Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Seeds

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Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Seeds

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Complex on the nose and a gift to grow, Bruce Banner x White Russian is a tolerance-tester that’s not to be underestimated...

A Game of Russian Roulette


Bud Basics

The ultimate fusion of superstar genetics? Quite possibly. Born of a combination of soothing White Russian and brain-busting Bruce Banner, this Indica-leaning hybrid is a proud tribute to her parent strains.


Complex on the nose and a gift to grow, Bruce Banner x White Russian is a tolerance-tester that’s not to be underestimated.


She’s also an unpredictable mistress at the best of times, with a wildly varying THC content from one batch to the next. Depending on how well she's grown and cured, you could be looking at anything from 15% THC to a whopping 25% THC. Suffice to say, taking it slow at first to find out what you’re dealing with is a sensible idea!


Either way, Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized can be counted on for a beautifully intense high that hits body and brain in a matter of seconds. Whether you're looking to unwind after a lousy day at work or dealing with a bout of mild depression, a handful of tokes and you’re away with the fairies. All courtesy of a new-generation hybrid with a seriously complex flavor profile – diesel, strawberries, musk, earth – all there in the mix.



Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized

Dig a little deeper into the background of this hard-hitting strain and it’s a picture of pure pedigree across the board. Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush are notable contributors to this ganja's genetic composition – both of which make their presence known on the nose. 


There’s a curious combination of fresh fruits, sour fuel, musky earth and general dankness that’s intriguing if nothing else. All with plenty of added peppery spice when the buds are combusted, making for an interesting aftertaste that lingers for hours. A strain that’s guaranteed to divide audiences, though is worthy of appreciation irrespective of personal opinions.


If you really want to pick out and assess those subtler fragrance and flavor notes, reach for a vaporizer.




The high itself is relatively predictable, but the THC content of this stuff is anything but. Depending on how your grow her (or where you buy yours), you could be looking at anything from 15% up to a full 25% THC. Meaning you could be in for a relatively gentle, controllable and smooth ride, or you could be blasted beyond Jupiter after just two or three hits.


Taking things slowly to start off with is therefore the way to go, as you’ll know pretty quickly which side of the spectrum your batch is on. The cerebral effects of this strain kick in almost immediately, pairing creativity with motivation and a soaring sense of euphoria. It lifts the spirits and eliminates negativity in an instant, paving the way for hour after hour of blissful happiness.


The physical side of the stone also kicks in quite fast – maybe 30-45 minutes down the line max. At which point, wave after wave of relaxing energy begins making its way through the body, sending tingles through the extremities.


A moderate batch of Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized isn’t going to incapacitate you, but one that’s edging on 25% could easily knock you off your feet and pin you down for the duration.


Hence, the appropriateness of this stuff for any given time of day or situation depends entirely on its potency and how much you consume. This cannabis can be social, relaxing, uplifting, energizing, incapacitating, tranquilizing – pretty much anything you want it to be!



Medical Uses of Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized

The potential medical applications of Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized extend far beyond its potency. With a unique and generous terpene composition (predominantly Carene, Geraniol, Ocimene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol and Pinene), this herb has become the go-to for many medical marijuana users looking for alternatives to conventional medications.


For the most part, anything that contains Bruce Banner in the lineage is just the thing for dealing with mental maladies of all kinds. This is a strain that’s notorious for powerful mood-boosting and energizing properties, blowing away the cares of the day and making you feel great. An excellent choice, therefore, for the alleviation of mild to moderate cases of depression, stress, anxiety and apathy.


The raw power of the physical side of the stone varies in accordance with THC content and the amount consumed. Milder batches are good for gentle relaxation at any time, while a more potent batch is likely to have a numbing and tranquilizing effect on the entire body.


Pain-related conditions can respond well to balanced strains like these, which can also be good for eventually bringing on a great night’s sleep.


Novice users are warned to be extremely careful with Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized, as the THC content can be anything from 15% to a massive 25%. In the case of the latter, this is almost always more than novice users with a low THC tolerance can handle.



Growing Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Seeds

The cultivation process isn’t particularly difficult, though you’ll need to allow plenty of vertical space to get the job done properly. Your mature plants will reach around 7 feet or so, with a fair amount of horizontal reach to consider too. That said, if you’ve plenty of space or a decent outdoor setup, the only other requirement is the occasional trim as it’s quite a bushy specimen for an Indica-heavy hybrid.


As this is the feminized version of Bruce Banner x White Russian, there will be no unwanted males posing a threat to your final harvest. Speaking of which, every well-grown plant could see you collecting as much as 500g of sticky weed for every square meter of grow space. Hit the Holy Grail of 25% THC and you’ll probably find this is way more than you know what to do with!


Indoors or out, you may need to factor the smell of this stuff into the equation – more for the fact that it’s pungent, as opposed to immediately identifiable. The fuel stink is particularly pronounced during the flowering period, calling for suitable odor-control measures throughout.




Some thrive on the unknown and say mystery is the spice of life. If that’s how you’d describe yourself, feel free to roll the dice with Bruce Banner x White Russian! Half of the enjoyment with this stuff is finding out just how punchy the batch you’re holding at the time really is. And as there’s only one way of doing so, you may as well go for it!


With the potential to be exceptionally potent and practically incapacitating, this isn't a strain to be messed with as a novice smoker. But for those who think they can handle their highs, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable ride from a uniquely fragrant and flavorful hybrid.


One that’s also capable of producing phenomenal yields, with very little involvement on your part.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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