Cherry Pie Feminized Seeds

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Cherry Pie Feminized Seeds

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Cherry Pie Feminized is an ideal choice of strain, fragrant with sweet-sour berry notes from the grow room to the joint, making the entire process as pleasurable as it gets...

A Slice of Potent Pot Paradise


Bud Basics

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Cherry Pie Feminized is an ideal choice of strain, fragrant with sweet-sour berry notes from the grow room to the joint, making the entire process as pleasurable as it gets. Delicious with notes of smoked cherry, the pastry shop vibes of this herb are as warm and comforting as the effects she’ll have once you light up.


Though Indica-leaning, Cherry Pie is well-balanced in her high, thanks to her 20% THC and hybrid genetics, which bring together the sweet berry notes and calming Indica effects of Granddaddy Purple, the focus-enhancing Sativa side of Durban Poison, and blend it with a little landrace earthiness.


A fantastic all-rounder for day or night, toke a little of this weed to whet your whistle for the day by boosting mental ability and enhancing your creativity. A few more tokes, and the effects will strengthen to deliver an Indica-borne chill that’s best kept for after work.


All in all, a well-balanced mix of body calm and cerebral highs to accommodate your mood, no matter what.


Such delicious effects of course make for mighty medical marijuana, and this herb's Sativa side is an excellent aid for psychological issues, while her Indica-leanings make her a potent pain-reliever.


For growers, newbies will find this strain is simple enough to manage, though she tends to exhibit more Indica traits when it comes to appearance. Cherry Pie Fem’s thick foliage needs regular maintenance, but otherwise, her environment requirements are similar to most strains, and with feminized seeds, there’s a little less work to be done for that all-important ganja guarantee of a hefty yield.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cherry Pie Feminized

Sensibly named for her deliciously enticing aroma, Cherry Pie Feminized tantalizes with the warm, sweet-sour notes of blueberry and smoked cherry - fresh outta the oven!


Once you light this baby up, her flavor is just as delicious - if not more so - than the fragrance. The sharper, sour notes become more prominent, developing into a subtle but inviting citrus tang as you exhale that’s truly mouthwatering. A milder berry flavor will linger on your tongue after toking, underpinned with hints of earthiness.




For cannabis connoisseurs, Cherry Pie Fem is an all-rounder that covers all the bases. A hybrid strain that’s only slightly Indica-dominant, she provides a boost of creativity and focus from her Sativa side, followed up with a deep relaxation that’s enjoyable without locking you to the couch. Combined, these traits work to create a pleasant buzz from her 20% THC content.


Though you might have thought her list of pros ended with her flavor, you’ll find that Cherry Pie is the gift that keeps on giving, great both as a daytime strain and for the evening too. Her high is an excellent choice for newbies, as a delicious treat that won’t startle too much - but ensuring the desired effect is achieved is all down to dose, and you must remember to consider this before a sesh.


One or two tokes of this herb, and you’ll remain pretty calm. Like an actual slice of pie, she’s paired well with your morning coffee for an awakening and uplifting experience that tunes the mind into better focus and boosts creativity to start the day - great whether you’re in an office job, or more artistically inclined.


Thanks to her relaxing Indica side, this weed won’t make you jumpy, and you’ll remain pretty chill throughout.


Add on a few more tokes, and those Indica effects will intensify. A feeling of euphoria will envelop your mind, paired with a deep calming sensation across the body that could lead to couchlock and even sleep - so higher doses of Cherry Pie Feminized are best kept as a nighttime treat.


Like most marijuana strains, adverse effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth, which you can work to counter by ensuring that you remain hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during and after your smoke out. If your eyes feel particularly irritated, then try over-the-counter eye drops.


Overconsuming this ganja will do you no good - it could bring on dizziness, heightened feelings of paranoia or increased anxiety. Going low and slow is important with this level of THC, but if symptoms persist, we’d suggest switching to another strain.



Medical Uses of Cherry Pie Feminized

A deliciously fruity treat for recreational tokers, Cherry Pie Fem also happens to be one of the best tasting medicinal strains available, with no requirement whatsoever for a spoonful of sugar.


For pain management, this herb can work well as a muscle relaxant and analgesic. As the strain also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, she’s much-loved by women with severe menstrual cramps and PMS/PMT, seeking relief. Her pain-relieving qualities may also provide aid to those suffering with migraines and arthritis, helping tokers to carry on with their day.


In the psychological arena, Cherry Pie Feminized can help those battling anxiety, stress and depression, leaving the mind in a state of bliss and calm after a few tokes. So too, can she aid patients with eating disorders, or those with chemotherapy-induced lack of appetite - if her flavor isn’t enough to set the mouth watering, then the potent hunger pangs of the munchies will certainly do the trick.


Much like many Indica-leaning strains, this marijuana can bring on a deep and restful night’s sleep, which can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic fatigue or insomnia to finally get the rest their bodies need.



Growing Cherry Pie Feminized Seeds

A stunning specimen of marijuana, Cherry Pie Feminized also happens to be a simple enough strain to cultivate that even novice growers are encouraged to give it a go. Medium-sized at no taller than 5 feet, she still requires a fair amount of lateral space for her side branches to grow, as she can get quite wide.


This hybrid's foliage tends to get bushier and fluffier and she matures into gorgeous shades of vivid green, and will need to be well-maintained and trimmed to ensure that dead and excess leaves are removed. This will make sure that any nutrients aren’t wasted, and go right to the nugs - which will thrive if good airflow and light penetration are achieved, particularly in the lower nodes.


The highlight of growing this plant has to be her massive and fragrant colas, each packed tight with beautiful buds that glow in shades of green and purple, sparkling with a thick coating of trichomes that tell you just how potent this fruity speicmen can be.


Indoor growers will want to maintain Cherry Pie Fem’s temperature at a steady 70° to 80°F, and her humidity should remain within the 40% to 50% range to encourage her to thrive, and to prevent the formation of common molds and mildews. As these seeds are feminized, there’s also no need to worry about males in the batch and possible pollination.


For bigger yields an explosive growth, grow this plant in a hydroponics setup - but if you’re all about the flavor and that oh-so-fruity aroma, opt instead for organic soil to really boost the terpene profile.


Regardless of your choice of substrate, using a Sea of Green (SOG) training technique will work wonders for your harvest, and after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, she’ll provide you with around 1.4 ounces of tasty nugs per square foot.


If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, similar to the Mediterranean, then Cherry Pie Fem can be grown outdoors. Ensure she receives plenty of warmth and sunshine, and you can achieve fantastic yields of up to 19 ounces of beautiful buds per plant. This is even achievable in northern Europe, though cultivators should pay close attention to the seasons and harvest her no later than the last week of October.




It’s hard not to love the fragrant fruit aromas, tantalizing sweet-sour taste and well-balanced effects of Cherry Pie Feminized. Her flavors fill the grow room even before she’s dried and cured; her effects can be as low and slow as you like, or harder and heavier for a nighttime reprieve; her medical value is abundantly clear, and delicious too boot - all together, there’s a lot to love.


For growers, newbies can manage Cherry Pie with no problem, with feminized seeds that follow Indica growth patterns and only require the simplest of maintenance to thrive. Her yields are fantastic, and she flourishes indoors and out, so truly, cultivating this cannabis is a piece of cake - or should we say pie?

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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