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Afghan Feminized Seeds

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There’s a time and place for high-tech hybrids and sophisticated cannabis cocktails, but Afghan Feminized is just about as untouched and untainted as it gets...

A Pure Indica History Lesson  


Bud Basics

Afghan has been released and re-released in all manner of weird and wonderful forms over the years. One of the most popular choices for growers being Afghan Feminized, an all-time superstar strain that’s all choice and no compromise.


With her origins firmly rooted in the Middle East, Afghan cannabis has been enjoyed in one form or another for centuries. There’s a time and place for high-tech hybrids and sophisticated cannabis cocktails, but Afghan Feminized is just about as untouched and untainted as it gets. Admittedly, aside from the fact that this version has been engineered to ensure 100% female plants, 100% of the time.


Across the board, this iconic beauty is everything you’d expect a quality Indica to be. On the nose, it’s the classic spicy, peppery and hash-like fragrance that immediately sends you on a sensory magic carpet ride.


This strain’s 100% pure Indica genetics guarantee an almost exclusively physical stone, which nonetheless brings a welcome dose of euphoria into the mix. THC levels hover around the 20% mark, though often test as high as 25%.


Afghan Feminized is also notorious for producing Biblical quantities of resin, making her perfect for DIY extracts and hash production. A strain that’s worthy of her position among the all-time greats, Afghan’s genetics are the reason we have strains like Blueberry, Northern Lights and dozens of other modern classics.


Best of all, as long as you can provide your plants with relatively warm and stable conditions, these lovely ladies can be an absolute gift to grow. Even where space is at a premium this stuff produces like it’s a competition.



Flavor and Fragrance of Afghan

The three primary terpenes in Afghan Feminized are myrcene (herbal), pinene (pine) and ocimene (minty)On the nose, there’s an immediate and enticing hash-like fragrance, with plenty of peppery spice and exotic incense. All of which bursts into life when the buds are broken – even more so when ignited.


There’s much to be said for the subtler flavors brought out via vaporization, but this is a classic, 100% old-school strain that’s best smoked… period. 


That said, the flavor is a little on the harsh side and the sharpness of the smoke can have a drying effect on the throat and mouth. Again, this isn’t a sophisticated strain engineered to please – it’s a pure and unspoiled specimen, exactly as nature intended. Besides, a little heat and harshness on the throat is a small price to pay for what follows. 




This stuff is, quite simply, as good as Indica weed gets. It’s no coincidence Afghan has become the yardstick by which all other Indicas are measured. Nor was it purely by chance that this special landrace was selected by many of the world’s most successful breeders over the years when working on their latest hybrids.


Afghan is the dictionary definition of everything an Indica strain should be. One or two puffs into the experience, you begin feeling wave after wave of warming tingles making their way through the body. The feeling of heaviness grows until you can barely lift a finger, by which point couch-lock sets in and you’re down for the duration.


With Afghan Feminized, however, you’re not confined to a puddle of fogginess and delirium while the body stone does its thing. There’s a deep and intoxicating sense of blissful contentment throughout the entire ride, enabling you to soak up your surroundings and enjoy every second of it.


Optimism, positivity and good old-fashioned happiness accompany the sense of complete incapacitation. The only problem being that when the munchies set in (and they will), you might not even have the strength to lift your phone and order a takeout. Hence, you’ll want to plan in advance to avoid this potential nightmare scenario.



Medical Uses of Afghan Feminized

Medical marijuana users rave about the fantastic pain-relieving properties of Afghan. Quickly getting to work on the entire body with a numbing effect, this is one of the most popular therapeutic strains available for rapid and long-lasting pain relief. She’s also great for getting to grips with muscle aches, stiffness, headaches and migraines. 


Sleep disorders are also no match for this stuff, which in most instances guarantees an exceptional night’s sleep. One that’s never followed by the kind of drowsiness and fogginess you’d normally associate with a tranquilizing strain. Afghan’s connections with the munchies also make her great for tackling bouts of poor appetite, or dealing with nausea.


Mild mood issues and everyday stress can also be tackled with the carefully measured intake of these nugs. We say ‘carefully measured’ for the simple reason that one toke too many and you’re completely out of action – which may not be your intention.


Afghan isn’t known for a tendency to trigger unpleasant side effects, though the intensity of the physical stone can be somewhat overwhelming for novice users. As the THC content of this remarkable strain varies so wildly, it’s best to err on the side of caution and start out slowly. 



Growing Afghan Feminized

Growing Afghan Feminized at home is a relatively simple ride. It’s best to keep things indoors if you’re not in a warm Mediterranean-like region, but you’ll not be needing a great deal of space for these ladies to do their thing. 


You’ll be looking at plants that rarely reach more than 1 meter in height, making these ladies ideal for making use of quiet corners around the home.


Short, stocky and dependable for generous yieldsAfghan Fem plants need only an occasional prune to maintain good air circulation and prevent mold. Quality soil will see you netting just as impressive results as a more advanced cultivation process, so don’t be afraid to keep things simple. 500g for every square meter of grow space is about the average, though can be taken further in ideal outdoor conditions.


Physically hiding these tiny plants from sight is easy – camouflaging their stink when they begin flowering is an altogether different matter.




Referring back to an earlier point, there’s a time and a place for complex and sophisticated cannabis that’s been precision-engineered with a specific purpose in mind. There’s also a time for taking things back to basics and enjoying weed as it has been enjoyed throughout the history of mankind.


In the case of the latter, Afghan really is in a league of her own. Pure, untainted and unspoiled, this is everything an Indica should be. Plus, given the fact that she’s so simple to grow, there’s really no excuse for not making this legend a part of your permanent collection. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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