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Bred from two of the most iconic strains on the 420 scene, Sour Kush Feminized is the lovechild of two marijuana plants that are in fact, remarkably similar in nature - the 90s sensation that is OG Kush and world-wide favorite, Sour Diesel...

Sweet-Sour Fuel Fragrances & Soaring Cerebral Highs


Bud Basics

Bred from two of the most iconic strains on the 420 scene, Sour Kush Feminized is the lovechild of two marijuana plants that are in fact, remarkably similar in nature - the 90s sensation that is OG Kush and world-wide favorite, Sour Diesel.


Boasting an aroma that’s heavy on the fuel notes, with earthy underpinnings and a hint of sour-lemon, this weed is pungent stuff that makes her scent known right from the grow room. And in this case, the strength of her fragrance is indicative of her high. With THC content reaching up to 20%, the intense cerebral rush and the devastating and buzzing body-stone of this ganja is sure to impress.


Though overwhelming for newbies, Sour Kush Fem can still be effectively utilized as a medical herb, making for a potent natural choice for the relief of mild to moderate chronic pain disorders such as migraines and multiple sclerosis. And that’s before you consider the Sativa side of this Indica-dominant herb, as her mental stimulation can work to clear away stress and depression within a few tokes.


Thanks to the excellent genetics of this ganja, cultivating at home has never been easier. Feminized seeds remove the hassle of weeding out male seedlings, making Sour Kush a straightforward strain to grow, and small enough to fit in most grow rooms or grow tents. She’ll thrive in most environments and is flexible when it comes to her substrate. All she requires is a little TLC and she’ll yield well for your effort.



Flavor and Fragrance of Sour Kush Feminized

A strong and earthy aroma, Sour Kush Feminized balances fuel notes with sour-lemon accents, to fill the room with her pungent and earthy scent.


When broken apart, these nugs are heavily coated in trichomes and release sweeter citrus notes with undertones of spiciness and a hint of garlic. Be warned though, this is no discreet strain, and her aroma will make its way into every crevice and linger in the air, so odor control systems are recommended.




When grown correctly, Sour Kush Fem can be a potent specimen of up to 23% THC content. This makes for an incredibly intense high that can be both devastating or overbearing, depending on the toker. For those new to marijuana, a milder strain might be a better place to start in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed. For seasoned smokers, prepare for the high of your life.


Beginning with a head rush that’s notably euphoric, this weed will uplift the mind and hone the focus, filling you with a buzzing energy that brightens the mood and lifts the spirits, courtesy of that Sour Diesel lineage.


Toked in moderate amounts, this pot is a profoundly relaxing strain, and though her cerebral effects are enjoyable, they’re short-lived. Within 30 minutes or so of lighting up, Sour Kush will begin to subtly spread through the body, soothing you with a sense of calm. Soon, motivation for action and movement will become a mere memory, as you relax into her numbing, couchlocking body-stone.


At around this time, the cerebral effects of this marijuana will intensify and turn dream-like, occasionally causing a deeply introspective mindset, but always leaving you basking in bliss and tranquility, before finally lulling you to sleep.


Of course, there are adverse effects to any strain with this level of THC. In addition to the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth, newbies or those with a low tolerance for THC will find this ganja can bring on headaches, dizziness, increased paranoia and anxiety.



Medical Uses of Sour Kush Feminized

Sour Kush Feminized is a potent and all-natural alternative to a variety of pharmaceutical medications and is capable of alleviating the symptoms of various physical and psychological disorders, all in one place.


Within a few moments of inhaling, the psychoactive effects of this weed work to lift the mood and ‘tude, filling your mind with feelings of peace and calm and leaving no place for negativity. Patients suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and various mood disorders will find that this herb’s anxiolytic and antidepressant properties get to work fast and keep the mind clear for a good length of time.


As the physical, Indica side of Sour Kush Feminized sets in, so do her anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities get to work. These provide a reprieve from the painful and debilitating symptoms of arthritis, migraines, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and many more conditions.


The drowsiness induced toward the end of this herb’s high can be of therapeutic benefit to tokers struggling to sleep and suffering from insomnia, inducing a natural sleepy feeling that leads to restful and restorative slumber.



Growing Sour Kush Feminized Seeds

Most cannabis cultivators will have no trouble growing Sour Kush Feminized, as these all-fem seeds are straightforward from germination through to harvest time. If you’re looking to improve the terpene profile of this weed for enhanced flavor, then organic soil is an excellent choice.


Another choice of a substrate that can work brilliantly with this weed is hydroponics. With this method, the pH level is likely to fluctuate more, but by directly feeding nutrients into the roots, you can sustain fairly explosive growth of your plants, particularly when combined with an HID grow lamp.


A medium-sized strain of up to 4 feet in height, this plant yields fairly well alone, but can have bigger harvests when used in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, which also shortens the growth cycle. A Screen of Green (SCROG) technique also works well, and requires less plants but still optimizes light distribution across budding sites, which improves the quality of the buds.


In either growing method, you’ll find this herb flowers for 8 to 10 weeks, and once ready for reaping, you’ll pull in harvests of between 1.47 and 1.63 ounces of nugs per square foot.


Outdoors cultivators will find that Sour Kush Fem grows best in a warm climate with plenty of sunshine. Natural sunlight has been found to be a far more effective food source for the plant than any artificial grow lamp could ever provide. In ideal conditions, this last will yield between 21 and 28 ounces of buds per plant, and in the northern hemisphere can be harvested in the first two weeks of October.




An Indica-leaning hybrid strain that combines some of the greatest and most well-loved genetics in the cannabis community, Sour Kush Feminized is one herb not to be trifled with. Pungent with fuel and sweet-sour lemon notes and capable of knocking flat most seasoned tokers with intense cerebral highs and a sedating as hell body-stone.


Recreational tokers adore this herb’s heavy-hitting effects, and for good reason. But medicinal tokers will find that the THC and terpene synergy of this plant makes for a potent painkiller, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant. All this, before you even consider the benefits this kind of head-high can have on mental disorders.


Growing this stinky beauty is a breeze with feminized seeds that simplify an already straightforward grow. With the right environment and your choice of substrate, Sour Kush Fem will thrive indoors or out, ready to be harvested, dried and cured for your very own stash of citrus diesel nugs.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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