Chocolope x Kush Feminized Seeds

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Chocolope x Kush Feminized Seeds

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Chocolope x Kush Feminized, aka Chocolope Kush, from industry legends DNA Genetics combines two of their most prized pot specimens into a hybrid capable of delivering euphoria in her earthy chocolatey scent alone...

Delectable and Decadent Desserty Buds


Bud Basics

Chocolope x Kush Feminized, aka Chocolope Kush, from industry legends DNA Genetics combines two of their most prized pot specimens into a hybrid capable of delivering euphoria in her earthy chocolatey scent alone.


Striking an uncertain balance between Sativa and Indica-leaning genetics, this strain nonetheless boasts the best of both ends of the spectrum, inciting a strong cerebral uplift that’s both clarifying and motivating, and an undercurrent of pure relaxation and contentment capable of soothing even the most restless spirit.


As you might expect, this makes for one hell of a medical marijuana (MMJ) strain, however, with a low CBD content of 0.2% and high THC hitting averages of 17%, those of you with low THC tolerance (or interest in psychoactive pot) should approach with caution.


Don’t write Chocolope x Kush Feminized off if you’re after some quality therapeutic nugs though, a dose of THC therapy from these buds could be just what the doctor ordered.


Due to a heavy Indica influence, this hybrid is one best suited for afternoon enjoyment rather than as a wake and bake - things might start off with bundles of energy and motivation, but the physical relaxation of the Indica genes is always there to round the experience off with a compelling chill-out session (one you don’t want to come calling in the middle to the day when there’s more to get done!).


Those with higher tolerance for THC might be able to make effective use of this as a strain for earlier in the day, but don’t underestimate the potency of these buds!


A pot progeny of award-winning icons, Chocolope x Kush is a fantastically flavorful and powerful treat that’s perfect for your midday pick-me-up to get you through to a well-deserved evening of indulgent relaxation.


What’s more, this strain is a swift grower that’s easy enough for the less experienced cultivators to see huge rewards from, and generous beyond the telling - we really do mean huge rewards!



Flavor and Fragrance of Chocolope x Kush Feminized

DNA Genetics is renowned for their tremendous talent in bringing us buds with the loudest possible terpenes that deliver truly mouthwatering strains of pure delicious decadence - with Chocolope x Kush Feminized, it’s that same sweet story.


Myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terps combine here in a cannabis cocktail that’s as close to a real desserty taste as you’re likely to find.


The irresistible flavor and fragrance of these buds delights both the nose and tongue with notes of a calming earthiness that shines with a sweetness tough to rival. Hints of chocolate, nuts, pine, coffee and vanilla lavish your senses in the most tantalizing way - a profoundly delightful experience all round and one no words could do justice to.




It’s a true mixed bag of cerebral and physical effects when consuming this cannabis, and one which makes this hybrid far better suited to afternoon use than as an early morning wake and bake.


While you’re in for one hell of a cerebral ride and energy jolt with Chocolope x Kush Feminized, never forget there’s an entirely different end to this high.


These buds waste next to no time in sending your mind soaring to the stratosphere, flooding you with an untouchable sense of euphoria that wipes all negativity from concern. Positivity, energy and motivation abound, and the creative types might find that sweet marijuana muse during this highly cerebral stage.


Socializing with friends (or making new ones) is also very much on the cards with Chocolope Kush, though soon enough, you’ll start to feel the sedative lure of the Indica genes pulling your body in a different direction.


Those with higher THC tolerances might be more likely to ride the crest of the cerebral high for longer before succumbing to the relaxed physical vibes, but you’ll find your zest to smash through that to-do list or generally get shit done starts to wane as the high wears on.


When your eyelids start to droop, you’re in the final stages, where the comfort of the couch and a munchie-satisfying snack is all you’ll have the desire for before it’s time for bed.


