CBD Critical Mass Autoflower Seeds

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CBD Critical Mass Autoflower Seeds

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Keeping things exceptionally light and mellow, CBD Critical Mass Auto has a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Both of which typically measure for around 5%, which isn’t going to blast your brain or your body into the middle of next week...

A Tame Yet Tempting Twist on a Classic


Bud Basics

Another CBD-heavy twist on an all-time classic, which has been causing a stir since the day of her debut. The quintessential sheep in wolf’s clothing, you’d expect CBD Critical Mass to deliver a hard-hitting and uncompromising high. However, and in stark contrast to the original, this stuff really is as gentle and approachable as a kitty cat.


Keeping things exceptionally light and mellow, CBD Critical Mass Auto has a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Both of which typically measure for around 5%, which isn’t going to blast your brain or your body into the middle of next week.


A predominantly Indica strain, but you wouldn’t know it from this herb's (lack of) effects. Far from a face-melter, everything about this stuff has enjoyable session smoke written all over it.


Of course, strains like these are more renowned for their therapeutic properties than their recreational appeal. Combining all the fabulous fragrance and flavor of the original Critical Mass with the genetics of an undisclosed CBD-heavy monster, CBD Critical Mass Autoflower turned out to be far more than the sum of her parts. 


As this is the autoflowering version of the strain, the plants are genetically programmed to switch to the flowering stage when the time is right. This results in a shorter and simpler cultivation cycle, adding even further appeal to an already stellar CBD strain.


If your goal is simply to get as high as you possibly can, look elsewhere. If you’re more about the therapeutic side of weed and the enjoyment of the whole experience, you need a batch of this stuff in your life!



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Critical Mass Autoflower

The primary terpene composition of this therapeutic strain comprises Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene. Somehow, these aromatic compounds come together to create an exceptionally sweet fragrance, peppered with pockets of fresh earth and herbal undertones. There is an almost sickly sweetness to the scent of the buds, which becomes all the more pronounced when broken or ground.


Sugary sweetness also dominates the flavor profile, with a slight hint of citrus in the background for a beautifully indulgent experience. The aftertaste sits halfway between sweet candy and aromatic musk, making it difficult to resist going back for more. 




The Indica-dominance of CBD Critical Mass should (in theory) result in a blissful body stone. Hour after hour of physical relaxation being the norm, though there’s really nothing normal about this medicinal masterpiece.


Assuming you score a batch with the typical split of 5% THC and 5% CBD, you’re highly unlikely to feel anything even remotely overpowering. No heaviness, no couch-lock, no desire to head for the nearest piece of furniture and fall asleep. Also, no sense of overwhelming laziness that prevents you from getting things done.


Instead, the low THC content (which is further countered by the CBD) is just enough for a mild and mellow tingle at best. One that radiates from head to toe, coupled with a gentle cerebral buzz that has you feeling simply fantastic.


Not ‘high’ in the conventional sense, but instilled with the kind of gentle and controllable joy there simply isn’t enough of in life.


From watching TV to hanging with friends or exploring the great outdoors, there’s nowhere this herb isn’t right at home. Just as long as your intention isn’t to get wildly blazed, you cannot deny just how enjoyable a good batch of CBD Critical Mass can be.



Medical Uses of CBD Critical Mass Autoflower

Of course, it’s on the therapeutic side of the scale that this stuff holds most of her appeal. Packing a potent dose of CBD and just a small amount of THC (5% and 5% accordingly), this strain is ideal for medical marijuana users who aren’t interested in getting high. Or at least, not so high as to lose the ability to function like a normal human being.


Both the THC and the CBD in CBD Critical Mass have numerous and wide-reaching therapeutic benefits. From inflammatory ailments to arthritis to migraines to joint stiffness to chronic pain, even a small amount of THC is good for getting to work on countless physical symptoms.


Meanwhile, CBD slowly but surely builds towards a cumulative effect, with a pretty endless list of both physiological and psychological health benefits.


Depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings, negativity, pessimism – immediately eased by the THC and held at bay for the duration. Best of all, low-strength strains like these are perfect for novice users and anyone with a low THC tolerance. Even if it’s your first time experimenting with therapeutic weed, it’s practically impossible to take things too far with CBD Critical Mass.



Growing CBD Critical Mass Autoflower Seeds

Like the original Critical Mass, this is a relatively uncomplicated strain to grow that demands little time or attention. The one exception is the requirement to provide structural support when necessary, as the buds have a tendency to be too dense and heavy for the plant’s limbs to handle. Other than this, and occasional pruning to ensure good air circulation and you’re good to go.


Setting up indoors is advisable, unless you live in a warm Mediterranean-like climate with predictable and consistent weather conditions. A SoG setup will nurture the best possible yields, though simply tossing some seeds in a few pots of organic soil is always an option.


As this is the auto version of CBD Critical Mass, your plants will automatically shift to the flowering stage when the time is right. They’ll also stay comparatively compact, which is always a bonus when growing indoors.


Get it right and after approximately eight weeks of flowering, you could be harvesting as much as 600g of sticky buds for every square meter of grow space. Which isn’t a bad haul, given the premium price this pot commands when sold in dispensaries across the United States and Canada.




Chances are, you’ll already have experienced the original Critical Mass at some point or another. In which case, you owe it to yourself to show respect to her offspring. Even if therapeutic cannabis isn’t normally your thing, this stuff is a product of pure enjoyment.


In any case, it’s not as if these beauties are even remotely difficult to grow. If you’re not happy to pay top-shelf dispensary prices, bag yourself a batch of seeds and go for it. A few weeks down the line and you could be looking at 600g of fragrant and flavorful weed per square meter, with a generous 5% CBD content and a modest 5% THC potency.


Not the kind of strain that’s going to get you blazed, but simply unbeatable for a mild and enjoyable buzz at any time of day.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentMedium (1-5%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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