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CBD Kush Autoflower Seeds

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CBD Kush is one of the medical community’s most highly desired therapeutic strains, boasting a THC to CBD ratio which varies from a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio to a staggering 1:4 in favor of CBD...

A Creative and Calming CBD-loaded Low-THC Kush


Bud Basics

CBD Kush is one of the medical community’s most highly desired therapeutic strains, boasting a THC to CBD ratio which varies from a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio to a staggering 1:4 in favor of CBD, and blending Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis genes. What’s more, thanks to the minimal psychoactive influence of the strain, those with low THC tolerance hunting some CBD therapy for the first time find CBD Kush most welcoming.


She’s the CBD-heavy version of the perennially popular Kandy Kush, and with the CBD Kush Autoflower, you’re in store for all that medicinal marijuana magic in record timing.


This exceptional autoflowering strain uses unspecified Ruderalis and high CBD genetics which help the plants bloom far quicker than the regular non-auto variety, maintain the tempering, mildly sedative high, and aid in elevating CBD levels to those higher 1:4 ratios.


A fantastic choice for any time of the day, whether you’re a medicinal or recreational toker.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Kush Autoflower

If your taste buds are tickled by the promise of that Kandy Kush lineage then you’d be bang on the money with your expectations from CBD Kush.


This sumptuous strain overflows with a dank sweetness almost like overripe fruit, which lifts the senses with delicate hints of earthy wood and pine tones - the kind of scent deserving of a long and deep whiff.


Keep in mind, the aroma this stuff gives off when smoked can be a real crowd-splitter, and is definitely not one to toke up when discretion is needed.


On the palate, CBD Kush never fails to disappoint, delivering a delightful blend of sweet and nutty flavors which will stay with you long after you’re done.




It’s all about the medicinal benefit when it comes to CBD Kush Autoflower.


THC levels tend to hover around the 7% region, while CBD tops out around 14% on average - this creates in CBD Kush only the subtlest of psychedelic highs, sufficient enough to ease your muscles and coax you into relaxation without bringing on the quintessential stoned fog of mental cloudiness.


This kind of slow-burning creeper high lends itself well to first-time tokers, who find the tingling ripples of relaxation more than manageable while the slowly spreading effect soothes the entire body into a state of ease and fluidity - all of which makes this beauty ideal for a pre-bed joint, teeing up a terrific night’s sleep.


The tranquillity brought on by this low-THC content combines with CBD Kush Auto’s abundance of CBD, which has proven a powerful means to combat every-day struggles such as headaches, stress, nausea or muscle fatigue, and is also able to acutely target and soothe deeper aches and chronic pain.


Of course, expect the occasionally unavoidable reactions like dry mouth or red eyes if you consume a lot. Some users report mild dizziness or headaches at first, though keeping yourself well hydrated and breathing deeply will help with that (as well as pacing yourself!).



Medical Uses of CBD Kush Autoflower

With CBD levels hitting a hefty 14% and THC as low as half that, it’s easy to see why CBD Kush is such a superstar among the medical marijuana masses of high CBD strains.


Thanks to tempered THC levels, the high CBD content of this wonder weed is able to get to work in the background while the subtle stone of the low THC soothes the body. This makes CBD Kush the perfect remedy for day-to-day struggles like chronic stress, headaches, fatigue or nausea, but also a powerful tool in therapy for more serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, muscle spasms, PTSD or ADHD.


Patients with deep physical and mental aches and pains regularly turn to CBD Kush Auto for their dose of CBD therapy, especially those prone to panic, as this strain brings almost no risk of affecting cerebral thought patterns.


And thanks to this strain’s ability to perform as an anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory agent, she’s even ideal for chemo patients.



Growing CBD Kush Autoflower Seeds

Despite being an autoflowering variety, CBD Kush Autoflower does not come without her cultivation challenges. That said, she’s a spectacular choice for commercial cultivators.


Growers can expect their plants to develop into short and stocky specimens largely reminiscent of your typical Indica strains with their chunky bud structures. Owing to this compact and bushy nature, prepare yourself with adequate supports such as stakes or trellises for when CBD Kush Auto’s foliage thickens - and be ready to trim those plants occasionally to ensure light and air reaches the lower sections.


Though autoflowering cannabis tends to be more resilient to cultivation complications like mold and pests, it’s always worth allowing adequate ventilation for your CBD Kush Auto plants, though you should have little trouble beyond supporting these beauties.


Cultivators hoping for their next ganja gem to grow indoors are in luck, as this remarkable medicinal strain rarely reaches taller than 100cm. Due to the low THC content of this hybrid, don’t expect much in the way of resin on the plants - most trichomes this strain develops take on an amber color which adds a gleaming sheen to the already emerald green flowers.


As you’d expect, you’re looking at a swift flowering time of no more than 11 weeks from seed to harvest, making room for multiple crops per year.


Indoor growers are looking at in the region of 400 to 450 grams per meter squared for their efforts, while anyone cultivating outdoors can reap anywhere between 60 and 170 grams of dense and bright green nugs.


On a final note, CBD Kush Auto plants tend to have quite the pungent aroma while growing, so be sure to equip yourself with carbon air filters if discreet cultivation is called for.




Though hardly the strain to turn to if you’re looking to get high in the traditional sense of the word, CBD Kush is an undeniable medical marvel, and the perfect choice for anyone with a low THC tolerance in need of some CBD therapy.


CBD Kush Autoflower seeds require a little prep work on your half before you dive straight in, but if you take those steps and be ready to support these short and stocky plants, you shouldn’t have much difficulty growing a great harvest with these auto seeds.


With 11 weeks from seed to harvest, grabbing some CBD Kush Auto beans could be the best move any medicinal patient ever makes towards taking charge of their cannabis therapy.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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