Given that THC can hit upwards of 20%, it’s important to take it easy with Chocolope x Kush Feminized - know your limits and tolerance, stay hydrated and avoid overindulging or risk inviting less desirable side effects like dizziness or mild paranoia.



Medical Uses of Chocolope x Kush Feminized

Despite low CBD under the 1% mark, Chocolope x Kush Feminized is one superbly soothing strain capable of an abundance of therapeutic uses. Of course, you’ll need to be careful if your tolerance to THC is low - there’s a notable amount of THC in these buds, so consume responsibly.


Loaded up with all the potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, anti-depressant and anti-emetic agents that have made marijuana a medical marvel, Chocolope Kush delivers relief to an array of physical and mental conditions - while also being one of the tastiest treatments anyone could ask for.


The euphoric serotonin-fueled state of mind these buds bring on almost immediately has proven to be a reliably effective means of relieving stress, anxiety and depression - whether mild or more severe cases.


Malaise and any negativity, in general, fails to hold its purchase on us when under the influence of Chocolope x Kush, and patients suffering from the likes of PTSD, bipolar disorder and ADHD can also feel a tremendous benefit from these buds.


Mild and severe physical aches and pains can also be effectively muted by this cannabis, though the effect is not quite so swift as the cerebral stimulation - don’t expect instant relief here. Nevertheless, the likes of everything from headaches to migraines, arthritismuscle spasms, eye pressure or backaches prove no match when this stuff really kicks in.


The munchies which hit in the later stages of Chocolope x Kush Feminized’s high are powerful enough to overturn nausea of restore a lack of appetite in a great many patients, and when all is said and done, even insomnia will struggle to keep you awake as a rejuvenating night’s sleep beckons.



Growing Chocolope x Kush Feminized Seeds

There is some discrepancy on whether this hybrid tips the scales in favor of Sativa or Indica genetics, however, there can be no doubt that growing Chocolope x Kush Feminized is a largely Indica experience - one even novice growers can get on famously with.


In true Indica fashion, these plants tend to remain short and stocky, rarely reaching more than 1 meter tall even in optimal conditions. You’ll also find these beautifully dark and inviting plants develop pretty sizable colas and a low leaf to bud ratio, meaning you won’t have to worry about trimming or pruning these beauties much (or at all).


This also means you shouldn’t be too concerned with moisture build-up, and can expect your Chocolope x Kush Fem crop to be reliably resilient to common plant-related problems like mold or pathogens.


If you’re able to, implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup to help maximize your bud output.


You should also give strong consideration to the cultivation medium you use - hydroponics tend to be favored for reducing the overall growth cycle and increasing yield, while organic soil works best for drawing out the full terpene profile of your buds (the go-to choice for those hoping to maximize the flavor, aroma and therapeutic value of their Chocolope Kush).


For indoor grows, aim to imitate a warm Mediterranean-esque climate, and if you’re lucky enough to live in somewhere like California or Spain, feel free to treat these beans to an ideal outdoor spot and watch them flourish in the sun.


It’s possible to harvest a crop of Chocolope x Kush Feminized in as little as 7 weeks, though be prepared to wait for closer to 8 or 10 weeks of flowering if you want the best results - patience, my friends.


Growers working outside in the northern hemisphere should aim to harvest by mid-October at the latest. When it’s time to reap those rewards, indoors you can expect between 500 and 600 grams of these deep and fiery-looking buds per meter squared, while outdoors you’re in for closer to 700 grams per plant in optimal conditions.




Chocolate and coffee-flavored cannabis with a dash of vanilla and sprinkling of nutty, piney delights - almost sounds too good to be a real strain of Mary Jane, right?


Wrong. Chocolope x Kush Feminized is exactly that. A hybrid of delectable legends from the world-renown DNA Genetics, aficionados of the tastiest strains on the market. Easy to grow, generous come harvest time, dark, beautiful, alluring and downright delicious (with a hit that won’t quit).


For buds bursting with bag appeal, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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