Haze Cannabis Seeds

Growers looking to purchase Haze seeds have come to the right place. 


Allow us to guide you through the ‘need-to-know’ information about the origins of the Haze strain and the many healing properties it offers.

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Best haze seeds: SeedSupreme suggestions

Haze is a sativa-dominant strain created by breeding Mexican, Thai, South American, and South Indian.


While Haze sounds like it will have you on the sofa, it offers the opposite effect. 


The Haze marijuana strain is well-known to seasoned farmers and is an integral part of the cannabis industry. 


Growers and smokers enjoy the lack of physical impact of Haze as it’s more of a cerebral high. It’s a strain known to supply the motivation needed to get things done.


Haze is intense and easily transports your mind elsewhere; novice smokers beware; just one puff, and you’ll be in a hazy bliss for hours.


There are many Haze cannabis strains; we’ve made a list of the best ones: