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Black Hulk Feminized Seeds

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Black Hulk Feminized is as much about bag appeal as a fantastically balanced high. The plants themselves have to be seen to be believed, taking everything you know about jet-black cannabis to an entirely new level. Coupled with a complex fragrance and flavor... 

Dark, Mysterious and Moreish


Bud Basics

Another hulking great strain to add to your collection, which as the name suggests hits hard and delivers like a true heavyweight. Created by combining the genetics of Black Afghani and Bruce Banner, Black Hulk Feminized is a unique and intriguing specimen unlike almost anything else you’ve experienced.


Along with combining all the quintessential characteristics of both superstar parent strains, Black Hulk Feminized brings her own unique flair and individuality into the mix.


Once glance at a mature plant and you’re hooked. Near-jet-black sugar leaves, super dark buds and the promise of consistently generous yields. Not to mention, a genuine one-of-a-kind terpene profile, which manifests as a sweet berry fragrance with plenty of spicy pepper and a distinct herbal quality.


Boasting a relatively even genetic composition – approximately 50% Sativa to 50% Indica - this ganja is great for a balanced high that invigorates the senses while relaxing the body.


THC content tends to hover around the 18% mark, though this is more than enough to have the desired effect. As they say, it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it – and this stuff kicks way harder than you might expect.


Black Hulk Feminized is the quintessential creeper, so don’t be surprised if she catches you unaware after a few extra tokes you really didn’t need!



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Hulk Feminized

The flavor and fragrance profile of Black Hulk Feminized is unique. On the nose, you’re enticed with the fresh and enticing fragrance of sweet and sour berries, though with a distinct peppery aroma and a waft of fresh herbs. It’s an altogether earthier fragrance when the buds are broken, while the spicy pepper aromas become more pronounced when Black Hulk is ignited.


On the inhale, the smoke is delightfully smooth, sweet and seriously satisfying. The fruity-berry flavors are surprisingly pronounced, leaving behind a sweet, tangy and slightly spicy aftertaste that lingers for some time.


There’s a decent amount of dank to these buds, but it doesn’t have that old-school ‘skunky’ stink you’d associate with either parent strain. That said, this herb stinks to high heaven when the buds are properly cured, so you’ll want to ensure you’ve compensated with effective odor control measures.




One important thing to be aware of with Black Hulk Feminized is her tendency to creep up on you and take you by surprise. The Sativa side of the high makes its presence known first, though takes a good few minutes to really start doing its thing.


Slowly but surely, you find yourself gravitating towards a state of cheerful thoughts and general contentment. It never quite crosses the line into insane euphoria, but still makes you feel just about as good as you can.


Around an hour or so into the experience, the Indica effects kick in with an extremely weighty body stone that warms and loosens the muscles. The mood-boosting effects of Black Hulk Feminized linger for the duration, during which you’ll gradually find yourself feeling too heavy and lazy to do a great deal at all.


Black Hulk Feminized isn’t the kind of strain that’s going to knock you out completely, but could make it difficult to accomplish much of a physical nature.


Best of all, take it steady with this weed and there’s practically no risk whatsoever of paranoia or panic attacks. The fact that the whole thing comes on so slowly and gradually makes it an extremely easy strain to ease yourself into.



Medical Uses of Black Hulk Feminized

Black Hulk Feminized is an extremely versatile and accessible therapeutic cannabis strain, with a long list of potential medical applications. Her balanced genetic composition and moderate THC content of around 18% make this marijuana a popular choice for the everyday treatment of countless psychological and physical complaints.


For example, the gentle yet long-lasting mood-boosting properties of Black Hulk Feminized make her great for getting to work on stress, anxiety, depression and everyday bad moods. If you’re simply looking for something to pick you up and put a smile on your face without sending you completely over the edge, this pot ticks all the right boxes.


It’s a similar story with the physical side of the stone, which (despite being incredibly relaxing) is far from incapacitating. This isn't a strain to reach for where physical exertion is called for, but can nonetheless be great for alleviating muscle tension, joint pains and all sorts of body aches.


Migraine sufferers have also reported long-lasting relief with the careful intake of Black Hulk Feminized, as have those with rheumatoid arthritis.


No particularly troubling side effects to worry about, aside from the possibility of a pretty heavy case of cottonmouth. This herb isn’t known for bringing on panic attacks or paranoia, but treading carefully with those first few tokes is still advisable.



Growing Black Hulk Feminized Seeds

The visual properties of Black Hulk Feminized are no less than spectacular. This being the feminized version, all potentially problematic males have been eliminated from the equation. This leaves you with nothing but sturdy and durable females, which in reasonably well controlled conditions more or less take care of themselves.


When the plants reach maturity, they take on the most extraordinary near-black color that spreads from the buds all the way through the sugar leaves. Once the thick and sticky layer of trichomes begins doing its thing, the resulting contrast is as beautiful to behold as the night sky's brightest constellations.


Get it right with a crop of Black Hulk Feminized plants and you should be looking at approximately 350g of weed for every square meter of grow space, after a flowering time in the region of nine weeks. Growing outdoors in an option even in cooler northern European climates, but is best reserved to the warmest weeks of the summer to ensure the best possible yields.




Black Hulk Feminized is as much about bag appeal as a fantastically balanced high. The plants themselves have to be seen to be believed, taking everything you know about jet-black cannabis to an entirely new level. Coupled with a complex fragrance and flavor profile, this hybrid is an irresistible specimen you need in your life… period.


She's also an immensely enjoyable and versatile strain to indulge in, soothing the mind with a wave of positive thoughts and easing the body into a state of total relaxation. Whether looking to cast off the cares of a lousy day or enjoy an evening in front of the TV with friends, look no further than Black Hulk Feminized.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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