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Moby Dick Autoflower Seeds

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If you’re searching less for the white whale and more for a weed that boosts your energy, productivity and provides an uplifting buzz, then Moby Dick Autoflower is the strain for you...

A Marijuana Monster in Miniature


Bud Basics

Some say the hunt for Moby Dick was more effort than it was worth - but those who’ve grown Moby Dick would never say the same, and now with an autoflowering variant of the classic hybrid strain (Haze crossed with White Widow), the effort is entirely taken out of the equation.


Though this plant isn’t quite as monstrous as her photoperiod kin, this lemon and cedarwood scented weed is still quite the massive specimen - though she tends to grow wider than you might expect, and still requires a good growing space.


A joint of Moby Dick Autoflower is quick to hit and heady in the extreme, inducing a calming cerebral buzz that though relaxing as it eases your mind and your muscles, rarely leads to couchlock - making this an excellent strain for boosting mood and creativity alike, and motivating you to get a little more out of your day.


As medicinal strains go, the CBD content here is low, and yet therapeutic properties still abound. For relief for psychological ailments, a few tokes will lift mood and clear negative thoughts away, making this a perfect plant if you’re suffering with stress or anxiety.


As pain relievers go, she holds her own too, offering relief to sufferers of arthritis and muscle spasms.


Due to her horizontal structure, this weed wins at resilience to molds and moisture, and though she requires a little care and support, she’s a breeze in comparison to her kin. Mature in 11 weeks or less, her yields are hefty (particularly for an auto) whether grown indoors or out. Just take care to control her odor, as this is one pungent plant!



Flavor and Fragrance of Moby Dick Autoflower

Heady and awakening in aroma and taste, Moby Dick is fragrant with notes of lemon and cedarwood, combining to create the incense-like scent of earthen smoke with sweet undertones. Once exhaled, this sugary flavor leaves an aftertaste that hints at pine.




Not quite as heavy on the THC as her photoperiod siblings, Moby Dick Auto is still a kicker at 17%, and far more potent than most autoflowering strains - meaning that it only takes a few tokes to knock back even the most seasoned of smokers, and newbies should approach a joint of this ganja with caution.


Sativa-leaning, the head high of this weed will hit within a few minutes of taking a toke to induce a heady, cerebral buzz that’s both energizing and mood-boosting. Worries will wash away in moments, and you’ll soon find them replaced with a strong desire to socialize as your mind overflows with ideas and joviality.


After a little while, this stimulating mental state will begin to wind down, though the upbeat mood and creative energy will hang around for several hours. It’s at this point that Moby Dick’s Indica side will present itself in the form of a physical calm that’s deep and yet doesn’t hinder you from going about your day. This can occasionally develop into a lazy, lethargic feeling, but rarely turns to couchlock - but if you don’t want to risk it, maybe consider smoking this lady on your days off.



Medical Uses of Moby Dick Autoflower

Equally as impressive as the original strain, our autoflowering variant of Moby Dick is abundant with medicinal benefits. Those suffering with mental health concerns such as stress, depression or anxiety will find that this herb can quickly alleviate symptoms such as negativity and intrusive thought with her potent uplifting mental properties, providing an instantly more positive outlook.


As a pain management tool, this marijuana is an effective analgesic for the relief of arthritis symptoms, muscle spasms and a variety of mild aches and pains due to her tranquilizing effect, allowing you to continue with your day without the constant background noise of pain - though for severe and chronic pain, we’d suggest looking to another strain.


Those suffering with fatigue may find that the instant energy-boost provided by Moby Dick Autoflower can be utilized to great effect. This strain is also useful for increasing appetite, particularly for those struggling with eating disorders of lack of appetite as a side effect of chemotherapy based cancer treatments.


Since the THC levels of this strain are fairly high, it’s a possibility that a joint will lead to adverse side effects. At the milder end, this can include dry eyes and mouth, and some dizziness, and it’s recommended that you stay well hydrated whenever you’re consuming this weed.


In novices or those who are particularly sensitive to THC, this can increase paranoia or heighten anxiety.



Growing Moby Dick Autoflower Seeds

Where some variants of Moby Dick are notoriously complex to cultivate, this autoflowering strain takes all the trouble out of the job, enabling cannabis cultivators to grow crops of excellent quality with relative ease.


Rather than growing out of hand as some of her kin do, this plant will grow horizontally rather than vertically, meaning that the optimum amounts of sunlight can be reached, and she’s resistant to moisture while maturing.


Though smaller than other versions, Moby Dick Autoflower is still a larger lady, and unlikely to fit in the average grow tent - but making room for this weed is worthwhile, as her yields are considerably higher than average.


A 20/4 light cycle using a 600-watt HPS grow lamp is ideal for indoor growers, and she’ll require plenty of feeding and nutrients to thrive. We’d also recommended an odor filtration system, as this kind of pungency lends itself to discretion about as much as her size does… ie. it doesn’t.


Moby Dick takes between 10 and 11 weeks to fully mature, and can yield anywhere from 0.13 to 0.6 ounces per square foot if properly cared for.


Should you choose to grow this plant outdoors, consider that the backyard isn’t really the place for a strain that grows to such sizes, and guerilla growing might be something to look into, given the strain’s aroma. Plenty of sunshine in a hidden location is perfect, and she’ll grow well enough in northern areas provided you plant her at the right time.


Harvest time should fall between early April and late October, yielding around 2 to 7 ounces of nugs per plant.




If you’re searching less for the white whale and more for a weed that boosts your energy, productivity and provides an uplifting buzz, then Moby Dick Autoflower is the strain for you.


Often described as incense-like, the sweet lemon and cedarwood notes of this ganja’s aroma follow through to her flavor, filling your mouth with the aftertaste of sugary pine wood as those first few tokes kick in - and instantly recharge your creative batteries.


Good care is key, even for an autoflowering variant, and Moby Dick Auto is no exception. She’ll take some work, though less than you’d think, and a hefty reward lies at the end of the effort - meaning you can stash your own for recreational purposes (why the hell not?) or put her potent medicinal and therapeutic properties to good use.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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