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Bursting with recreational and therapeutic potential, this herb's an uncompromising and hard-hitting strain that’s not to be approached without due care and caution...

 The Hulk Hits Starbucks

Bud Basics

Coffee lovers rejoice! Bruce Banner x Mochalope puts on a masterclass in complexity and pure pleasure. Initially released as a limited-edition amalgamation, it didn’t take long for this stellar strain to attract the attention of cannabis connoisseurs and curious critics worldwide.

Exactly as the name suggests, this intriguing herb combines the genetics of Bruce Banner with the unmistakably aromatic Mochalope. The result of which is a well-balanced hybrid with a completely unique fragrance and flavor, which as an added bonus tips the scales at around 24% THC.

Though not quite as mind-meltingly powerful as her Bruce Banner parent, this stuff's got more than enough punch and potency to deliver a soaring cerebral high and incapacitating body stone.

Mess around with this monster and you’re out of action for the duration. Not that moderation is easy, given how decadently delicious Bruce Banner x Mochalope is.

Easy to grow and capable of delivering a solid 500g of quality cannabis for every square meter of grow space, this is a true connoisseurs’ strain that can nonetheless be cultivated by first-time newcomers. Originally pretty tricky to get hold of, Bruce Banner x Mochalope is now available on a more widespread basis and is absolutely worth checking out.

Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner x Mochalope

This is where this sublimely scented specimen holds her appeal in the eyes of many fans and followers. Cure the buds properly for the right amount of time and you’ll be amazed just how faithfully they recreate the fragrance of fresh roasted coffee - made even more irresistible with an undertone of bitter dark chocolate, along with a fair amount of dank earth to top things off.

Nothing really changes when the buds are burned, though the bitterness of the cocoa flavor intensifies to the point of becoming slightly spicy. In any case, it’s a full-on coffee and chocolate flavor, which lingers around for hours after the exhale. The smoke is as smooth and satisfying as any mocha-flavored dessert, making it practically impossible to resist going back for more.


There’s nothing slow or gradual about the initial cerebral high, which comes on practically instantaneously with a feeling of frantic acceleration. You’re immediately propelled high into the clouds, blasting negative thoughts into oblivion and filling the head with high-pressure euphoria. It’s an intense and borderline disorienting experience – not one for the faint-hearted.

Energetic and uplifting though this may be, it’s way too punchy to be advisable for a daytime smoke in any kind of formal situation.

In any case, you wouldn’t want to touch these buds on a busy day anyway, as their Indica genetics would punish you for doing so! Quite the opposite of a cup of coffee, Bruce Banner x Mochalope hits the body hard after around an hour with a heavy, numbing and sleepy body stone.

Finding yourself locked to the nearest piece of soft furniture is more or less inevitable – as is gradually being eased towards a coma-like state of helpless sleepiness.

In both instances, there’s nothing gentle, forgiving or friendly about this strain. It’s the kind of thing you turn to if there’s nothing else that can satisfy your THC tolerance. Novice users beware – this is not a strain to be approached without due care and caution.

Medical Uses of Bruce Banner x Mochalope

Any strain with a perfectly balanced genetic composition will have wide-reaching therapeutic benefits. This herb is no exception, delivering the full spectrum of Indica and Sativa effects in one flavorful and powerful dose.

The soaring cerebral uplift is guaranteed to get to work on negative thoughts, pessimism and mild to moderate depression in an instant. That said, anyone with a history of anxiety, panic attacks or paranoia may find the whole thing too much to handle.

Tiny quantities when first experimenting with Bruce Banner x Mochalope are advisable, as 24% THC content really isn’t to be taken lightly.

It’s a similar story on the physical side, which manifests as a deep, numbing and long-lasting body stone that makes it difficult to move. You’re eased into a trance-like state that lingers for several hours - ideal for the alleviation of mild to moderate pain, inflammatory conditions, stiff joints and the like.

Across the board, Bruce Banner x Mochalope is as powerful and capable as just about any conventional OTC medication available.

Growing Bruce Banner x Mochalope Seeds

Rooted in relatively harsh and unforgiving mountainous climates, Bruce Banner x Mochalope is an extremely durable and hardy strain that’s easy to grow. Indoors or out, there really isn’t a great deal of work involved, nor do you need any specialist equipment to get the job done.

Expect plants of around a medium size – say 110cm max – with moderately bushy foliage that doesn’t usually require any pruning. Outdoor yields can be particularly generous given the right conditions, but it’s still possible to produce more than 500g for every square meters indoors.

All with a flowering time of approximately nine weeks, along with the near-certainty of all female seeds with this feminized version.

As an added bonus, Bruce Banner x Mochalope isn’t especially difficult to keep under wraps as she doesn’t have that quintessential cannabis funk. The scent of these nugs smells more like coffee, chocolate and musk than marijuana in the conventional sense.


Bringing all the biggest benefits of both parent strains to the forefront, Bruce Banner x Mochalope has a fantastically complex and intriguing profile you have to experience to appreciate. Bursting with recreational and therapeutic potential, this herb's an uncompromising and hard-hitting strain that’s not to be approached without due care and caution.

Tipping the scales at around 24% THC, she's a top-shelf hybrid for the experienced connoisseurs that can be grown by more or less anyone. Particularly if you have a penchant for coffee and chocolate, you’ll find few strains on the market that hit the spot right now quite like this stuff.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)