Cream Mandarine Autoflower Seeds

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Cream Mandarine Autoflower Seeds

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Bud origin

Mandarine auto cannabis seeds produce indica-dominant crops highly coveted for their refreshing tropical fragrance. 


This marijuana cultivar is a potent hybrid birthed from two powerhouses: Ice Cool and Cream Caramel auto. It also packs some ruderalis genetics that support automatic flowering regardless of daylight hours. 


This unique attribute makes autoflowers ideal for areas with short days and scarce sunlight. You don’t have to worry about adjusting light cycles, as the flowering phase sets off automatically after the vegetative phase.


Cream Caramel is famous for its mouth-watering flavor and calming effects, whereas Ice Cool is known to induce an energizing and uplifting buzz.


Combining these traits makes Mandarine a well-balanced cultivar with visible indica and sativa qualities. It develops into a relatively short eye-popping plant decorated with purple, pink, and soft red leaves and buds.


Growing Cream Mandarine autoflower seeds


Mandarine auto marijuana seeds are novice-friendly and eliminate the light scheduling hassle that most newbies usually struggle with. This variant is incredibly versatile and thrives in most environments while maintaining resilience against common pathogens.


The only consideration with these non-photoperiod plants is that they require stress-free conditions throughout their life cycle. Their quick development times don’t offer enough recovery time from cultivation mistakes.


Germinate your auto seeds right, and you may enjoy multiple generous harvests in a single cultivation season.


Consider starting your seeds in the final growing pot to avoid stress from transplantation. With adequate light, warmth, and moisture, expect your autoflower seeds to sprout within 3–7 days. 


In the vegetative stage, ensure your plants receive around 18–24 hours of daily light. Vary the temperature between 70–80°F while maintaining a humidity range of 40–60%. During flowering, provide temperatures of about 65–75°F and relative humidity of 30–40%. 


This easy-growing cultivar thrives indoors and outside, using minimal space and developing relatively fast. Since it only rises to around four feet, most growers prefer it for stealthy cultivation geared at quick harvests. 


With proper care, nutrients, and ideal growing conditions, you can harvest sooner than expected and start another healthy crop. 


While Cream Mandarine flourishes outdoors, its powerful scent demands guerrilla growing to prevent unwanted attention. Use air-filtration equipment to mask its strong, inviting odor indoors.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Cream Mandarine auto is suitable for greenhouses, indoor, and outdoor cultivation, preferring dry, warm, and sunny conditions. It thrives in outdoor spaces with a Mediterranean-like climate, which sustains mild temperatures throughout the year. 


Plant it in a spot with direct access to sunlight, and avoid freezing temperatures to maximize the crop’s potential. The optimal cultivation temperatures for Mandarine auto outside range from 70–80°F during the day and upwards of 60°F at night. 


If you grow these seeds indoors, maintain a stable temperature; hotter in the vegetative phase and slightly cooler when flowering. Aim for moderate humidity, higher in the early stages compared to the maturity phase that’s more susceptible to mold. 


This autoflower is fairly flexible, mostly tolerating humidity and temperature variations. Although this adaptability is a plus, aiming for the recommended growing conditions gives you a healthier crop and a larger yield. 


Feeding Cream Mandarine autoflower 


To maximize autoflower yields, correct plant feeding is paramount. The crops grown from Mandarine cannabis seeds demand specific nutrient portions in every phase.


At the seedling stage, provide a well-balanced fertilizer with equal nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium concentrations. Aim for an NPK ratio of around 10-10-10 or 5-5-5 for starters. This growth phase is highly sensitive to overfeeding, so be extra careful. 


During the vegetative chapter, Mandarine auto prefers a fertilizer richer in nitrogen to develop healthy stems, branches, and leaves. Find a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of about 20-10-10 or 10-5-5.


In the flowering phase, this cannabis strain requires more potassium and phosphorus to boost nug development. Apply a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of approximately 10-20-20 or 5-10-10. 


Besides feeding Mandarine auto correctly, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the growing medium’s pH, whose ideal range is 6.0–7.0. Be careful not to over or underwater your marijuana plants to avoid common issues like wilting, stunted growth, and leaf yellowing. 


Flowering & yields


Cream Mandarine is a fast grower, thanks to its unique ruderalis genetics. It flowers within 8–10 weeks. 


The crop displays maturity signs through color changes and resinous nugs. Collect your harvest once the potent, delicious buds are fully covered with cloudy trichomes and orange hairs. 


With the proper care and attention, expect an impressive yield of about 14–18 oz./m2 indoors and 2–6 oz./plant outside. The harvest size varies based on the soil quality, nutrient mix, and amount of light, so monitor these factors closely. 


Experiencing the Cream Mandarine strain


Like most indica strains, Mandarine seeds produce buds with body-oriented effects. This cannabis variant has a THC range of 18–20%, meaning it has a powerful buzz. Some smokers even report couch-lock, so proceed with caution. 


The initial tokes produce an uplifting buzz filled with euphoria and happiness, making Cream Mandarine an excellent mood booster. A few puffs later, deep relaxation and calmness set in, helping you ease tension as you unwind from a busy day. 


Thanks to its pacifying tendencies, this cultivar is an excellent companion when there are no pending chores or tasks to complete. It’s also suitable when chilling with your favorite book or a must-watch TV show. 


Consuming these buds may cause dry eyes and mouth, but drinking plenty of water amidst your tokes helps. If it’s your first time smoking this marijuana strain, start with low doses to avoid paranoia and anxiety. 


Aroma and flavor


Mandarine boasts a delicious aroma profile that gets sweeter from flowering through smoking, making it an enjoyable treat. 


As the name suggests, fresh flowers ooze a strong citrus scent with creamy, vanilla-like, and earthy hints which intensify in the jar. The refreshing fragrance resembles the treat you get from tangerines and mandarin oranges.


Lighting up the crystal-coated nugs charms your palate with a sweet, smooth, creamy, and citrusy flavor. The smoke feels pleasant as you exhale, accented with a herby and earthy aftertaste. 


Helps with


While Mandarine’s CBD content is a little below 1%, many users claim it has various therapeutic benefits. 


Enthusiasts believe this strain’s potent genes pack analgesic properties that alleviate discomforts like chronic pain and headaches. Some users report gaining an appetite after smoking this herb.


Mandarine may produce sedative effects at higher doses, ideal for those with sleeping challenges. Thanks to its powerful calming sensations, smoking this bud could relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Its stimulating effects might also help with fatigue. 


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Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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