CBD Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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CBD Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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CBD Black Domina comes knocking with the quintessential heaviness you would expect from her Indica-laced lineage, but in a delightful 1:1 THC to CBD ratio containing an impressive 10% content of each desirable cannabinoid...

Black as Night and Twice as Beautiful


Bud Basics

CBD Black Domina comes knocking with the quintessential heaviness you would expect from her Indica-laced lineage, but in a delightful 1:1 THC to CBD ratio containing an impressive 10% content of each desirable cannabinoid.


Black Domina has been a fan favorite among those who love it potent for many years. This strain was created by industry legends Sensi Seeds, and though not entirely stable, contains a mighty Indica cross including a landrace from Afghanistan, Dutch legend Northern LightsCanadian Ortega and Hash Plant.


Recreational enthusiasts have relished in the powerfully relaxing high this hybrid delivers for some time now, and thanks to the inclusion of a remarkable and unnamed high CBD strain in the gene pool, even those with low THC tolerance can savor the delights.


With 10% CBD and THCCBD Black Domina is significantly more about the gentle cerebral buzz, rather than the couch-locking sedation which made her parent famous - 10% THC can still produce quite the psychoactive punch, though, so handle these buds with care.


Beyond a beautifully balanced high ideal for recreational and medicinal tokers alike, this CBD-heavy hybrid is physically stunning, adopting much of her famous parent strain’s darkness of color.


Best of all - CBD Black Domina plants behave like a typical Indica, meaning sturdy specimens which are particularly forgiving of any novice mistakes.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Black Domina

A potent and mouthwatering terpene profile overflowing with myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene bursts from CBD Black Domina, offering up herbal hints with pine and peppery notes, respectively.


These terps translate to a fresh earthiness in both flavor and fragrance which makes one feel an abundant connection to Mother Nature herself.


Fans of Hash might find themselves drawing interesting parallels to the natural and nuanced notes this exceptional hybrid strain delivers.




Black Domina is nothing short of a potent powerhouse, renown for couch-locking tokers for hours on end and inducing some seriously deep and rejuvenating sleep states.


With this Cannabidiol (CBD) variant, the potency has been toned down, with THC tempered by the calming and curative CBD cannabinoid. You can still expect to feel the swift-acting euphoric uplift after a few modest tokes, however, the blissful relaxation influence never crosses into overwhelming territories.


With this hybrid, the calming vibes spread through the body and mind, gently unwinding all the stresses of the day and paving way for a serene state of contentment. It’s quite common to feel a physical tingling sensation which feels almost akin to the delightfully dreamy spreading of anaesthetic.


While not nearly as potent as her non-CBD heavy parent, that strong level of sedation is still certainly on the cards with CBD Black Domina, especially after a prolonged session or high dose.


This is definitely not the strain to turn to for getting through the day, but she does make for the perfect evening cannabis companion.



Medical Uses of CBD Black Domina 

The potent mix of strong Indica genetics in Black Domina is a thing of legend among those who suffer from a host of physical and mental conditions, using the mighty marijuana strain to combat everything from insomnia to stress, anxiety, depression and pain.


With CBD Black Domina Fem, patients suffering from the likes of the above are joined by those managing bipolar, ADHD, migrainesmultiple sclerosisfibromyalgia and a great many more conditions - all of whom can find the relief they need with a dose of this CBD-focused weed.


Thanks to the balanced THC and CBD levels, this strain possesses potent anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-emesis agents - the latter of which helping put a stop on nausea while the THC works to build that appetite back.


Overall, the medical uses of such a balance between cannabinoids sets up CBD Black Domina as a shining star of the medical marijuana community, and (of course), you’ll be hard-pressed not to get a sound night’s sleep with these buds to hand.



Growing CBD Black Domina Feminized Seeds

CBD Black Domina is one of those hybrid strains which any cultivator can find huge success with, regardless of skill or previous experience.


Thanks to their heavy Indica genetics, these CBD-infused beauties will display extremely vigorous growth patterns, while maintaining a mid-ranged height which rarely reaches taller than 1.5 meters at most. What’s more, those potent genetics afford this gorgeous specimen a superb resilience when dealing with mold or pest-related problems.


These natural traits, plus the feminized nature of these beans, make CBD Black Domina Fem a delight for rookie growers on the lookout for a CBD-heavy option.


It’s worth being aware, however, that if you want to maximize the full potential of this incredible strain, you would be well served with a load of research or experience on trimming techniques, which will help these beauties thrive.


Plenty of marijuana strains are reputed to be as stunning as we’re talking these ladies up to be, but with CBD Black Domina, you’ll not be waiting long to witness exactly what we mean.


Much like her parent, these plants develop a unique and unforgettable hue dark as midnight, which proves to be truly captivating to behold as the plants reach maturity. While these colors are nothing to do with the hybrid’s potency, they certainly boost bag appeal through the roof!


The Sea of Green technique is reported to be your best bet at maximizing harvest, delivering the potential of between 400 and 600 grams per meter squared. Those opting for outdoor cultivations should do so in Mediterranean climes and aim to harvest by mid-October, which should yield around 400 grams per plant for your efforts.


Humidity and temperature are, as always, a key component to success with these beauties, with humidity best served between 40 and 50% alongside temperatures of 69.8 to 78.8°F.




Black as the night and twice as beautiful, CBD Black Domina is bursting with bag appeal and high CBD coming to you in a perfect 1:1 balanced ratio with THC.


While this does mean the strain still contains a reasonable psychoactive influence, the CBD helps to offset that potency, delivering a manageable and supremely relaxing state of being (rather than a couch-locking high THC stone).


Novice growers shouldn’t have too much trouble tackling a crop of these beauties for their next CBD-heavy harvest - and being feminized beans, the challenge of spotting a crop-ruining male in time is removed from the equation altogether. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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