Health benefits aside, who doesn’t love a good laugh? 

One of the best parts of cheeching the hippie lettuce has to be the fits of laughter you catch yourself in, especially when blazing with a buddy. At the end of a long day, it allows your worries to melt into oblivious joy

Perhaps you’ve been hitting the hay, and now you’re wondering how your reefer and chuckles are connected. Or perhaps you want to grab the best strains for laughing before your next social. 


Why does weed give you the giggles?

The way we interpret humor prompts a motor reflex, better known as laughing. Many factors such as social context, culture, and linguistics form our sense of humor. Our brains mainly process it in the frontal and temporal lobes — as seen on MRI scans. 

So, why do you laugh when you’re high?

A group of medical professionals studied the blood volume in certain areas of the brain. They compared those of regular marijuana users to the brains of people who don’t smoke weed. The outcome proved that cannabis stimulates the flow of blood to the right frontal and left temporal lobes. 

The THC in your wacky-tobacky can be held responsible for the fits of laughter that ensues. The high blood flow to these regions almost feels like you’ve got a mini comedian doing a one-man show in your head, making it hard to resist a chuckle. 

We’ve rounded up the eight best strains for laughing for you to whip out when you feel like firing up the best giggly strains for a cheek-splitting sesh. 


8 best strains for a good laugh


Laughing Buddha

When you’re looking for the best marijuana strains for laughing—a good place to start is probably the weed that’s named after the giggly effects. 

Buddhists believe that happiness is within our control. It can’t be much truer when happiness is as simple as toking some laughing grass

You can expect a cerebral and energetic high from Laughing Buddha. It’s ideal for social events as it enhances your giddy and talkative side by boosting positive emotions. It’s also perfect for depressed and anxious users as it’ll leave them feeling upbeat.

This award-winning Sativa cultivar has a deliciously sweet, citrusy aroma with some hidden spice notes that are soft on the senses. The massive frosty colas are bright green with orange hairs. 


Gorilla Glue

“While I was at the Adult Swim Festival, I was smoking the GG4 strain the entire time. It was perfect for when you had to be ‘on’ for the crowd performing, and then the rest of the time relax and mingle with attendees.” 

Comedian & Writer, Ashley Ray


It’s difficult to overlook the absolute euphoria that is Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4). It’s probably not the best when you’re looking for a wake-‘n-bake companion—this girl will leave you on a sedating cerebral high. 

A combination of Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb, she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

You’re likely to stumble across this powerful hybrid on your quest to find the best marijuana strains for laughing. The award-winning variety often sports around 25% THC earning its spot amongst the heavy-hitters. 

It’s superb for escorting you into a night on the couch after a rough day at work. Work on your cannabis humor with Cheech and Chong for a night of stoney zoning and couch-lock. 



Chemdawg comfortably takes its place among cannabis strains that make you laugh as it’ll leave you tittering at the fruit bowl in the kitchen. It’s birthed unrivaled cultivars such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

This illustrious hybrid is a favorite to many stoners and newbies looking for some dank sticky icky. This triple-threat carries gorgeous cola’s, intoxicating aroma profiles, and an unforgettable high. 

You can expect the physical and cerebral effects to hit fast and hard. With THC content that sits pretty at 24%+, euphoria replaces any negative emotions. Paroxysms of laughter paired with a couch-lock effect that’s great for creative thinking and hanging with friends will keep you coming back for more. 


Mango Kush

Mango Kush is less likely to leave you couch-locked, but she’ll undeniably have you chuckling along on a very happy high. 

She’s the ultimate left-handed cigarette to enjoy at social events such as dinner parties or a trip to the cinema as her magical effect enhances your senses. 


Durban Poison

Although Durban Poison won’t kill you, it might feel like you’re about to cash in your chips in between fits of uncontrollable laughter.  

Whether you want to toke or grow the best strains for laughing, this THC heavy-hitter is a strong contender. It’s easy to grow with some of the most sought-after marijuana genetics that’s parented countless hybrids. 

“It’s an au-naturel kind of delight of pure dankness sprinkled with sumptuous notes of licorice, all the while sweet and spicy, earthy and fruity - and nothing short of pure pleasure for all the senses.”



Finding yourself blocked? The cerebral high that comes with Durban Poison is ideal for getting creative. It’s not your lazy Sunday partner, though; the Sativa-charged high is great for getting things done.  


8 best strains for a good laugh


Wedding Cake

When it comes to cannabis humor, this strain takes the cake. She’s an Indica-dominant strain with heritage from GSC, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison that’s perfect for relaxing and a good chuckle. 

Stoners love this strain because it tastes and smells like cake icing. What more do you want in your giggly weed? 

Wedding Cake is the quintessential anytime spliff as it boosts mental clarity and euphoria. The medicinal properties of this cannabis strain are vast, thanks to its complex terpene profile. It’s superb for users that struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress as the mood-enhancing qualities quickly bring about fits of giggles. 


Blue Dream

This best-selling strain is any berry lover’s dream. The aroma that resembles fresh blueberries makes this a favorite for many new and seasoned stoners. 

“I’ll often write some of my jokes in a sober state of mind and then utilize Blue Dream to punch up my material later”

Comedian Sara Weinshenk


Blue Dream is the epitome of diversity in the stoner realm. It uplifts and energizes while making you feel relaxed and content at the same time. It’s perfect for getting things done without feelings of anxiety. 

Many users have reported replacing their afternoon coffee with a few tokes of this beauty. It’s also superb for wake’ n bake — or perhaps a social gathering where you want to enjoy a giggle fest with friends. 


Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is the psychedelic offspring of two award-winning strains. The THC level (between 20 and 25%) is often devastating to newbies. 

Best for daytime use, this citrusy Sativa is for the creatives among us. When you go low and slow, she provides a creative boost. She’s perfect in a social ‘puff-puff-pass’ environment and will leave everyone pleasantly bouldered. 

It’s the ultimate cultivar for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. A few tokes will leave your mind and body energized. It’s hard to tell what strain makes you laugh the most, but SLH is a definite barrel full. 


Laughter is the best medicine

Humour is an excellent tool for forging connections with others and lightening our burdens. The connections it creates trigger physical and emotional changes that are beneficial to your health. It strengthens your immune system, is a great mood booster, and relieves pain

Perhaps this is why laughing and weed go hand-in-hand. Let’s take a look at how laughter is good for you: 

  • A good hardy har har relaxes your entire body for up to 45 minutes. It relieves tension and stress
  • Laughter triggers the release of happy hormones, known as endorphins. These handy chemicals aid in pain relief and promote wellbeing. 
  • Cracking up is great for your heart. It increases blood flow by improving the function of vessels. 
  • Did someone say burn calories? Okay, so it probably won’t make up for stuffing your face when the munchies hit—but studies suggest that you can burn up to 40 calories by laughing for 10-15 minutes. 
  • A chuckle can shift your perspective, helping you to see things more realistically. 

The final hit

If you’re asking what the best weed strains for laughing are, or perhaps you’re burning to know what kind of weed makes you laugh — there’s no clear-cut answer. Marijuana genetics are complex, and although we’ve pointed out a few top-notch cultivars, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

The best way to ensure that you’ll always have a good laugh is to buy the right seeds off the bat.

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