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From incredible pharmaceutical potential to a 23% average THC, enormous yielding tendencies, and a flavor profile that’s the definition of dank and decadent...

Mysterious Movie-star Marijuana from Mississippi


Bud Basics

70% Indica-dominant G13 has been a cherished staple of the cannabis scene for decades, concealing her exact origins since the 60s or 70s. Whether created in a government or university lab is all part of the mystery of this truly legendary marijuana.


With G13 Autoflower, cultivators have never had such an easy job of growing this famously secretive skunky hybrid for themselves.


From incredible pharmaceutical potential to a 23% average THC, enormous yielding tendencies, and a flavor profile that’s the definition of dank and decadent, it’s easy to see why this formidable hybrid has enjoyed such long-lasting global popularity.


This Mississippi-born marijuana is likely the result of breeding projects involving pure Afghani Indica clones, engineered in the attempt to create a super Indica strain of renown stability and potency - a task it’s fair to say the elusive breeders succeeded in immeasurably.


G13 Auto is your quintessential chill-out strain best suited for afternoon, evening or weekend use, and despite being Indica dominant, boasts a considerable Sativa-charged cerebral high in the early stages which often leaves tokers feeling focused and creatively motivated - artistic types, take note; you’ll need to act quickly to make use of this buzz before the inevitable couchlock syndrome sets in.


Whether the idea of a potentially top-secret government ganja strain of duplicitous origins sounds appealing to you or intimidating, this fast-flowering auto specimen is one which should absolutely make every committed cannabis connoisseur’s must-try list.


And if you’re wondering why the name G13 sounds so familiar, take a peek at the movie American Beauty and you’ll find the reason for this herb’s widespread acclaim (aside from the enticing enigma surrounding her origins and the bang-up bud profile, that is).



Flavor and Fragrance of G13 Autoflower

With a dominant myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpene profile, G13 has a pronounced and pungent flavor and fragrance profile not to be trifled with.


Simultaneously sweet and sour, these buds can be quite divisive - offering up an aroma punctuated with skunky notes and fruitiness that’s almost acrid. It’s the kind of scent cannabis connoisseurs will instantly recognize as high quality, while newbies might find their noses scrunching somewhat.


Persist past the scent and its translation for the tongue is truly delightful (and far less crowd-splitting), packed with sweet and sugary nuances which underpin and accentuate the earthy muskiness of the herb and leave you instantly craving another hit.




While the original G13 was pure Indica, with the G13 Autoflower you’re in for a 70% Indica 30% Sativa split that truly shows itself in the influence of these buds.


Things get started quickly with a jolt of cerebral oompfh that often kicks in after a mere hit or two. The senses soar, uplifted in a euphoric elation that can be quite invigorating, inspiring and motivating.


Creative types (particularly those with a strong tolerance to THC) can find this immediate rush to be the perfect marijuana muse, though you’ll need to act swiftly to catch that lightning and create because that Indica-dominant hit isn’t far behind.


Before you know it, your limbs start leadening, a soothing sedation sweeping through them which is virtually impossible to resist and won’t feel worth the effort to do so. As the couch beckons, it’s likely all you’ll have a mind for is some pure unashamed ‘you’ time in front of the TV, listening to music, or with a good book (and plenty of snacks - you’ll need them!).


Those with lower THC tolerances can find the whole experience quite overpowering (23% THC will do that!), from the mind-race potential of the cerebral hit to the compelling couchlock chill-out - know what to expect and consume in moderation though, and you’ll get on great!


As the high wears on, that Sativa influence becomes more of a distant (blissful) memory, and Indica takes over the wheel entirely, leading you towards an inescapably relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep.



Medical Uses of G13 Autoflower

With 0.7% CBD content, G13 Autoflower may not seem like a high CBD strain compared to other dedicated Cannabidiol-heavy cannabis, but these buds pack a wealth of therapeutic potential not to be overlooked.


With averages of 23% THC, however, consuming in moderation is highly recommended - this herb can knock even seasoned stoners for six if they underestimate her. While this can be overwhelming for some, side effects are rarely worse than a mild case of dizziness.


For decades, patients have used G13 buds to treat a range of physical and mental maladies, ranging from simple daily stress to more chronic conditions, anxiety, depression, PTSD and the like - all of which respond wonderfully to the careful dosage of this stuff, offering nigh on instant relief from symptoms.


Concerning physical conditions, this herb takes effectiveness to a whole new level, helping to swiftly alleviate the draining aches and pains of mild and severe ailments alike, ranging from headaches to migraines, PMS cramps, muscle spasms and arthritis.


Being a munchie-inducing strain with anti-emetic properties, those who suffer from a lost appetite can find their hunger restored thanks to even mild doses of G13 Auto.


And finally, the powerful sedative pull of these buds in the late game is practically impossible to resist, even in deeply rooted cases of insomnia.



Growing G13 Autoflower Seeds

The introduction of undisclosed autoflowering genetics has given this ganja the autoflowering ability to flower regardless of how much light the plants receive, further helping to strengthen this already sturdy specimen and make growing G13 Autoflower seeds one of the easiest experiences around.


Like any quality Indica, these plants remain fairly squat, reaching heights of little more than 1 meter tall even under optimal conditions. The raw and robust resilience inherited (most likely) from the Afghani landrace lineage translates to a crop which you won’t have to worry much about either.


G13 Auto plants will bounce back from most missteps and shrug off common plant-related problems such as bud rot, diseases or pests without breaking a beat.


While the autoflowering genes mean these beauties aren’t as dependant on light cycles, you’ll still want to treat them to a warm climate with plenty of sunshine (or artificial light) if you want the most from your crop.


It’s possible to see reasonably sizable yields when growing G13 Autoflower outdoors in the northern hemisphere, but unlikely you’ll receive the biggest potential output. Thankfully, that auto nature means multiple harvests per year are possible regardless of where these plants grow - just be sure you cut down your final harvest of the year by mid-November at the latest.


As you might now expect, beyond selecting your ideal grow spot, there’s not much to raking in a bountiful harvest of these buds. If you’re able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, you’ll help your crop reach their fullest potential, and choosing a hydroponic growing medium will help boost that potential (and explosive growth nature) even further.


Keep in mind though, despite the ease of this grow, G13 Autoflower plants can take up to 12 weeks to fully flower and deliver the best results - these babies are about the long haul, but with the potential for up to 600 grams per meter squared indoors, and a jaw-dropping 1000 grams per plant outside, most growers would agree they’re worth all the ‘effort’ and then some.




Boasting a mysterious origin story and decades worth of love from the global ganja masses, G13 Autoflower is the auto variant of a bonafide and undeniable cannabis legend.


Easy to grow with next to no effort and capable of some astonishingly generous yields (particularly for an auto!), this hybrid is hugely popular among recreational and therapeutic consumers alike, offering a uniquely delightful high which brings something to the table for everyone.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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