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Blue Haze Feminized Seeds

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Brought to life by combining the genetics of two all-time greats, Blue Haze Feminized brings out the best of her award-winning parents. With slightly Sativa-heavy genetics, this herb delivers an energizing and uplifting high that...

Irresistible and Uncompromising


Bud Basics

Brought to life by combining the genetics of two all-time greats, Blue Haze Feminized brings out the best of her award-winning parents. With slightly Sativa-heavy genetics, this herb delivers an energizing and uplifting high that hits the brain harder than the body. Though with a THC content that varies from 15% all the way up to 25%, you never quite know what you’re getting into.


In any case, Blue Haze Fem brings everything to the table you’d expect from her Haze and Blueberry lineage. An irresistible amalgamation of sweetness, spiciness, freshness and funk with the added bonus of a decent dose of CBD for added therapeutic appeal.


Great for replacing bad moods and negative energy with soaring and long-lasting euphoria, Blue Haze hits hard, fast and for hours on end.


Hugely popular among recreational and therapeutic cannabis users alike, this cannabis combines these psychologically uplifts with a deep and long-lasting body stone. One that more or less guarantees a great night’s sleep towards the end of the ride.


A strain that rewards time, effort and patience, Blue Haze Feminized isn’t a particularly simple specimen to grow at home. Nevertheless, give her what she needs in terms of climatic conditions and nutrients and she’ll probably give you more than you can handle in return!



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Haze Feminized

You don’t need to be a seasoned connoisseur to get a real kick out of the flavor and fragrance of Blue Haze. This hybrid has a pronounced and unmistakable aroma of sweet and sour blueberries, punctuated by intoxicating waves of spicy pepper and pine from her Haze ancestry.


This pot permeates everything in the vicinity with an earthy and pungent smoke, which is just about as rich and satisfying as it gets.


Things are predictable for the most part on the palate, only with an interesting hint of cheese on the exhale. There’s more spice than fruit to the flavor, though the aftertaste is fresh and enjoyable enough to have you coming back for more. Blue Haze isn’t known for being cough-inducing, but almost guarantees the kind of relentless dry mouth that calls for gallons of water.




One slight issue with Blue Haze is the way in which you never quite know how hard this herb’s going to kick, until it’s too late to do anything about it. THC content varies from 15% all the way up to around 25% - two batches often having massively different THC levels. Hence, starting out slowly and cautiously is the way to go, just until you know what you’re dealing with.


In any case, the high itself is as consistent and predictable as it gets. A few moderate tokes are enough to light the fuse, after which a burst of creative, focused and positive energy takes over the brain.


It’s a relatively soaring uplift that edges on outright euphoria, but not to such an extent as to have you feeling disorientated or dizzy. That is, unless you’ve scored a 25% batch and taken things too far.


It’s then a case of riding wave after wave of positive thoughts, optimism and happiness for the duration, complemented after an hour or so with a warm, heavy and lazy body stone. Again, the extent to which Blue Haze incapacitates you will be determined by the potency and how much you consume – couchlock certainly isn’t out of the equation.


No specific side-effects to worry about, other than the possibility of being completely overwhelmed if your THC tolerance isn’t up to scratch. Again, this is precisely why you’ll want to start out slow and build from there.



Medical Uses of Blue Haze Feminized

The therapeutic properties of Blue Haze Feminized are credited to both the Sativa-heavy genetics and the CBD content that sometimes creeps towards 1%. This herb has the potential to get to work on a wide variety of psychological and physiological ailments, though is more cerebral than physical in nature.


All types of chronic and acute mood issues are known to respond extremely well to the measured intake of Blue Haze anxiety, stress, depression and so on.


This strain is also routinely recommended by dispensary workers for the treatment of ADHD and the symptoms of PTSD. Every trace of negativity and pessimism is replaced with a feeling of free-flowing happiness, swapping negative thoughts for unbridled optimism.


The physical side of the high isn’t without its benefits, though at the same time isn’t quite potent enough to numb severe or chronic pain. Instead, it’s great for head to toe relaxation and an eventual feeling of sleepiness. Mild pain-related conditions can respond well to the measured intake of Blue Haze Feminized, but the strain’s therapeutic properties mainly lean towards the psychological side of the spectrum.


Hunger pangs are all part and parcel of the experience, making nausea and bouts of poor appetite no match for this marijuana.



Growing Blue Haze Feminized Seeds

This is the only slight downside to the whole thing, given how Blue Haze Feminized is not a particularly easy strain to grow. Thankfully, there’s little to no risk of ending up with any male plants that could compromise your harvest.


Nevertheless, Blue Haze is a fairly sensitive strain that doesn’t cope well with environmental issues, such as cold snaps, fluctuating humidity levels and so on. She also needs steady nutrient provision to do her thing.


Other than this, Blue Haze Fem plants rarely reach more than around five feet in height and have the potential to produce extraordinary yields. The plants themselves are an absolute joy to look at, blending beautiful hues of blue, green and purple with a snow-white covering of trichomes.


Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which point yields can be as generous as 18oz of cannabis from every plant.


Growing outdoors isn’t advisable in regions with unpredictable weather conditions – the warmer regions of the Mediterranean being better suited to the job. If you do plan on growing Blue Haze Feminized outdoors, aim to harvest towards the middle of October for the best results.




A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay – something that more or less encapsulates what Blue Haze Feminized is all about. She may not be the easiest strain to grow, but who said the best things in life come easy?


In any case, there’s something uniquely satisfying about successfully cultivating a cannabis strain that’s known to be challenging. Novices who lack experience and patience need not apply – this is a strain for growers who are willing to put in the necessary effort.


Do so and you’ll be rewarded with huge quantities of beautifully fragrant and enjoyable weed, which could pack a THC content of anything from 15% to a whopping 25%.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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