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Coming in hot from a cross between Indica legends OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (aka SFV OG Kush), the renowned Fire OG Feminized is quite possibly the most potent addition to this acclaimed strain family...

The Most Potent OG Ever?

Bud Basics

Coming in hot from a cross between Indica legends OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (aka SFV OG Kush), the renowned Fire OG Feminized is quite possibly the most potent addition to this acclaimed strain family.

Boasting 70% Indica-dominant leanings, this hot hybrid is the definition of a relaxing chill-out strain, and one that those new to the cannabis community will need to approach with careful moderation.

With an average 23% THC capable of knocking even seasoned stoners clear on their ass, the long-lasting effects of this herb have made her a fan favorite among recreational and therapeutic tokers alike, though it’s easy to get swept away when blazing these buds.

Despite the intensity of the experience, Fire OG’s name is more derived from the frosty red hairs which run through the buds, giving the impression of fire flowing through the stuff.

And while the most notable effects from consuming this cannabis are certainly supremely sedative in nature, this hybrid is famed for inciting a significant cerebral boost that’s absolutely perfect for creative types.

Make no mistake though, these nugs are for evening or weekend use only - unless you’re facing down a day with literally nothing demanding ahead of you, that is.

A surefire hit among anyone suffering from insomnia, or simply looking to get a good night’s sleep for a change, Fire OG Feminized may not be the simplest specimen to cultivate, but she’s worth every ounce of effort when as little as 8 weeks of flowering can yield up to 600 grams bursting with bag appeal per plant.

Flavor and Fragrance of Fire OG Feminized

Earthy, musky and citric notes combine in a blend of myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terps to fuel the flames of Fire OG’s flavor and fragrance.

As spicy and hash-like as any of the OG family, this herb’s pungency is the definition of invigorating. You might struggle to pick up the tropical tones on your first whiff, but break open properly cured buds and those delights leap to the surface.

On the tongue, it’s much of the same, though those citric hints dance across the tastebuds with traces of pine and a chemically Skunk-like nature, in a far louder and more prominent manner that’ll have your saliva glands working overtime, stimulating powerful and palpable cravings.

Truly, a cannabis connoisseur’s dream come true.


Despite 70% Indica dominance, you’ll find the start of this high begins with a notably Sativa-inspired influence.

Take things slowly, because a few modest hits is all it takes for the mind to lift up and away into a cloud of euphoria that’s both mentally relaxing and stimulating at the same time. This kind of serene cerebral clarity can be ideal for opening the doors to inspiration and is known to galvanize creativity in artistic types… however, there’s an art in itself to handling this creative high.

While this initial hit can offer tremendous clarity, the dominant Indica influence is hot on the heels of that mental stimulation, seeping through your entire body and into the soul itself - soothing and mellowing you to the core.

It’s unlikely you’ll feel the energy for activity unless your THC tolerance is truly formidable, and those with less experience consuming cannabis are quite likely to feel themselves quickly slipping into a lead-limbed couch-locking sedative state.

Creative types, take note - find a way to record any inspiration that strikes in the early stages. Catch that lightning and bottle it for later, because the chances of you having the motivation to do what needs to be done are not a safe bet.

Consume Fire OG Feminized in the afternoons, evenings or weekends for the best experience, and be sure to clear out the next few hours of your life for some indulgent ‘you’ time.

It’s possible you’ll be hit by a fairly wicked case of the munchies, but what’s guaranteed is that the sedative influence of these buds will send most anyone off to a deep and restful sleep (regardless of the time of day!).

Medical Uses of Fire OG Feminized

With this herb’s powerful reputation, 23% average THC and 0.4% CBD, you’ll find that for those interested in medical marijuana only, a little of this stuff goes an incredibly long way.

Of course, such potency is never to be underestimated, and even seasoned smokers should approach these buds with caution - dose in moderation and stay hydrated throughout though, and you’ll get on great.

The all-encompassing, quick-hitting body and brain high that Fire OG Feminized brings on has earned this hybrid a dedicated fanbase among therapeutic tokers for an array of physical and psychological conditions alike.

Capable of melting away stress and overpowering depression or anxiety within a matter of minutes, and working swiftly on soothing physical aches and pains after a few short minutes more, the relief patients can feel when consuming this cannabis is truly profound.

This herb’s effects can be perfect to help everything from mild to more severe conditions, offering the necessary relief for real healing to begin.

Without a doubt though, the main medical use of Fire OG is among those who suffer from insomnia - the powerful sedative pull of this pot is virtually impossible to resist, and the slumber this stuff will put you in is a surefire means of relieving those feelings of fatigue.

Careful consumption is essential though, and you’ll want to show this high THC strain the respect she deserves if you’ve any desire to avoid adverse side effects like dizziness or greening out (aka the whitey).

Growing Fire OG Feminized Seeds

While not the easiest strain to cultivate at home, growing Fire OG Feminized can actually be quite the straightforward experience - particularly when you’re armed with the right know-how. Still, novice growers should honestly consider their expertise and attempt this cultivar at your own risk.

Firstly, the Indica dominance and feminized nature of these plants gives a great base to work from - hardy and robust plants capable of fending off common plant problems such as mold, pests or pathogens, and feminized seeds with next to no chance of producing any pollinating crop-ruining male plants.

These plants also remain short and bushy, rarely reaching much taller than 1 meter in height and favoring lateral development and abundant budding sites, just like any quality Indica.

Sounds great, right?

Here’s where things get tricky for beginners though.

Much like her famed parents, Fire OG Fem develops broad fan leaves towards the top which can impede light penetration and airflow - you’re going to need to know your plant training techniques and be ready to top, trim and prune these babies to make sure all budding regions are adequately exposed if you want maximum output.

A Sea of Green (SoG) setup is also a wise idea if you’re hoping to boost your bud output and make full use of all your available space.

And, like the SFV OG Kush parent, you may find a need to feed your plants ample nutrients - keep an eye on your crop and judge accordingly, as these can be fickle little marijuana mistresses.

Odor control measures like carbon filters should also be at the forefront of your mind, as indoors or out, these fiery beauties can kick up one hell of a (sumptuous) stink.

Unless you have access to a warm Mediterranean climate, it’s best to opt for an indoor setup, though the resilience of this hybrid means outdoor grows in the northern hemisphere are still on the cards if necessary - just don’t expect the biggest possible yields, and be sure to harvest mid to late October for best results.

Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering before it’s time to harvest - at which point the indoor grower can look forward to up to 500 grams per meter squared for their efforts, while outdoors it’s possible to rake in up to 600 grams per plant.


Often lauded as the most powerful OG strain on the marijuana market, Fire OG Feminized is the kind of hybrid capable of knocking even seasoned daily stoners on their ass without warning.

With an almost immediate high that blends a moderate dose of Sativa-charged stimulation with a wondrously complimentary full body and brain Indica high, this herb is perfect for both recreational and therapeutic use.

Handle with care though, or you’re gonna get burned.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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