Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

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Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

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Delicate, aromatic and bursting with sweet berries, this herb’s not nearly as menacing as the famed comic book character. Where the two share an important similarity, however, is in the strength department...

A Cult Classic


Bud Basics

In some respects, Bruce Banner is indeed a lot like The Incredible Hulk. They’re both green, they’re both ridiculously strong and they’re both capable of ripping your head clean off your shoulders.


In this respect, these buds really couldn’t have a more appropriate name. The difference is that with Bruce Banner weed, the last thing it’s going to do is pump you full of adrenaline and fire you up for a fight.


Quite the opposite - you’re more likely to be turned into a couch-bound kitty-cat for the duration!


Likewise, Bruce Banner doesn’t have the kind of overbearing fragrance and flavor you’d expect from a face-melting strain like this. Delicate, aromatic and bursting with sweet berries, this herb’s not nearly as menacing as the famed comic book character. Where the two share an important similarity, however, is in the strength department. Pick up a quality batch of these buds and you’ll be looking at approximately 27% THC.


This is, by no stretch of imagination, perhaps the ultimate ‘one hit and quit strain’.


Bruce Banner was concocted by combining the genetics of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, which in their own rights are two of the most exceptional strains of modern marijuana engineering. The resulting THC-heavy monster has a slight Sativa edge in terms of genetic composition - 60% Sativa to 40% Indica respectively - though it’s practically impossible to hit the stuff without ending up completely out of action.


Still, take it easy with Bruce Banner Auto and she can be an immensely versatile strain for recreational and therapeutic applications alike.



Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner Autoflower

The most prominent terpenes in Bruce Banner are myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene respectively. As you’d expect, this gives the herbs a distinctly fruity and slightly peppery fragrance, with undertones of diesel and sour skunk.


You’ll occasionally catch a tempting whiff of fresh strawberries somewhere in the background, making for a mouthwatering fragrance that travels for miles.


Somehow, this pot has a flavor profile even more complex and enjoyable than its aroma. Combust the buds and those gentle strawberry notes are intensified, with even more juicy berries and a heavy hit of wet earth. The peppery spice is more prominent on the exhale, but not to such an extent as to become acrid or unpleasant.


Get to work with Bruce Banner Auto using a vaporizer and the subtle fruity flavors can be picked out even more precisely. Though in both instances, taking things slow at first is the way to go. This stuff is deceptively smooth and irresistibly delicious, making it far too easy to take things one toke over the line.




The well-balanced genetic composition of Bruce Banner Auto provides an equally well-balanced high, which gets to work on the body and brain with a serious punch.


The slight Sativa prominence is evident during the first stages at least, during which you’ll feel positive and optimistic to the point where you’re almost bursting. Giggles, energetic conversation and inspired thinking hit in wave after wave, making these buds fantastic for social situations at home.


If you’re struggling with a creative rut of sorts and need a blast of inspiration, Bruce Banner is just about as good as it gets. The stuff also obliterates every trace of negativity and stress, making it fantastic for winding down after a lousy day at the office.


However, with a THC content of up to 27%, the Indica side of the high eventually hits like a sledgehammer. Not to such an extent as to leave you feeling tired and sleepy - more the kind of laziness that glues you to the couch out of choice. You’ll still enjoy the same sense of inspired thinking and optimism throughout, only now in an almost trance-like state of floaty relaxation.


Timing it right with this herb is therefore advisable, as it’s only a matter of time before sheer bone idleness takes over.



Medical Uses of Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner gets to work on body and brain with equal effectiveness, making this an extremely versatile and popular strain in therapeutic cannabis circles.


During the early stages of the high, an overwhelming sense of positivity and optimism replaces negative thoughts and feelings in seconds. This has made Bruce Banner a popular choice for the treatment of mild to moderate depression, mood disorders, anxiety and all types of concentration issues.


This cannabis can also be just the thing for turning a corner on a generally dark day, when you simply need to shake the dark cloud that’s been following you around.


As the high progresses, the Indica properties gradually bring a deep and long-lasting body stone. One that begins with warm relaxation and eventually goes on to numb the body in its entirety.


Particularly when consumed in relatively high quantities, Bruce Banner has the capacity to get to work on a wide variety of chronic pain conditions and muscle spasms. Migraine sufferers have also reported impressive results after switching OTC meds for this marijuana.


Though unlikely to knock you out completely, the relaxing and sedating effects of Bruce Banner can be great for gradually edging up towards a good night’s sleep. Particularly if you’re struggling with negative thoughts on your mind, this herb can bring the serenity you need to shut down and recharge.



Growing Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

As this is the autoflowering version, you’re looking at a significantly faster seed-to-harvest cycle. In addition, the fact that the autoflowering version flowers earlier than the regular version means slightly shorter plants. This can be a bonus where space is at a premium, given how regular Bruce Banner plants can reach pretty towering heights.


In any case, growing Bruce Banner Autoflower outdoors is the way to go if the weather conditions are suitable. These plants do the business best in a climate similar to that of Southern California, though are more than durable enough to withstand much cooler northern climates.


Resistance to most common plant problems and pest infestation is high, as is the yield you’ll be looking at after around 10 weeks of flowering.


Get it right and you could be looking at anything from 21oz to more than 30oz of quality weed for every square meter of grow space. When considering Bruce Banner’s THC content of around 27%, this amounts to more top-shelf bud than you’ll know what to do with. As long as you can cope with the relatively large-sized plants, the rest of the grow isn’t particularly difficult at all.




Since her dramatic debut, Bruce Banner has picked up a long and enviable list of prestigious awards and accolades over the years. As have several of the mighty strain’s direct descendants - some of which take THC levels to even more ridiculous levels.


In any case, what’s most impressive about Bruce Banner Auto is the way in which she’s far from a one trick pony. Though famed primarily for an average 27% THC content, this herb also impresses with a fantastic fragrance and flavor profile. Not to mention, for producing the kinds of yields even an established dispensary would struggle to know what to do with.


Give this stuff enough headroom to do her thing and you’ll be rewarded in a BIG way.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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