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With primarily Indica genetics and generous THC content, Northern Lights Regular is the ultimate all-organic sedative, a quintessential cannabis icon when all you need is a truly knock-out strain...

A Simply Celestial Strain 

Bud Basics

With primarily Indica genetics and generous THC content, Northern Lights Regular is the ultimate all-organic sedative, a quintessential cannabis icon when all you need is a truly knock-out strain.

When times are tough and you’re in need of some well-deserved relaxation, that’s exactly what Northern Lights is all about. The dictionary definition of an outstanding evening smoke, this Indica hybrid is all about those times when you’ve nothing to do, nowhere to go and no intention of lifting a finger.

What makes Northern Lights stand out from other sedating strains is this stuff’s tendency to bring on a higher state of mind for the duration – often borderline hallucinogenic – if you can’t make the trip to see the real Northern Lights, these buds could bring a similar experience right into your living room (just be sure you’ve got a clear schedule for the next few hours at least, as your chances of getting anything done are pretty much zero).

Renowned as one of the world’s favorite cannabis strains ever since hitting the scene in the mid 80s, Northern Lights Regular remains a magical, mysterious and downright marvelous genetic specimen (whose origins are still debated to this day).

Engineered by combining the genetics of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, resulting in a 90% Indica specimen with an average THC content of around 21% - by no means a potency to underestimate.

These regular beans are perfect for breeders hoping to utilize the legendary genes of Northern Lightsfor their own custom hybrids, but cultivators in it for the buds will need to keep their eyes peeled for bud-ruining males.

Incapacitating and near-narcotic properties have made these buds a firm favorite in recreational and medicinal cannabis circles alike, while a beautifully pungent and punchy fragrance has helped secure the hearts of connoisseurs across generations.

If you’re after your next energizing, motivating wake and bake strain, look elsewhere - this one’s not for you today.

Flavor and Fragrance of Northern Lights Regular

There’s nothing particularly unique about the fragrance of Northern Lights, which is best described as quintessentially old-school. Plenty of earth and dank on the nose, with notes of kind freshness and tons of classic Skunk.

This is a strain that harks of the great outdoors, with all the fragrances of a damp forest floor in the early morning.

All of the above is intensified when the buds are burned, though with the addition of a lingering sweetness on the exhale. The smoke is dense, thick and satisfying – all adding to the enjoyment of the experience. Though it’s worth noting that Northern Lights isn’t a strain that is easy to keep under wraps – this stuff has that unmistakable skunk stink you can pick up on from a mile away.


One decent hit of Northern Lights Regular is enough to know exactly what this legendary strain is all about. The exact opposite of a creeper, these buds almost immediately send you into a state of absolute contentment and dreamy bliss, while completely altering your perception and interpretation of everything around you.

Total physical relaxation hits like a sledgehammer, quickly getting to work on the muscles with a feeling of uncontrollable heaviness.

There’s often a sense of creativity and contemplation that accompanies the physical high, but not to such an extent as to motivate you to leave the couch.  The kitchen and bathroom could suddenly seem an eternity away, so it’s worth planning ahead for an evening with Northern Lights.

Get ready to be locked in place, set up for an incredible night sleep and left feeling refreshed and invigorated the next day. Next time you struggle to get to sleep, this stuff has you covered.

While THC can vary from 17% to a face-melting 25%, these buds never fail to pack their punch - novice tokers should approach with caution, and even more seasoned consumers will want to reserve this stuff for a lazy afternoon or evening with nothing demanding ahead of you.

Medical Uses of Northern Lights Regular 

Northern Lights is about as good as it gets for tackling even relatively severe sleep disorders. If you’re the type who often struggles to get a good night’s sleep, add some of this to your stash box and see what you’ve been missing. Outstanding sleep isn’t made easier with Northern Lights Regular – it’s made inevitable.

In addition, the physically relaxing properties of these buds are great for getting to work on a wide variety of pain and stiffness issues. From chronic pain conditions to everyday joint stiffness and muscle aches, it’s again a case of instant and long-lasting relief with minimal consumption required.

Northern Lights also guarantees a long-lasting case of the munchies, which can be problematic when you’ve neither the energy nor the intention to leave the couch for hours on end.

Potential side effects are usually limited to dry-mouth and red-eye, though anyone with a history of panic attacks or paranoia is advised to approach this hybrid with caution.

Growing Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Northern Lights may have originated in the Netherlands (supposedly), but you’ll need conditions warmer than those of Northern Europe to grow this stuff outdoors. Warm Mediterranean-like conditions are ideal, which is why the vast majority grow Northern Lights Regular indoors.

Thankfully, even in a relatively basic indoor set up, these iconic beauties are a comprehensively simple strain to cultivate. The plants themselves are relatively easy to keep under control, with flowering times that average around eight weeks.

Indoor yields come out slightly smaller than their outdoor equivalents, though can still hit as much as 18oz of quality weed for every square meter of grow space.

If you’re looking to keep things as quick and compact as possible, opt for an autoflowering variety and you’ll be able to harvest at least twice during the same season. This regular version is the all-original photoperiod version, which can massively boost yields in return for a slightly extended flowering time. 


Northern Lights is a strain that really shouldn’t need introducing or explaining to anyone. Skunky, earthy, dank and delicious, these 90% Indica genetics are great for getting to grips with all types of physical and psychological complaints.

The perfect go-to when you’re simply looking to wallow in a world of lazy self-indulgence for hours on end, during which you can expect the most overwhelming case of the munchies you’ve ever experienced.

More Information
Strain IconsRegular
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)