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Growers looking to purchase Haze seeds have come to the right place. Allow us to guide you through the ‘need-to-know’ information about the origins of the Haze strain and the many healing properties it offers.

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Haze is a sativa-dominant strain created by breeding Mexican, Thai, South American, and South Indian.


While Haze sounds like it will have you on the sofa, it offers the opposite effect. The Haze strain is well-known to seasoned farmers and is an integral part of the cannabis industry.


Growers and smokers enjoy the lack of physical impact of Haze as it’s more of a cerebral high. It’s a strain known to supply the motivation needed to get things done.


Haze is intense and easily transports your mind elsewhere; novice smokers beware; just one puff, and you’ll be in a hazy bliss for hours.


There are many Haze cannabis strains; we’ve made a list of the best ones:


Amnesia Lemon Haze

A genetic mix of Skunk #1 and the famous Amnesia Haze, Amnesia Lemon Feminised Seeds offers users energizing sativa effects.


Flowering can take between 65–75 days, and she provides a high THC level of 17–21%, while CBD levels are less than 2%. Those looking for a stimulating, psychoactive, and cerebral high will get a kick out of this strain. These Haze seeds can yield 12 oz./m2 indoors and 14 oz./ plant outdoors.


When smoking: you’ll experience tastes of bittersweet lemon and haze.


Super Lemon Haze 

A sativa dominant cross between the Cannabis Cup-winning Super Silver, a select Lemon Skunk, and our #1 Autoflower. Super Lemon Haze takes 65–70 days to flower, and being auto, this process will happen with no need to change the light cycle manually. 


A Haze marijuana strain that offers high yields and an even higher THC content of between 17–20%.


New growers should take caution; while not the most difficult strain to cultivate, you need some experience.


The smoke is spectacular, and the high even better, offering a distinctly psychedelic experience. It’s a perfect balance between physical and cerebral.


If you thought Lemon Haze was potent, wait until you try this Haze seed. It says it all in its name.


CBD Haze

CBD Haze feminized is a sativa strain shrouded in mystery. The name offers cultivators some insight into her genetic makeup.


One thing that’s not a mystery is her flowering time; expect to wait up to 11 weeks, but the high yields are worth it. It’s great for anyone looking for a stimulating afternoon. THC of 10% and 10% ad the equal CBD levels of these buds help bring a wealth of therapeutic benefits.


Haze Autoflower

This Haze autoflower seed has a life cycle of 65 days and produces higher yields when grown indoors. Outdoor cultivation produces approximately 5 oz./ plant if the proper techniques are applied.

The seeds grow well if you’re using a hydroponic setup. Give her extra love and care if this is your chosen form of cultivation.


THC levels of this Haze marijuana strain fluctuate (15-20%), but CBD levels are less than 1%.


*Requires some growing experience.


Purple Haze

Another mysterious strain genetically made from an unknown Haze and indica, yet these are mostly sativa dominant seeds. Purple Haze feminized grows well indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. 


Expect generous yields of 17–21 oz./m2 indoors and over 24 oz./plant outside.


THC levels are between 14–18%, and CBD levels are less than 2%.


These Haze seeds have a color-changing ability, one of the many reasons to give Purple Haze a chance. You can expect shades of purple, dark green, and sometimes blue.


Medical use of Haze seeds

People commonly use Haze to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress. While the name is misleading, creating the assumption that you’d be on your back, it offers the opposite effect.


The anti-depressant effects aren’t all people use it for. After smoking, some experience elevation in mood, creativity, and socializing ability.


The high from Haze marijuana is generally focused in the mind and why it’s a favorite among those with depression. Some experience a motivational boost which helps in uncomfortable social situations by offering users a calming mental effect.


For those with attention deficit disorders, Haze has been recommended by other users as it increases your sense of focus.


As a strong strain, it doesn’t take much puffing to enjoy its effects. Always check with your medical practitioner before using any marijuana strains for your health.


What are the effects of haze cultivars?

Often, cultivators and tokers choose sativa-dominant weed because of its unique effects. Many Haze-derivatives are sativa-dominant and boast high THC levels. This offers users the desired energizing sensations most look for in Haze.


OG Haze is known to be an uplifting strain that gives users energy and focus. It’s the kind of marijuana you want to smoke before tackling tasks. Each weed strain derived from Haze has a distinctive effect.


Individuals who are unmotivated to do daily tasks will benefit the most from any cannabis crossed with Haze. Besides the energizing effects, the suggested pain-relieving qualities make it the optimal strain for individuals experiencing chronic pain.


Pain affects people's daily lives and limits their ability to enjoy simple things like taking a walk. Haze gives individuals a chance to experience their daily lives without relying on sometimes highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs.


Growing Haze seeds in and out

Haze seeds take longer to harvest than some others and aren’t recommended for beginner growers. 


Haze can be cultivated outside; however, it requires a warm climate. Grow indoors in colder climates, as you’ll have more control over the temperature. This ensures a positive cultivation outcome.


The Haze marijuana strain is resistant to most damaging molds; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions.


It can be a temperamental plant, so some extra knowledge of these strains goes a long way.


Yield and content

Each Haze-derivative has its unique yield and THC/CBD content. Many of her derivatives offer large yields, are mostly sativa dominant, and are high in THC. We suggest choosing a Haze strain seed such as Purple Haze if you really want significant numbers of plants.


Flowering time of Haze feminized seeds

Original Haze is known to take its time to grow. Which is the reason it thrives in the comfortable climate of California. Each Haze has a unique flowering time, but Original Haze can take up to 14 weeks from seed to harvest.


This isn’t true for all Haze weed seeds. Some autoflowering variations have a shorter growth cycle.


Buy all your favorite sativa seeds, shipped discreetly to your door! You’ll find superb Haze strains for sale right here at SeedSupreme. 

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