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Diesel Autoflower Seeds

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Capable of pumping out surprisingly generous yields, even when stacked against photoperiod strains, Diesel Autoflower offers the fastest possible means of securing yourself a hefty haul of this energizing wonder weed...

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Bud Basics

Long-standing cannabis icon Diesel, the potent cerebral-charged super Sativa made famous by marijuana mogul Soma Seeds’ beloved NYC Diesel strain, arrives swifter than ever while losing none of her potency or appeal in this adrenalizing autoflowering variety.


Capable of pumping out surprisingly generous yields, even when stacked against photoperiod strains, Diesel Autoflower offers the fastest possible means of securing yourself a hefty haul of this energizing wonder weed.


Combining Mexican Sativa, Afghani Indica and Ruderalis genetics to create this rapid petrol-scented specimen was akin to a fated union, a hybrid destined to be and bring delight to the cultivation community.


Growers have an effortless experience ahead of them with Diesel Auto - one you’ll barely have to lift a finger for, and that even the most novice of cultivators attempting their first grow can see remarkable rewards from.


With their pungently chemical aroma and complementary taste and name, those new to the cannabis community might write these buds off fairly quickly - and kick themselves down the line when finally realizing what this stuff’s all about.


Diesel’s decadent and palate-pleasing characteristics are only the tip of this cannabis’ charm, however, and users should strap in for the definition of a quintessential Sativa high - packed with enough energy, euphoria, focus and motivation to turn lethargy on its head entirely.


These buds could replace your daily mainline of coffee, or enhance each brew as the perfect accompaniment guaranteed to help you achieve maximum effort every time.


Of course, if you’re in the market for a typical stoner-level brain-melting sedative strain, look elsewhere - Diesel Autoflower is the definition of an ideal wake and bake strain.



Flavor and Fragrance of Diesel Autoflower

The idea of fuel-scented or chemically tasting marijuana might put off the uninitiated, but any who’ve done the rounds within the cannabis community will know this kind of moreish flavor and fragrance profile is one to be truly cherished.


Boasting a matching tone for all the senses, you can expect the anticipated bite of gasoline on both the tongue and nose, underpinned by an exquisite hint of fruitiness that shouts loudest of grapefruit, while leaving a lingering tingle of more blended tropical treats on the aftertaste.


The mix may sound odd, but it’s one that swiftly wins over plenty of potheads with just one whiff or one quick hit, dubbing them Diesel fans for life.




With a virtually identical 16% THC count, Diesel Auto is everything you’d expect from the swifter-flowering variety of a classic that boasts zero loss of quality.


These buds hit hard and fast with a significant cerebral uplift powered by the largely Sativa genetics, sending your mind soaring through the clouds on a gentle yet decisively notable uplift that never borders on overwhelming.


It’s not uncommon to feel that creative and energetic zest for life overtaking you after a few short hits, which is why Diesel has long been a favored strain among artistic types looking for their marijuana muse.


Whether you need a pot partner for creating art, socializing, slogging through that to-do list or simply getting through the day, these nugs are the stuff you need - your quintessential wake and bake buds.


Particularly when combined with coffee, you’ll find this hybrid comes charged with a wondrously productive high that’ll have you crushing goals by the hour.


It’s not all cerebral though. Diesel Auto isn’t without her Indica influence, though the calming and relaxing sensations can be harder to notice as this translates more to a physical fluidity, looseness and readiness for action, rather than your typical Indica couch-locking chillout vibe.


Avoid using these buds in the evening… unless an all-nighter is on the cards!



Medical Uses of Diesel Autoflower

Despite a low CBD (which actually clocks in slightly higher than the non-autoflowering Diesel variety), and a comparatively high THC level, the medical uses of Diesel Autoflower are numerous and varied.


If your THC tolerance is low, or your interest in psychoactive pot is minimal, you’ll want to consume with care - the high from these buds is rarely overwhelming, but overindulgence can lead to mind-race and possible adverse effects if you’re not careful. As always, dosage in moderation and staying well hydrated are key.


For many years, patients suffering from mental maladies have turned to Diesel for the strain’s almost instantaneous relief from negativity. The likes of stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD or even general malaise can all be alleviated with these buds fighting your corner.


On the physical side of things, the benefits tend to be more of a knock-on effect from the powerful cerebral influence of this stuff. Nonetheless, conditions like fatigue stand practically no chance of keeping you weighed down when Diesel Auto’s involved.


Likewise, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in this pot are ideal for easing mild aches and pains, helping soothe the body and prime you to utilize your newfound energy and euphoric positivity and perspective.



Growing Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Much like the original photoperiod phenotype, growing Diesel Autoflower is a straightforward process that even those lacking cultivation experience can bring to fruition with incredible ease. Thanks to the introduction of quality Ruderalis genetics, however, there are some key differences.


Being an autoflowering strain, this hybrid is going to flower regardless of how much light the plants receive, and the famous towering heights of the original have been tamed to a much easier managed stature that rarely reaches much more than 1 meter.


Still, if space is a premium, you might want to brush up on your plant training techniques, as some stress training or the likes of a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup can go a long way towards maximizing that available space.


As with the non-auto variety, Diesel Autoflower is going to grow best in a balmy Mediterranean climate, and in this kind of environment, you can expect your plants to reach their fullest height and maximum potential.


Outdoor growers in less ideal climates such as in the northern hemisphere can still see amazing results come harvest time, but you’ll need to be careful not to ruin your crop by exposing them to cold winter months.


Given their auto nature, these beans are definitely best suited to indoor setups which mimic those warm climates without being dependant on the weather - though, if you live in somewhere like California or Spain then go nuts, plant outdoors! - and you’ll be able to harvest multiple crops per year, too.


And that’s really all there is to it - these beauties are hardy enough to fight off common plant problems without breaking a beat, and shouldn’t require much in the way of trimming or pruning to keep the plants healthy.


After as few as 8 weeks flowering, it’s possible to rake in a harvest of around 475 grams per meter squared for indoor setups, or up to 950 grams per plant outdoors if you let Diesel Auto really spread her roots and reach for the sun.




It doesn’t get much simpler than a batch of Diesel Autoflower seeds for anyone and everyone looking for a hassle-free path to plenty of premium pot.


A dream for beginners all the way to commercial cannabis cultivators alike, this chemical, pungent cerebral powerhouse is everything quality ganja should be - flavorful, enticing, moreish and with a high that exquisitely balances Sativa and Indica influences.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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