White Rhino Feminized Seeds

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White Rhino Feminized Seeds

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King of the marijuana scene, this tropical-looking specimen is a sight to behold and a beast of a strain in flavor, effects and yield size...

Truly Beastly Buds


Bud Basics

Named for the second-largest land mammal on earth, White Rhino Feminized is as commanding and intense as you’d expect, from enormous yield sizes to hard-hitting high. Indica-dominant, this formidable hybrid is bred from the famed White Widow (for her resin and cerebral effects) and a mysterious North American strain that’s likely to be a pure Indica, given the strength of this herb’s body stone.


Unstoppably brain-bending, White Rhino Fem runs wild and wanton through the mind from the moment you inhale her heavy skunky-sweet smoke. With an impressive average THC ranging from 18% up to a whopping 26%, you won’t be surprised to hear she’s an award winner - taking home second place in the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup, and second again in the Champions’ Cup of 2005.


These beastly buds are quick to hit, but you might be surprised to hear that White Rhino, though more than capable of knocking veterans flat, takes her time getting there.


Instead, this creeper begins with a cerebral ride that clears the mind and boosts mood. After that, an unwinding, body-melting physical effect hits that’s blissful and unmissable. Of course, this makes her a sought after hybrid on the medical scene, as she’s well-loved for her painkilling properties and ability to aid those suffering with stress, anxiety and depression.


Lush and bushy, this tropical-looking specimen is a breeze to grow for newbies and experienced cultivators alike. Possibly due to her mysterious second parent, she’s hardy, resilient and more than capable of tolerating the little mistakes that novices tend to make. What’s more, her magnificent colas grow strong and tall, exhibiting all the best Indica traits to provide a final yield that (and we can’t stress this enough) is truly humongous. Seriously.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Rhino Feminized

Unmistakable and pungent, White Rhino is aromatic from the moment her buds begin to appear, developing into a sweet, sugary honey scent when dried and cured that hints at fresh, zesty lemon.


When lit up, this fragrance grows stronger, intensifying into a pine and sandalwood Skunk flavor that’s sweet and spicy, warming the throat and delighting the taste buds.




With rhinoceros-sized levels of THC, varying from 18% to a crushing 26%, it’s no wonder that White Rhino Fem is more than capable of delivering a blow to the mind and the body, slamming even the most seasoned veterans back.


About as unsubtle as it gets, the jolt of euphoria this weed hits you with is a shockwave through the mind, sending you skyrocketing into the stratosphere, lifting mood, and knocking mental stress right off the board.


Within minutes of this mental buzz setting in, the Indica side comes into play, and White Rhino softens the muscles, eases tension and frees the body and mind of inhibitions. Heavy-bodied in the extreme, this stone doesn’t quite couchlock, but it definitely puts a damper on strenuous physical activity.


We’d recommend sitting back, chilling out and enjoying the ride. Preferably with snacks to hand, since the munchies come on fast with this pot.


Creeping up on tokers to deliver a particularly heavy blow to the head and body, White Rhino Feminized is spectacularly potent and so, of course, comes with a few adverse effects. Usually, these are limited to dry, red eyes, and cottonmouth - easily remedied by staying hydrated during your sesh.


In rarer cases, this cannabis can induce lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, anxiety or even paranoia in those new to pot or sensitive to THC. If such events occur, switch to a milder strain to build up your tolerance.


It has to be mentioned that this ganja has a notably thick and heavy smoke, too - keep tokes small or risk a coughing fit.



Medical Uses of White Rhino Feminized

A hit in dispensaries across the world for her recreational effects, White Rhino Fem is also immensely valued as medicinal marijuana (MMJ), providing relief for sufferers of various physical and psychological ailments as a natural alternative to traditionally prescribed OTC synthetic drugs.


Due to the mood-elevating effects of this weed, those with mental health concerns can find that White Rhino ushers in a state of peace and calm that clears the mind of burdens. As such, patients struggling with stress, anxiety and depression can find great therapeutic benefit in this herb.


Heavy-hitting and fast-acting, this pot is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory that makes quick and easy work of mild to moderate chronic pain conditions such as migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and PMS. In addition to this, the sedating and tranquilizing properties of this pot are ideal for sufferers of insomnia seeking a good night’s sleep.


If you’re struggling with lack of appetite or nausea, the hunger pangs and anti-emetic effects of these buds are bound to be of help, inducing a strong munchies effect that boosts hunger within a few minutes of toking.



Growing White Rhino Feminized Seeds

As an Indica-dominant specimen, White Rhino Feminized is bushy with thick branches of dense, olive green. Hardy and resilient, when fully mature, her closely packed colas of buds glitter with crystalline trichomes - even in cooler climates.


Robust as she is, White Rhino’s size can vary from 100 centimeters indoors, up to 200 centimeters when left to grow freely. She doesn’t require constant care, like many strains, and is well-suited to novice growers looking to develop their skills.


Her lush foliage will develop best when well-fed and cared for, and her huge size means she yields incredibly well. In fact, she’s one of the highest yielders we’ve come across, producing big enough harvests to last for up to a year.


Hydroponics will result in explosive growth, but to really bring out those skunky flavors, White Rhino Fem works best in organic soil with coco coir. Pair this with a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, and she’ll really show you what she can do come harvest time. After flowering for 9 to 10 weeks, you’ll find yourself with an enormous yield of around 900 grams of nugs per square meter.


Outdoors, she prefers a warm environment but can still flourish in a cooler climate. Keep in mind though, that this can affect yields and potency.


Still, those in the northern hemisphere will find great results are still achievable with a watchful eye, and these beautoes are ready for harvesting in the first week of October, providing a humongous yield of around 1200 grams per plant. You might even call them rhinoceros-sized.




King (or queen, since these beans are fully feminized) of the marijuana scene, this tropical-looking specimen is a sight to behold and a beast of a strain in flavor, effects and yield size.


There’s little in the way of downsides to this mammoth marijuana, as her skunky sweet smoke hits hard and hits heavy, slamming the mind with positivity and pleasantness and ramming the body full of bliss and tranquility. Sick of the rhino metaphors yet?


A powerful MMJ thanks to huge amounts of THC and deeply sedating effects, this beauty (though we hesitate to call her such) is a highly coveted medicinal strain for both her painkilling properties and her ability to alleviate psychological concerns.


Thankfully, this beast isn’t dying out any time soon. In fact, she’s so straightforward to grow, it’s hard to say no. Feminized seeds make her entire yields consumable, and one crop of White Rhino is enough to keep you in joints for at least a year.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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