Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds

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Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds

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The cannabis buds grown from feminized Apple Fritter seeds have won several awards for their high THC levels. You’ll adore this strain if you’re a fan of spicy and fruity flavors.


Apple Fritter is a balanced hybrid with equal sativa and indica genetics. Enjoy the soothing body and head high while feeling powerful euphoric sensations. This cultivar may even treat symptoms of depression or anxiety.


Many tokers say you’ll be hooked as soon as you take your first hit. Discover more about the Apple Fritter marijuana strain’s genetics, effects, flavors, and top growing tips below.

Bud origin


Apple Fritter weed seeds produce nugs with equal sativa and indica genetics. This variant has an insanely high THC level of up to 32%. The CBD is around 0–1%. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, with limonene and pinene coming in a close second and third.


Breeders mixed Sour Apple and Animal Cookies to create this balanced hybrid. It gets its high THC concentration from its grandparents, namely GSC seeds and Diesel seeds.


Apple Fritter is famous for its physically and mentally relaxing and tingly effects. Tokers love the delicious apple, earth, and buttery flavors.


Growing Apple Fritter feminized seeds


Apple Fritter strain seeds are suited to intermediate cannabis growers. They thrive in most environments, inside and outdoors. Monitor the pH levels of your plants throughout the growing process, ensuring it’s at 5.8–6.2 for optimal results.


This variant is somewhat susceptible to mold and pests. Easily avoid bugs from destroying your crop by using methods such as neem oil spray. Allowing ladybugs to populate your plant can also prevent the overpopulation of unwanted insects.


Watch out for weakened branches or yellowing leaves. Ensure the plants have all the necessary requirements to avoid decay. Check the pH balance and how much you water them, and ensure adequate nutrient levels.


To get started in the growing process, you first need to germinate your weed seeds. The easiest method is to use slightly moist paper towels, a plate, and a warm, dark place. This technique is known as the paper towel method.


Your cannabis seeds should take around 1–5 days to sprout taproots. Once they’re a quarter-inch long, plant them in your desired pot with organic, mineral-rich soil, or another suitable substrate.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Apple Fritter feminized seeds thrive in warm, dry conditions with plenty of sunlight. They require humidity levels of around 40–60% with a temperature of about 70–85°F.


Outdoor harvest occurs around mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere. Since these weed seeds are photoperiod, they need at least 10–12 hours without light to trigger the flowering stage.


Indoor marijuana plants do best in aerated soil with efficient drainage. Use blackout curtains to shade your crops when they need to be in the dark.


Maintain a light cycle of 18/6 initially, and move to 12/12 once the plants reach the flowering stage. 600-watt grow lights work best for indoor environments.


Feeding Apple Fritter 


Cannabis plants flourish when provided with proper nutrients. Breeders highly recommend using cannabis-specific soil with added vitamin B1 supplements.


Once the crops pass the seedling phase, add some extra supplements. Nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium are all ideal for strengthening your plant. Check the NPK ratio during each stage for optimal results.


Flowering & yields


These Apple Fritter seeds are feminized and develop into 99% female-only plants. Having female crops gives you more buds and fewer duds due to a reduced risk of cross-pollination.


These plants take around 8–10 weeks to mature through the flowering stage. Expect yields of 12–14 oz./m² indoors with 14–16 oz./plant outdoors. The crops grow to an average height of 4–5 feet.


The buds are shaped similarly to spades. They have dark, olive-green hues with vibrant purple undertones. Bright orange hairs and crystal trichomes decorate these nugs.


Experiencing the Apple Fritter strain


This balanced hybrid strain has unbelievably high THC levels of 23–32% that cause the effects to kick in immediately. As the initial sensations set in, you experience a powerful cerebral head high accompanying a wave of joy.


Feel your creative juices pumping and channel the energy into your favorite projects. Spend time with your friends and find yourself more talkative than usual. Apple Fritter could even be among the best strains to laugh with.


As you settle down, a strong body high sets in. Experience relaxing and soothing sensations, perfect for late afternoon resting.


You may feel completely at ease, so free up your time to maximize the effects. Unwind after a long day, kicking back and allowing your body to rest. The relaxing feelings relieve your body of pent-up tension.


Apple Fritter is potent, so we recommend beginner tokers to take it slow. You may experience cottonmouth and dry eyes. Consume moderately to avoid feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Always keep eye drops and water on hand to combat any adverse effects.


Aroma and flavor


Experience your grow room filled with sweet fruit and spicy earth scents. Once the buds have grown, crush them to enjoy the delicious apple aromas. Smell hints of lemon and mint, and you may even notice some sage or rosemary undertones.


Taste a vanilla-apple cake flavor on the inhale, with aftertastes of baked apple fritters. Exhale gentle notes of cheese and butter, with some pineapple, earth, and mango after tones. Relish in the mouth-watering spicy-sweet balance of these cannabis buds.


Helps with


Apple Fritter strain feminized seeds produce powerful buds that pack a punch. The potency of this variant gives you more intense effects than usual. Some users report feeling less anxious and depressed after a few puffs.


420 enthusiasts claim that this variant may treat OCD and PTSD. It may even help with chronic stress and pain. Since these medicinal effects aren’t scientifically confirmed, always check with your doctor first.


Buy Apple Fritter feminized seeds from Seed Supreme


Apple Fritter is a THC-heavy balanced hybrid strain with powerful energizing and relaxing effects. Enjoy a laid-back afternoon with friends or work on fun, creative tasks. Taste the pastry-like flavors and breathe in the buttery, earthy, fruity scents.


These Apple Fritter seeds are ideal for beginner growers who are ready to take on a challenge. They offer immense yields with dense crops. Keep the plants well maintained and have delicious buds after 8–10 weeks of flowering.


Find feminized Apple Fritter seeds for sale in a variety of packs at our online store:


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Grow feminized cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme with high-quality, stable genetics and enjoy mouth-watering, potent Apple Fritter buds.

Strain Profile
GeneticsSour Apple Killer x Animal Cookies BX2
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8–10 weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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