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Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds

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A 100% Indica strain, her THC levels can vary from between 18% right up to a whopping 32%, making Hindu Kush a long-lasting, medicinal and recreational nirvana - capable of soothing and easing the mind and body into never before...

A Legendary Landrace Nirvana


Bud Basics

Stretching from Pakistan to Afghanistan, the glorious mountain range that Hindu Kush Feminized is named for and originated from is a sight to behold both from the ground and from above, dominating the landscape and history alike. Similarly, this landrace strain is unforgettable and unmissable for those in the cannabis community, as a delightfully resilient little lady that has set the standard for Indica strains around the world.


The genetics of Hindu Kush can be found in hundreds - if not thousands - of hybrids available today. A legendary strain, her head and body highs are beyond compare, and it’s understandable why breeders worldwide would want to borrow from her brilliant genetics. Though changes in breeding and climate have inevitably had an effect on the purity of the original strain, nevertheless she’s an impressive specimen.


A 100% Indica strain, her THC levels can vary from between 18% right up to a whopping 32%, making Hindu Kush a long-lasting, medicinal and recreational nirvana - capable of soothing and easing the mind and body into never before known states of bliss and euphoria.


These closely-packed, dense flowers are particularly famous for their resin, and have a gorgeous glistening coating of silver-white trichomes - which might be why Hindu Kush is thought to be one of the first strains used to make hash. If you want to grow her and see this beauty for yourself, you’ll find she’s a hardy, sturdy strain - probably due to the harsh, ever-changing climates of her origins. With our tips and tricks for optimum growth, you can easily find yourself with a healthy yield of 350 to 400 grams per square meter in just 7 to 8 weeks.



Flavor and Fragrance of Hindu Kush Feminized

Hindu Kush Fem is a strain that at first might seem skunky in aroma, but is in fact far more complex. Combining sweetness with spice, her scent exhibits the classic Afghan earthiness you’d expect alongside notes of sandalwood and aniseed - giving the overall impression of a heady, warm incense.


This sweet muskiness is intensified upon combustion, and sometimes a tad harsh on the lungs when inhaled - yet still with that pungent, floral herbiness. When exhaled, Hindu Kush becomes more pine-like, overall quite fresh and earthy.




Though these seeds are feminized, that doesn’t mean the well-loved effects of Hindu Kush are lessened, kicking in with a soft, slowly-mounting cerebral euphoria that’s gentle enough to perfectly complement the calming body buzz that comes with it. The strain’s high will then begin to slowly intensify until you feel thoroughly uplifted, happy and totally content.


Though sedating in nature, the body-high that Hindu Kush Fem provides isn’t the couchlocking kind, though the peace and tranquility it brings does tend to lend itself toward laziness. This is not a wake-and-bake strain by any stretch of the imagination, as a few tokes of this stuff will induce a mental fog that will limit your concentration levels to simple acts such as enjoying the moment.


As you might expect with such levels of relaxation, Hindu Kush will soon have waves of drowsiness lapping against the shores of your mind, and the sleepiness can be overwhelming enough to bring on slumber. Or you could go the other way, and find yourself subject to an intense case of the munchies. It’s a 50/50 chance.


The general immobilization and brain fog of this strain can allow ample time for contemplation or creative thinking, as Hindu Kush has a long-lasting high. Some smokers have reported strange tactile sensations and visual distortions alongside this intense body-stone, so we wouldn’t recommend this as a strain for consumption early in the day, or for active daytime use.


Overconsumption of this strain is far more likely to send you to sleep, but for some there could be adverse side effects. Most will find themselves with a little dry mouth and eyes, and perhaps even dizziness. In more serious cases, you might find your anxiety or paranoia is heightened beyond usual levels.



Medical Uses of Hindu Kush Feminized

Given the extraordinary effects of Hindu Kush Feminized, she's an excellent strain of choice for those seeking relief from aches, pains and the symptoms of some psychological concerns.


The mood boosting, uplifting qualities of both the head and body high of this strain are incredibly effective at beating stress and relaxing all tension from the muscles. The sense of happiness and contentment provided by a joint of this gorgeous ganja might even be enough to provide a temporary reprieve from the symptoms of depression.


Since this strain’s effects are long-lasting, she’s a potent numbing agent for chronic pain, cramps, muscle spasms and IBS too.


Due to the 20% THC levels in Hindu Kush Fem, the increased appetite and hunger pangs unleashed by consumption can be excellent for those suffering from nausea, lack of appetite and some eating disorders.


The relaxed, blissful fogginess induced by this strain is also a great choice for insomniacs, as the levels of relaxation often have the added benefits of soothing smokers off to a deep, restorative sleep.



Growing Hindu Kush Feminized

Given the origins of this specimen, Hindu Kush Feminized is unsurprisingly a sturdy and adaptable plant, capable of withstanding windy mountain sides with her short, broad structure. Growing no more than four feet tall, with wide stretching branches, she’s a versatile strain for growing in or out of doors.


Though she’ll grow well enough in soil, for the best growth spurts you’ll find she does particularly well in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup using hydroponics to ensure Hindu Kush gets the required levels of nutrients.


In the later vegetative stages and some of the flowering period, to ensure that the plant gets the right amount of light and attention, we recommend pruning and trimming the lower branches so that the plants are top heavy (this is sometimes known as lollipopping). Doing this ensures that the plant’s energy is focused on growing the top half, and will significantly improve your final yield.


As a landrace strain, Hindu Kush Fem is already resistant to most molds and mildews, but if you’re the cautious type, better air circulation can be achieved through a combination of controlling the fan leaves and stress training, to lessen the risk. Doing this will also allow more light in amongst the lower branches, increasing the number of bud sites.


If you’re hoping to improve this bud's bag appeal, try lowering the temperature of your plants' environment a little to mimic cooler nighttime temperatures. This will result in a higher concentration of anthocyanin in the plant, bringing out some truly beautiful purple and mauve shades to complement those bright green, oversized, heart-shaped nugs. 


The buds will fully develop and be ready for harvesting in 7 to 8 weeks, with a final yield of around 350 to 400 grams per square meter. If you choose to grow Hindu Kush outdoors, you’ll find those strong genetics make her a particularly resilient strain - though best suited to a warm climate, she’ll tolerate sudden changes in the weather well, though not to the point of freezing temperatures. Outdoors, harvest rolls around in early October, and will leave you with 400 to 550 grams per plant.




As one of the world’s first - and arguably best - 100% Indica strains, with ancestry traced back for centuries, Hindu Kush Feminized is a versatile, stable marijuana specimen that’s legendary for good reason.


Skunky with subtle notes of sweet, earthy sandalwood incense and heavy with a harsh and pungent smoke, this is a strain with a flavor that’s worth getting used to. Delectable and complex, it’s not possible to fail to enjoy a joint of this gorgeous ganja.


And gorgeous she is, with heart-shaped, close packed nugs of vivid green and royal purple, you can enjoy her beauty in your own home with a simple growing room and some straightforward trimming.


Hindu Kush Fem’s undeniable bag appeal is only the beginning, because once she’s rolled and lit you’ll find her slow-building, uplifting euphoria and buzzing body stone is long-lasting and damn good at clearing away the cares of the day - definitely a strain for evenings and weekends, we reckon.


Those recreational effects can be excellent for medicinal users too, and symptoms of depression are quickly eased with a few tokes of Hindu Kush. Her numbing agent properties are also abundant, and as such she’s the perfect companion if you’re looking to ease a variety of painful symptoms, such as those from IBS, muscle spasms and cramps. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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