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Amnesia Feminized Seeds

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Uplifting, energizing and giggly in the extreme, Amnesia is for all those times you’d prefer not to take life too seriously...

An All-Time Citrus-Spiked Classic


Bud Basics

The all-female version of the all-time classic, Amnesia is a strain that deserves your attention and appreciation.


This iconic cannabis has lent her genetics to countless award-winning strains over the years, collectively picking up more than 20 major awards between them. Aside from all this, Amnesia Feminized is a fragrant, delicious and downright mind-blowing strain in her own right.


Engineered by combining the genetics of Jack Herer, Cinderella 99 and Skunk #1, this herb perfectly concentrates all that’s fantastic about both of her parent strains. Uplifting, energizing and giggly in the extreme, Amnesia is for all those times you’d prefer not to take life too seriously.


That said, these buds can also be great for firing you up for a lousy afternoon at the office - if approached with extreme care and caution.


Amnesia has been strutting her stuff for decades now, yet still gives even the most technologically sophisticated strains a run for their money. She’s a predominantly Sativa strain with little to no discernible Indica effects, and a THC content that averages around the 19% mark.


Take note though, it’s not uncommon for these buds to pack as much as 25% THC - precisely why the above-mentioned care and caution is essential.


One toke too many and you’re looking at hysterical and uncontrollable giggles for the duration, coupled with equally hilarious short-term memory loss.


Relatively easy to grow and of huge importance in medical cannabis circles, Amnesia Feminized is one of the most important cannabis strains ever to hit the commercial market. Buy a batch if the mood takes you, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing something as old-school as this straight from the seed.



Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia Feminized

The most prolific terpenes present in Amnesia are terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene - famed for their fruity, peppery and herbal aromas respectively.


This herb is renowned for bearing the sweetest and sourest of citrus aromas, underpinned by spicy pepper and plenty of rich earthiness. Set fire to the buds and it’s an entirely more herbal experience, though with even more tropical freshness on the nose and on the palate.


Smoking Amnesia sets you up for a smooth and enjoyable experience that’s almost never cough-inducing. Some say the subtler nuances of the flavors are best enjoyed via low-temperature vaporization - others insist anything but smoking these buds the old-fashioned way is a crime against cannabis culture.


In both instances, this hybrid is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sweet, fruity and gentle on the airways, she gives no indication as to just how powerful the punch to follow will be.




Depending on your THC tolerance, Amnesia can be an unbeatable strain for daytime use.


With measured intake, these buds bring on wave after wave of creative and positive energy, providing you with the motivation and focus needed to get things done. Artistic types rave about the inspired and ‘out of the box’ thinking Amnesia triggers, along with the herb’s capacity to obliterate pessimism and negative thoughts from the equation.


Long story short - the perfect strain for reversing everything that sucks about a Monday morning (when dosed in moderation). All with the bonus of no discernible Indica heaviness creeping into the equation.


The only (possible) downside is that one toke too many and you’re a giggling wreck for hours on end. If this is your intention, Amnesia is unbeatable as a laughter-inducing strain. One that’s also associated with remarkably effective bouts of short-term memory loss, which add even further hilarity to the festivities. Nevertheless, take things too far in a more formal environment and… well, you can probably figure out the rest for yourself.


Start out slow with Amnesia Feminized to see how you react to her, rather than blasting yourself into oblivion at the worst possible time.



Medical Uses of Amnesia Feminized

Today’s medical marijuana market simply wouldn’t be the same without Amnesia. This high-energy Sativa strain has lent her genetics to dozens of popular hybrids over the years, subsequently making their way into millions of medicine cabinets.


The medical applications of Amnesia are somewhat one-dimensional, but this is far from a bad thing - it simply means you know exactly what you’re getting.


100% cerebral in nature, this herb’s effects are ideal for treating all types of mood disorders and depression. Even where stress, anxiety and everyday upset are relatively severe, a few careful tokes and you’re right as rain.


The high is also known to linger for hours on end, meaning you don’t need a great deal to have the desired effect.


Lethargy, chronic tiredness and periods of poor motivation can also be immediately remedied with Amnesia Fem. As can feelings of poor self-esteem and issues with social anxiety - no match for a few careful hits of these buds. If you’re simply looking to remove the dark cloud that’s been following you around, this stuff is your silver lining.


As mentioned above, just be sure to start out slowly as the soaring cerebral uplift can be overpowering and disconcerting for some.



Growing Amnesia Feminized Seeds

This is the feminized version of Amnesia, meaning no problematic male plants to worry about.


This strain has a relatively extensive flowering time of around 80 days, though patience is rewarded with yields of up to 500g of quality cannabis for every square meter of grow space. All with a potential THC of up to 25%, if you play your cards right.


Give your plants sufficient vertical space and they’ll reach around 1.8 meters in height, rarely requiring any physical support to handle their own weight.


Warm Mediterranean-like temperatures work best, but Amnesia Feminized nonetheless has the resilience to deal with the occasional cold snap. Hence, she’s a relatively simple strain to grow, even if you don’t have a great deal of experience.




The importance of Amnesia alone makes this herb an all-time classic you simply must experience. Likewise, the fact that these genetics have paved the way for dozens of award-winning strains over the years speaks for itself.


Whichever way you look at it, you simply cannot consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur without a stockpile of these nugs in your stash box. Even if you’re more into her offspring than the original, a tip of the hat is well deserved to this all-time classic.


Particularly when you consider that half the strains you’ve been enjoying as of late may not have existed at all, had it not been for the original Amnesia.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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