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Critical Blue Feminized Seeds

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Indica-dominant and capable of inciting a lengthy sedative stone which borders on narcotic, Critical Blue combines everything you love about her iconic parent strains into one crystal-coated bud package...

A Fruity Beauty and Downright Potent


Bud Basics

With award-winning parents like super-producer Critical Mass and the ever-sumptuous Blueberry, is it any wonder that Critical Blue Feminized is such a sublime specimen?


Packed with high THC and a mouthwatering flavor and aroma profile that presents as a cannabis cornucopia of delicious berries, it’s hard to find any reason not to fall head over heels for this hybrid (especially on catching sight of those exquisite plants and their captivating deep green hues - wowza!).


Indica-dominant and capable of inciting a lengthy sedative stone which borders on narcotic, Critical Blue combines everything you love about her iconic parent strains into one crystal-coated bud package.


This means you can expect a jaw-droppingly huge yield come harvest time and weed which stinks to the high heavens in the most glorious of ways. If fruity strains set your saliva glands going then this stuff is sure to kick them into overdrive.


Sadly, this does also mean that Critical Blue Fem inherits some of the cultivation challenges present in her Critical Mass lineage, which comes down to the strain’s prolific bud production (thanks to her Big Bud parent) and the natural difficulties this presents like supporting such hefty bud weights and mitigating moisture build-up.


Thankfully, the Skunk genetics which also created Critical Mass help to balance this somewhat with a strong resilience to diseases and pests, however, this still does not make growing Critical Blue Fem a particularly easy experience - novice cultivators might want to consider how green their thumbs are before rearing a crop of these beauties.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical Blue 

The terpenes are truly working overtime when it comes to the flavor and fragrance of Critical Blue.


An artful blend of myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene and limonene come together in this marijuana masterpiece to deliver a tongue tantalizing tropical delight that strikes a similar chord to the profile that made Blueberry an eternal favorite worldwide.


On both the nose and tongue, expect drool-worthy citric notes packed with sweet and sour berries, underlined by a notable earthiness - all of which lingers in the aftertaste in the kind of way that seems to permeate far beyond the mouth or nose.


Fans of fruity weed, don’t turn away now!




Given that parent strains Blueberry and Critical Mass are both dab hands at inducing states of supreme calm, it should be no surprise that Critical Blue Feminized and her average 21% THC content follows much the same pattern.


You’ll feel a clear and notable cerebral uplift kick in fairly instantly, while you’re still savoring the previous toke and the berry tang on your lips, but it’s not long before the heavy Indica influence makes its presence known.


Soon, a swiftly flowing sedation sweeps through you from head to toe, warming, welcome and extremely relaxing. It’s not long before you’re not likely to want to do anything remotely resembling physical exertion - making Critical Blue far from an ideal wake and bake strain.


Consume this cannabis in the afternoon, evening or weekend… or any time where all that lies ahead of you is time to chill out and let Mary Jane do her thing.


Though this all makes Critical Blue Feminized seem like a serious couch-locker and mong-worthy strain, these buds make an ideal accompaniment to a social environment - as long as you’re all on the same chill-out, do nothing vibe.


Best enjoyed with a Netflix and chong session, it’s easy to overdo it with this delicious stuff (even if you’re a seasoned daily smoker) and find yourself slinking off to an early yet blissful night’s sleep.



Medical Uses of Critical Blue Feminized 

Many medical marijuana patients shy away from strains like Critical Blue Feminized due to the low Cannabidiol (CBD) levels and high THC content, however, it’s not all about the cannabinoids when it comes to the therapeutic potential of a strain.


Terpenes play a huge role in the medical value of marijuana, and this hybrid has those in spades for anyone able to withstand the potent THC kick.


The instant cerebral uplift on consuming this cannabis plays a significant part in helping reduce everything from stress to anxiety and depression, casting negative thoughts into the past and allowing the user to focus on the moment with clarity and purpose.


This kind of anxiolytic and anti-depressant influence is not to be underestimated, and often forms the first part of any battle to regain our lives, even when our struggles are of a more physical nature.


When it comes to those physical maladies, Critical Blue Fem is packed with plenty of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which get to work while the strong sedative pull creeps over you. Patients suffering from anything from mild to severe aches and pains can find the solace they’re seeking with just a few tokes of this potent pot.


And if insomnia has you up all night, you can safely say sayonara to those troubles because even in smaller doses, these buds have serious knockout power that you’ll struggle to stay awake against.



Growing Critical Blue Feminized Seeds

Thanks to the Critical Mass genetics at work here, when growing Critical Blue Feminized you can expect seriously vigorous growth patterns. These beauties have a habit of really exploding when they get going, which means you need to be two steps ahead of your crop and ready with all they’ll need.


The largely Indica nature of these plants ensures that they rarely reach over 1 meter tall, making this hybrid ideal for indoor growth, where you’ll also have the added benefit of being able to control the temperature and humidity far easier - a considerable boon when it comes to mitigating any risk of excessive moisture build-up and consequently bud rot.


When Critical Blue Fem begins to flower, things can get swiftly out of hand (in a good way), so be sure you know how to support your plants with stakes or trellises to help them handle the weight of their ever-growing buds.


Thanks to a hardy resilience, you should find these plants quite able to withstand both Low and High Stress Training (LST and HST) techniques to help keep your crop under control, making effective use of all available space and enjoying adequate airflow to the lower regions.


Before planting your beans, consider what you want most from your buds. If you’re in this to reap those rewards as fast as possible, hydroponics is your ideal cultivation medium. If, on the other hand, you want to maximize the terpene production (responsible for flavor, aroma and medicinal traits), opt for organic soil.


It’s also possible to draw out a wider variety of stunning colors from these plants by subjecting them to cooler nighttime temperatures near the end of flowering - be careful though, this is a delicate process if you don’t want to screw up your harvest, and adds nothing but visual bag appeal to your buds.


With a decent indoor setup, a watchful eye, a dose of TLC and some support systems at the ready, you can see Critical Blue Fem to a successful harvest fairly easily. Outdoor growers may find it more challenging due to a lack of environmental control, but under the right conditions can see truly outrageous yields.


After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, these aromatic beauties will be ready to harvest and net you in the region of 400 grams per meter squared indoors, or closer to 750 grams per plant in outdoor environments - yes please!




A hybrid of cannabis legends, packed with high THC and a mouthwatering flavor and aroma profile you will never forget.


Critical Blue Feminized isn’t the simplest strain to cultivate, but with a little prep work, even rookie growers can have a great time with these gorgeous ganja girls.


Delicious, enticing, beautiful, moreish, sedative and uplifting all only go a certain way to describing this wonder weed. Fans of fruity buds, this one’s for you. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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