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Grandaddy Bruce Feminized Seeds

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Grandaddy Purple, one of the most popular strains on the West Coast, brings her vivid color and flavor genetics to the table to combine with Bruce Banner’s sweet THC content and creative buzz. The resulting strain is insanely potent, with delicious...

The Grandaddy of Gifts That Keep on Giving


Bud Basics

Crafting together two strains of polar opposites could have been a recipe for disaster, but instead Grandaddy Bruce Feminized is an exemplary example of perfectly balanced Indica and Sativa effects.


Grandaddy Purple, one of the most popular strains on the West Coast, brings her vivid color and flavor genetics to the table to combine with Bruce Banner’s sweet THC content and creative buzz. The resulting strain is insanely potent, with delicious warm notes of spicy vanilla that set the mouth watering and the mind wandering soon after taking a toke.


With THC levels that are phenomenal even in their lowest range (between 26% and 28% THC content), cannabis consumers can expect a high that’s clean and cerebral, providing a soaring buzz that sends the mind into the stratosphere before gently lulling you into a blanket of comfort and relaxation, where the body can melt into sleep.


Since Grandaddy Bruce’s body high is of the pain-relieving variety, this is a popular specimen in the medicinal community for users who require analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Ensuring peaceful tranquility, these buds are also an effective relief for a variety of mental health struggles due to the sense of all-round wellbeing you’re left with after smoking a joint.


Cultivating an all-fem crop is a breeze with Grandaddy Bruce Feminized, as she’s a small and sturdy Indica strain that practically cares for herself. A warm and bright environment is all you need to find yourself with a 500 to 600 gram yield after just 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.



Flavor and Fragrance of Grandaddy Bruce

Definitely a dessert strain, Grandaddy Bruce is heady with a sweet, earthy grape scent that becomes more floral and vanilla leaning the long you inhale the aroma. Warm and calming, the taste is similar and yet more musky, bringing a spiciness to the flavor that is both delicious and decidedly moreish.




When THC levels are this high, expectations are high too - and you won’t be disappointed with Grandaddy Bruce Fem, as these psychoactive effects are both intense and unforgettably immense.


Within moments of taking a toke, you can expect exaltation and euphoria to hit as one, boosting the mind up into the stratosphere and clear past the clouds of gloom and worry into the starry sky. Inviting you immediately into chatterbox territory, you’ll find yourself far more talkative than usual, which of course makes this strain a great choice for sharing with friends and social gatherings.


When the cerebral high has settled a little, Grandaddy Bruce’s soothing Indica influence will creep up to relax your whole body, wiping away stress and fatigue by loosening taut muscles and limbs. As your body slowly softens, you’ll begin to feel your consciousness melting away into a peaceful, deep sleep of soothing dreams.


Potent as she is, Grandaddy Bruce Fem is a strain that you have to consume with caution, as even in low doses these buds can leave you with bloodshot, dry eyes and cottonmouth. This can be remedied by drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after smoking, but some larger doses will trigger bouts of paranoia and anxiety.



Medical Uses of Grandaddy Bruce Feminized

Ailments of the body and mind can be relieved with ease due to Grandaddy Bruce Fem’s potent therapeutic benefits, combining a cocktail of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to create a blend that offers relief from more concerns that you can count.


Along with her euphoric head-high, this strain is notable for the anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties present in her make-up that serve to calm and still the rough waters of depression and anxiety. By regulating and balancing the levels of neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain, Grandaddy Bruce restores order to the synapses and reduces levels of cortisol to reduce stress.


Due to her fast-acting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, temporary relief from severe pains such as sciatica, migraines and arthritis can be found in just a hit or two of Grandaddy Bruce Fem, without the unpleasant negative side effects of traditionally prescribed medicines.


Since this strain is also effective at suspending nausea and vomiting, a toke of this stuff will do a great deal for your appetite, since the flavor will get your mouth watering and the munchies you're left with will have you craving a hearty meal in no time. Those with eating disorders or chemotherapy patients struggling with a lack of appetite will find great solace in this strain.


The relaxing effects of Grandaddy Bruce can also be put to great use for those unable to sleep or suffering from insomnia, as the body-stone and couchlock sensation that accompanies this high is excellent for ushering forth some well-needed slumber.



Growing Grandaddy Bruce Feminized

With growth traits that lean heavily on Indica roots, Grandaddy Bruce Feminized is a small and sturdy strain that’s both bushy and compact in one, unlikely to grow above 110cm at the very most.


New growers and those with more experience will delight in the effortless cultivation of this strain, since she’s simple and straightforward to deal with - just how we like it! Growing her indoors, Grandaddy Bruce will thrive in a temperature range of 21° to 26°C, and prefers a humidity level between the 40% and 50% mark. If you want to encourage multiple budding sites on the plant, we highly recommend topping early and trimming the fan leaves to discourage the build-up of moisture and subsequently, mold.


Employing a Sea of Green (SoG) technique is a great idea if you’re wanting to maximize light exposure and space, and will nicely boost plant productivity, provided you keep it to 16 plants or under per square meter. Cramming in too many plants into too small of a space will only increase moisture retention and invite pathogens, which will be detrimental to growth.


When fully grown, Grandaddy Bruce Fem is a particularly attractive plant, nicely packing dark, cone-shaped buds that hint at plum colors, and are coated in orange pistils. Keeping these plants well-fed is crucial, but if you do you can expect 8 to 9 weeks of flowering to leave you with 600 grams of sticky, resin-coated nugs per plant.


If you happen to be blessed with a dry and sunny climate, growing this hybrid outdoors is a reasonable alternative, as Grandaddy Bruce can certainly achieve her potential under the sunlight, and yield a tasty 500 grams around mid-October.




A perfectly tuned and balanced hybrid of exceptional origins, Grandaddy Bruce Feminized is a wonder strain of soaring cerebral highs and peaceful tranquility, full of moreish, dessert-like flavor.


Bursting with a heady, sweet, grape-like aroma that only amplifies the warm vanilla spice taste she leaves on your tongue, this strain is more than just palatable - she’s downright delicious. Certainly a strain for enjoying after dinner or in the early evening as a treat for the tastebuds and all the senses.


For recreational use, Grandaddy Bruce Fem is a gift that keeps on giving, first lifting you to exaltation by boosting the mind and the mood, then lowering you on a cloud of euphoria into a body-buzz that soothes and unwinds the body until you’re little more than a melted mess of chill and relaxation. Since the head-high of this hybrid is particularly potent, she’s a strain that can be put to great use by medicinal marijuana users who are searching for relief from depression, anxiety and stress, or physical ailments such as arthritis and sciatica.


Growing Grandaddy Bruce is a dream since her Indica structure makes her hardy and resilient enough for even new growers to get along nicely. Small and beautiful, keeping her environment optimal is key, but once she flourishes you’ll find immense satisfaction in her leafy fluffiness and spade-shaped nugs, gorgeous in dark green and purple, with long, thin orange pistils and a frosty layer of sticky trichomes. Harvest and cure her well, and you can expect a healthy 500 grams to enjoy per plant.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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