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CBD Blueberry Feminized Seeds

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Shades of teal, turquoise, indigo and green combine in the extraordinarily beautiful visual display of this elevated CBD marijuana masterpiece - a therapeutic Blueberry strain with an insane 16:1 CBD to THC ratio...

Berry Delicious Medical Marijuana


Bud Basics

Shades of teal, turquoise, indigo and green combine in the extraordinarily beautiful visual display of this elevated CBD marijuana masterpiece - a therapeutic Blueberry strain with an insane 16:1 CBD to THC ratio.


Backed by decades of fame in the cannabis community, DJ Short’s Blueberry has long been considered an icon, blending bursts of berries with an intoxicating Indica hit that’s contributed heavily to this strain’s longevity and use among the breeding elite.


Crowned Best Indica in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, these genetics have created countless marvels like Blue Dream, Blueberry Headband and Berry White, but perhaps none as exquisite as CBD Blueberry Feminized.


Combining Blueberry with CBD OG Kush and CBD Afghan has brought a whopping 16% Cannabidiol (CBD) content to these buds, dramatically improving the medical efficacy of this specimen - all without doing a thing to tarnish what’s long been regarded as a perfect fruity flavor.


With a hardly noticeable 1% THC, anyone looking for a psychoactive high is out of luck with this one - try the original Blueberry instead. But for those looking for the tastiest, most enjoyable and highly effective marijuana medicine around, you’re in the right place.


Better yet - growing CBD Blueberry Feminized is a famously simple experience that even novice growers can quite easily handle, involving little to no TLC beyond the basics to reward you with a chunky 450 grams per plant or square meter of this simply drop-dead gorgeous ganja.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Blueberry Feminized

In this pot progeny, it’s all the quintessential and eternally beloved blueberry flavors and aromas that have made the original an absolute ganja gem over the years - and nothing less.


CBD Blueberry Feminized genuinely loses none of her famous parent’s exquisite profile, hooking you in with those distinctive fresh berry notes and instantly stealing the heart of connoisseurs with a deliciously decadent blend of nuances that run far deeper, offering up a musky, spicy skunkiness that’s every bit as pleasurable as you want it to be.




Rather than the immediate Indica-heavy one hit and quit kind of influence that the original Blueberry is famous for, this CBD-heavy hybrid is as far from near-narcotic as it gets, and offers consumers an entirely different experience altogether.


CBD Blueberry Feminized’s Indica influence still hits swiftly, but this time it takes the shape of a palpable sense of euphoria, clarity and tranquillity.


You’ll feel your physical and mental states equally slipping into a new kind of zen-like space, untouchable by the negativity of the world and free to re-focus, re-energize and enjoy being exactly where you are.


This kind of serene state is certainly reminiscent of the original Blueberry experience, but without any weightiness compelling you to chill out - this pretty much leaves this strain suitable for anything, whether you’re in need of a motivating hit or to relax and unwind.


Due to the Indica influence and possibility of a case of the munchies, it’s generally recommended to consume CBD Blueberry Feminized later on in the day, though when you’re used to this clear and focused kind of ‘high’, you can absolutely ride this wave throughout the whole day.



Medical Uses of CBD Blueberry Feminized

Medical use is what CBD Blueberry Feminized and her jaw-dropping 16:1 CBD to THC ratio were designed for. What’s more, with next to no noticeable THC in the mix, there is practically zero chance of you inviting any of marijuana’s less desirable side effects, making this hybrid a powerful and perfect fit for anyone needing some purely CBD therapy.


Bid farewell to psychological worries with a batch of these buds on your side as they reveal any and all negative emotions for the feeble shadows they are, making the likes of stress, anxiety or depression seem miles away, unable to affect or darken your life.


This serene shot to the cerebrum will have even the most ingrained sense of malaise releasing its hold on you, opening the mind and spirit to a more receptive state of possibility.


Physical benefits abound too, as the potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents in CBD Blueberry Fem are almost simultaneously getting to work easing any aches and pains, whether muscular or joint-related, mild or severe.


Even beyond soothing the likes of migraines, multiple sclerosis or arthritis, these buds are also highly effective remedies for those who suffer from seizures, insomnia or nausea - making CBD Blueberry Feminized a genuine power player in the medical marijuana world.



Growing CBD Blueberry Feminized Seeds

Although the high differs quite immensely from the original, growing CBD Blueberry Feminized is a virtually identical experience to the famed non-CBD variant - one even novice cultivators can get on famously with.


In true Indica tradition, these plants rarely reach much taller than 1 meter at most, remaining modest in size and favoring sturdiness and lateral growth. This hybrid is also blessed with an ideal bud to leaf ratio, meaning you have almost no need to trim or prune your plants, or worry about moisture build-up.


Even under less than ideal conditions, CBD Blueberry Fem plants display a robust resilience to common plant-related problems and an impressive adaptability to colder climates - though, these beauties infinitely prefer a warm Mediterranean-like climate and will reward you abundantly for providing it.


If you’re able to grow outdoors somewhere like California or Spain, this CBD-heavy hybrid is going to thrive beyond the telling of it. If you’re less lucky with where you live, opt for an indoor setup and imitate this desirable environment with a temperature between 21 and 26°C (or 69.8 to 78.8°F), and relative humidity (RH) levels between 40 and 50% in the flowering stage.


Be ready for the final two weeks of flowering though - at this stage, you should reduce the humidity to between 30 and 40%.


While we’re on flowering, if you introduce these plants to colder temperatures just before flowering, late in the vegetative stage, you can bring out the full range of remarkable colors this plant is capable of producing - be careful though, only growers with genuine green thumbs should attempt potentially dangerous techniques like this (which also do nothing for the potency or therapeutic properties of your pot).


It’s worth considering your cultivation medium before planting your CBD Blueberry Feminized seeds as this can have a big impact on your experience and results. Those hoping for a quicker harvest should look to hydroponics, while anyone intending on maximizing their weed’s flavor, aroma and medical strength should opt for organic soil.


If you’re able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, this is also an ideal technique for a maximum effort kind of harvest.


After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, it’s time to chop that crop. Indoor growers are in for roughly 450 grams per meter squared for their efforts, whilst outdoor harvests can yield up to 450 grams per plant in optimal conditions.


While growers in the northern hemisphere who opt for an outdoor setup can see a successful harvest, you’re not in for quite the same generous yields, and you’ll need to harvest by mid-October at the latest.




If you’re in the market for a marvelous medical marijuana strain with one of the most delicious profiles around, look no further than CBD Blueberry Feminized - a 16:1 CBD to THC ratio therapeutic bud beast.


Reasonably simple to cultivate and abundantly generous (especially considering the medical potency and efficacy of these buds even in small quantities), these feminized seeds are perhaps your easiest route to a high-quality crop of premium therapeutic pot.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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