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Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

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One of the most iconic names on the scene and deservedly so, Trainwreck has been impressing even the most discerning audiences for some time. Often packing an eye-popping THC content of up to 26%, she's an unforgiving and uncompromising strain to approach with care and caution...

Off the Rails


Bud Basics

Mexican, Thai and Afghani landrace varieties came together to create one of the most iconic new-generation hybrids in the history of commercial cannabis.


Trainwreck is the kind of strain you don’t need to be a seasoned connoisseur to both recognize and appreciate. Famed for combining Sativa-heavy genetics with a dizzying average 22% THC content, there’s nothing subtle or gentle about the way this weed gets to work.


Energizing and uplifting at first, you’re soon thrown into a world of all-things lazy, lethargic and sleepy. True to her name, Trainwreck Feminized has you flying along what seems to be a one-way track at breakneck speed, only to propel you into a brick wall and bring the whole thing to a crashing halt.


Hence, this isn't what you’d call an ideal daytime or productivity smoke. Nevertheless, a few tokes at a strategic time late in the afternoon can be just the thing to set you up for a dreamy evening on the couch.


The enjoyment and appeal of this hard-hitting strain are furthered by an unmistakable aroma. Dominated by mouth-watering lemon-lime scents, there’s a sweet and sour freshness to Trainwreck you simply will not find with any other strain out there.


Every bit as unpredictable as a runaway freight train, THC levels can vary from 18% to more than 26%. You’re never quite sure what you’re getting, so it’s best to start out slow and take things from there. Lighter batches are well within the tolerance levels of novice users – those erring towards the 26% THC side of the scale are to be approached with extreme caution.



Flavor and Fragrance of Trainwreck Feminized

Once you’ve experienced this fabulously fragrant strain firsthand, you can identify her from a mile away. This herb has the most distinctive sweet and sour citrus fragrance, which is unlike that of any other cannabis strain on the scene. The aroma of juicy lemons and limes immediately fills the room, coupled with a menthol-eucalyptus undertone that permeates everything in the vicinity.


It’s a similar story with the flavor profile, which likewise is dominated by sour citrus and an almost minty freshness. There’s also a distinct hint of peppery spice on the exhale, coupled with earthy tones and sticky-sweet aftertaste.


The richness and pungency of the smoke - which is capable of fogging up an entire room in a single heavy toke - has to be experienced to be believed. Discretion is more or less impossible when trying your luck with Trainwreck, making this a strain to reserve for times and places when it really doesn’t matter who gets wind of what you’re up to.




What’s most important to remember when toying with Trainwreck is that this herb's THC content can vary wildly. Depending on how well a batch is grown, dried and cured, you could be looking at anything from 18% THC to more than 26% THC. At these two extremes, you’re basically looking at two entirely different types of weed.


In any case, the high begins with an immediate and accelerated mood-boost, getting to work on negative thoughts and emotions in a matter of seconds. Racing euphoria often accompanies the experience for the first few minutes at least, which can be dizzying and disorienting for novice users.


Don’t be surprised if you’re reduced to a quivering wreck of uncontrollable giggles, or find yourself talking utter nonsense to anyone willing to listen.


The punchiness of the high varies in accordance with the potency of the batch, though always graduates towards laziness and lethargy as time passes. Couch-lock isn’t out of the question with heavy consumption, though you’re more likely to find yourself being lazy and motionless out of choice.


Even when the body stone is at its peak, you’ll still be firing on all cylinders mentally and thinking more creatively than you knew you were capable of.


Again, it’s all down to potency with this stuff. Milder batches offering an enjoyable and manageable ride - high THC batches hitting you like an out-of-control locomotive.



Medical Uses of Trainwreck Feminized

The well-balanced nature of this strain’s genetics make this marijuana a superb choice for the treatment of countless conditions. The often-elevated THC content has made this pot a popular choice among patients with more chronic and advanced physiological and psychological health issues.


For example, the mood-boosting properties of Trainwreck Feminized make this herb an effective combatant of stress, depression, anxiety and general mood disorders. Though she's a strain to approach with caution by anyone with a low THC tolerance, or a history of panic attacks or paranoia.


When Trainwreck gets to work on the body, she relaxes and soothes the muscles and the joints with a warming numbness. Physical health issues such as muscle spasms, migraines, prolonged headaches and chronic pain have been found to respond well to the measured consumption of this strain.


This pot is also famous (if not infamous) for triggering insane hunger pangs an hour or two into the high, making light work of nausea and appetite issues.


The effectiveness of Trainwreck as a therapeutic strain is tied exactly to the potency of the batch in question. Starting slow is therefore advisable, as you could be looking at anything from 18% THC to more than 26% THC at the top end of the scale.



Growing Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Trainwreck Feminized isn’t particularly difficult, as this is a relatively resilient strain that won’t punish the occasional mistake. Warm and sunny Mediterranean-like climates are ideal for getting the best out of your plants, though setting up outdoors further north during the summer is also just fine. If you do plan on growing Trainwreck outdoors, aim to harvest at the beginning of October at the latest.


Novice growers won’t encounter too many challenges along the way, shy of the fact that a fair amount of vertical headroom is essential. This is a strain that has a tendency to grow pretty tall, making crops tricky to keep under control indoors.


While trimming and pruning can work wonders to tame these tree-like plants, this is really a strain you want to give limitless space to do her thing outside.


Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which yields come in at approximately 15oz of weed for every square meter of grow space. Treat your plants to ideal conditions and plenty of quality nutrients along the way and you could be rewarded with a King’s ransom in 26% THC weed for your efforts.




One of the most iconic names on the scene and deservedly so, Trainwreck has been impressing even the most discerning audiences for some time. Often packing an eye-popping THC content of up to 26%, she's an unforgiving and uncompromising strain to approach with care and caution.


As long as you can provide the vertical space needed for your plants to flourish, you'll find this a particularly durable and resilient outdoor specimen. One that produces the most mesmerizing lemon-lime fragrance when the plants reach maturity, coupled with a menthol freshness unlike any comparable cannabis strain.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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