to spot nutrient deficiency as this will be a critical indicator of how your girls are doing.


Adding onto this the 10 to 12 weeks flowering time these beauties take, and you can see why this hybrid falls very much into the labor of love category - you need to be committed, considerate and blessed with green thumbs to see this crop to a bountiful harvest.


Of course, if you can be the grower that Chocolope Feminized demands and see her to fruition, the rewards are plentiful, with a healthy 60 grams per square foot possible for indoor setups, and a heaving 600 to 700 grams per plant for outdoor crops.




Few strains combine such intensely delicious flavors with a memorable, motivating and practical high like Chocolope Feminized.


While this hybrid is not recommended for novice cultivators due to her demanding nature, the results are both generous and exceptional for those able to bring these bud beauties to completion.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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