California Orange x Skunk Feminized Seeds

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California Orange x Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Take the tantalizing tropical tangs and creative cerebral highs of California Orange and blend them with a healthy dose of pungent powerhouse Skunk and you get...

Skunky Orange Ganja Goodness


Bud Basics

Take the tantalizing tropical tangs and creative cerebral highs of California Orange and blend them with a healthy dose of pungent powerhouse Skunk and you get California Orange x Skunk Feminized - a perfectly balanced hybrid strain it’s tough to find any fault with.


Fans of citrusy cannabis may well have found a new favorite among these buds, which deliver a notable dash of earthy skunkiness alongside those tones of the tropics.


With a high charged by THC averaging 16% and CBD far below the 1% mark, you’re in for the best of both worlds with California Orange x Skunk - the soaring cerebral Sativa surge of energy and inspiration, followed by a skunky sedation which leaves the body chilled out and thoroughly satisfied at the finish line.


This hybrid is far more than a thoroughly enjoyable specimen covering the full spectrum of marijuana consumption delights, she’s also highly sought after among cannabis cultivators for her relatively simple growth requirements and generous yields of buds bursting with bag appeal.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that with two quintessentially old-school strains for parents, each doing their thing for decades, that California Orange x Skunk Fem has little to offer modern marijuana audiences - you’d also be dead wrong.


From seasoned daily recreational smokers to therapeutic tokers, this delectable specimen is practically a guaranteed hit - invigorating, intoxicatingly relaxing, downright delicious and a relative breeze to cultivate, what more could you ask for?



Flavor and Fragrance of California Orange x Skunk Feminized

California Orange x Skunk Feminized embodies the best of both her famed parent strains in the flavor and fragrance department, bringing a pungent and skunky baseline that overflows with ripe and mouthwatering fresh citrus notes that are nothing short of exquisite.


This hybrid is a real treat for the nose and tongue, blending sweet and sour in an unforgettable and unrivaled experience that’s both smooth and sharp, tangy and zesty all rolled into one. Skunk’s notable earthiness and potent chemical presence is certainly clear to behold, however, altogether artfully balanced with the tropical tones of California Orange.




With an average of 16% THC contentCalifornia Orange x Skunk Feminized is not a strain to take lightly - you may not think 16% sounds like much compared with some of the insanely high THC strains out there, but rest assured, it’s more than enough to pack a potent punch.


Things start out leaning towards the cerebral Sativa influence, the high swiftly spreading through the mind, clearing away stress and tension as a surge of energy builds up within you.


The clarity of mind and motivation to take action this high produces makes California Orange x Skunk an ideal cannabis choice for busy days with lots to get done, but you’ll need to either carefully manage your dosage or have a high THC tolerance to keep going when the Indica influence starts coming on.


Even those with lower THC tolerances will have plenty of time to act on this influx of inspiration and energy, but using this strain as a wake and bake will require that careful control so you don’t slip too much into a more chilled out vibe too soon.


Understand your tolerance levels, however, and you can ride this cerebral wave of creative thinking through the day, allowing the high to peter out only when you’ve accomplished all you need to and are ready to relax.


When that Indica hit starts to take hold, the clarity of mind doesn’t exactly fade, but you’ll soon find yourself sinking into that satisfied state of physical serenity where it’s possible you’ll want to do very little.



Medical Uses of California Orange x Skunk Feminized

While many medical marijuana (MMJ) patients go hunting exclusively for those high CBD strains, these individuals miss out on gems like California Orange x Skunk Feminized and the potency of a little THC therapy.


Of course, if your tolerance to weed’s psychoactive nature is low then you’ll want to approach these buds with caution so you can avoid the less desirable side effects of consuming cannabis, however, staying hydrated and managing your consumption goes a long way towards mitigating any such risks.


The euphoric and uplifting cerebral high California Orange x Skunk Fem delivers comes on swiftly enough to prove an incredibly effective treatment for mental maladies, quickly ridding you of everything from stress to anxiety, malaise or depression.


While this hybrid’s potent anxiolytic and anti-depressant mood modulating properties get busy soothing the mind, equally effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents are able to target physical ailments of a mild and severe nature, alleviating everything from headaches to migraines, back pain, joint or muscular pains.


Anyone suffering from fatigue or lacking motivation is likely to find these buds particularly useful in restoring your drive and the energy needed to get things done.


Overall, while the main medical benefits of California Orange x Skunk Feminized are arguably more along the psychological side of the scale, this is a thoroughly well-rounded therapeutic cannabis experience you’d be remiss not to try.



Growing California Orange x Skunk Feminized Seeds

While this hybrid is certainly approachable for the more inexperienced cultivators among you, growing California Orange x Skunk Feminized seeds is not without some challenges that you’ll need to be aware of and prepared for.


These plants take largely after their California Orange (aka California Orange Bud or C.O.B) lineage while growing, leaning far more into their Sativa genes to create crops capable of reaching nearly 2 meters tall in optimal conditions.


While this can make it tough to make space for your crop, methods like the Screen of Green (ScROG) can work beautifully with other stress training techniques to help manage that sizeable height and encourage maximum lateral growth - which, in turn, well help your plants reach their full yield potential.


Topping, trimming and pruning will also likely be a necessity when growing California Orange x Skunk Feminized so you can remove any extraneous foliage and ensure maximum light penetration and airflow - again, this all serves to increase your bud output (and is an easy enough task even for those yet to find their green thumbs).


If you have access to balmy Mediterranean climates then go ahead and treat these beans to an outdoors growth setup, otherwise, you’re best off opting for indoor cultivation and using the methods we’ve mentioned to help keep these lanky ladies in check and producing efficiently.


When indoors, aim to mimic those sunny environments with consistent temperatures between 21 and 27°C and relative humidity (RH) between 40 and 50% for best results.


After 8 to 10 weeks of love and attention, indoor growers can expect in the region of 300 to 450 grams of these glistening trichome-covered fruity nugs. Outdoors, expect closer to 350 grams per plant for your efforts.




Downright delicious and potent enough to take even seasoned daily smokers on a wild and memorable ride through a cerebral-charged cannabis flight, California Orange x Skunk Feminized is a true hybrid of legends and legendary status.


While growing these plants requires some regular love and attention, a successful and bountiful harvest is well within the reach of even more inexperienced growers - especially those willing and eager to learn and hone their cultivation chops in exchange for epic rewards.


Bursting with bag appeal, recreational delights and therapeutic benefits - you owe it to yourself to give these beauties a whirl.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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