Slang terms for weed measurements

Common cannabis measurements

The lowdown on marijuana weights


Welcome to our weed measurements guide, where we explain which weighty words await you in your local cannabis dispensary. Users adopted slang that shaped cannabis culture, often for stealth reasons and as a direct result of the laws that once banned the plant.

Dime bags, quarters, lids, o’s, and zips all hail from the illegal age when it was prudent not to speak openly. These slang codewords persisted and now bridge the divide between different measurement systems.

While you may not understand how much a gram is, you’ve likely heard of a dime bag. You may not measure in ounces, but you get that a zip is 28 grams. Confusion arises from trying to unscramble these weights when you’re baked. Don’t do it; it’s more difficult than Sudoku.

Read on for the lowdown on weed measurements with prices and pictures. We’ve got the info on ganja weight jargon, so learn what tips the scales.


Slang terms for weed measurements

If you like to get fried, high, baked, buzzed, mashed, or lit up, you may have to brave the slang-rich dispensary when browsing weed seeds for sale.

There are hundreds of alternative names for the famously popular herb, perhaps more than any other item. Weed, pot, reefer, Mary Jane, ganja, hash, keef, dope, grass, chronic, blunt, joint, doobie, and dagga barely scratch the surface.

Weights aren’t excluded from these nicknames, either. Weed measurements or price variations often baffle users from their respective sides of the Atlantic. Those who aren’t used to imperial evaluations or gram values can still relate to a dime bag or an eighth.


cannabis quantities and weed measurements


We list a few of the more common, valuable slang measurements for weed below:

  • Dime bag: A dime bag is the smallest package of marijuana, containing half to a gram of bud for ten bucks. A dime is slang for ten, so dealers use dime bags as a base unit. 
  • Dub: A dub sack is a double dime bag, or twenty dollars worth of pot. 
  • Eighth: An eighth of an ounce of bud.
  • Henry: In the UK, and especially East London, consumers call an eighth of an ounce a Henry the eighth. It’s a Cockney tongue-in-cheek reference to former King Henry VIII.
  • Quarter: A quarter of an ounce of cannabis or hashish.
  • Half: A half is half an ounce or 14 grams.
  • Ounce, Z, Zip, O, O zone, or a lid: These are slang terms for an ounce of weed. Most play on the contraction “oz.” Lid goes back to the 1960s and references the amount of cannabis that would fit in a Prince Albert pipe tobacco can, otherwise known as a lid. 

Zip is more modern and gets its name because an ounce fills a small ziplock bag nicely. 

  • Pound (lb): A pound is 453 grams of marijuana, about 16 ounces. 
  • Kilo: A kilogram is a thousand grams or 2,2 pounds of weed.

Whether you’re talking about buds grown from regular, feminized, or autoflowering weed seeds, the nicknames stay the same.

In most states, measurements in weed for sale range from 1–28 grams. An eighth is popular because it’s enough for a pleasing experience, with some leftovers for another day.

Take your smoking habits into account when calculating your requirements. How regularly and how much cannabis you use in your joints or bongs indicate which weight you should buy. You could always start your own grow op with marijuana seeds for beginners.


Common cannabis measurements

Cannabis is international in its reach, but different weed measurements on opposite sides of the Atlantic only add confusion. 

With decriminalization and regulation, Amsterdam became an oasis for marijuana adherents and hippies during the mid-70s. Most European countries adopted the metric system in the 19th century, so cannabis vendors dispense weights of weed in metric grams.

Recent progress toward legalization in the United States has opened up a whole new market. America remains attached to the imperial system, so sellers source and distribute weed buds in ounces (oz.) and pounds (lb).

The imperial system tests mathematical skill, separating a pound into about 16 ounces and each ounce into 28 grams. Confusion is rife with different measurements of weed that muddy the waters. That’s where the slang comes in to simplify matters.

Some claim cannabis transactions have improved their understanding of the metric system, but we’re skeptical.

Whatever the quantity, the quality of the marijuana makes all the difference to the cost. Legal bulk buying usually presents some fantastic offers to limit cost. Let’s discover the standard weed weights and prices you can encounter.


What is a gram of weed?

A gram is the smallest unit of weed you can legally purchase at a dispensary. It’s a metric measure of mass equivalent to one-thousandth of a kilogram. There are about 28 grams in an ounce

A bottle cap of weed is a rough visual guesstimation of what a gram should look like. Using a chart with the size of weed measurements is notoriously inaccurate due to density variations.

Remember that certain strains, especially those grown from indica weed seeds, produce heavy, super-dense buds, so a gram looks small. Some sativa flowers are much lighter and look like a great score, but the scale doesn’t lie.

This basic amount makes one or two joints, or three to four bowls, depending on your combustion device and the size of the receptacle. Gram bags are popular with novices and experienced smokers looking to sample new options.

A medium-sized bud or two mini-buds usually makes up a gram, costing $15–25. In certain areas, it’s still possible to find dime bags dispensing grams at $10 a shot due to the high supply.

A dime bag doesn’t need special storage as it’s usually for immediate use and doesn’t last long.


What is a dub of bud?

The dub is double, so two grams for about $20. You get double the weed minimum with the dub sack for twice the base outlay. 


What is an eighth of weed?

An eighth measures 3.5 grams of cannabis flower and usually contains a small handful of about four buds. 

This weed measurement and price is the most popular amount purchased at nationwide dispensaries. Buying by the gram isn’t as convenient and costs more, so many customers opt for a Henry. An eighth of an ounce is more affordable and in demand.

An eighth is enough to roll about 7–10 joints. Some people can flatten an eighth in an evening, while others spread it over a couple of weeks. If you’re in the latter group, it’s best to store your weed in a jar away from light and heat.

The price ranges from $20–50. You get 3.5 grams of high-grade, top-shelf cannabis buds for fifty bucks.


What is a quarter of weed?

A quarter of an ounce is seven grams of bud. It keeps most pot smokers occupied for a week.

You should be able to buy some low-grade weed for around $20 a quarter. High-quality flowers will set you back a bit more, probably in the $50–60 range.

In terms of weed measurements and costs, it’s an affordable outlay, and you’re likely paying less per gram than with eighths. A quarter is a practical, portable (in some states) portion that keeps most tokers happy for days.


What is a half of weed?

A half is half an ounce or 14 grams of weed. Buying a half ounce can cost just $30. Like most things, the more you buy, the greater the potential savings. Half an ounce can cost $100–120 for low-grade marijuana.

Regular tokers might go through a half ounce in a week or less, while others who indulge rarely retain a supply for a month or more. Keep your stash in airtight jars in a dark, cool spot.


What is an ounce of weed?

An ounce is the most you can legally purchase in most states in the USA. An ounce is about 28 grams, and the authorities enforce this law. They contend that users with more than an ounce would be likely to distribute. 

The cost of an ounce of weed can vary widely depending on quality, so weed measurements for prices aren’t absolute.

An ounce of lower-grade marijuana can cost $150–220, while you can expect to pay $240–280 for top-shelf cultivars. For highly specialized strains, costs soar above $10 per gram for an ounce.

Moderate tokers take several weeks to months or more to burn through an ounce.


What is a pound of weed?

There are approximately 16 ounces in a pound of cannabis. That’s 453,59 grams, which is a lot of weed. 

Most people aren’t allowed to hold as much as a pound of weed by law. Medical marijuana users are allowed several ounces in some states.

Industrial operations are the only legal place to see this impressive quantity. Cannabis is now legal for medicinal and recreational use in 21 states in the US and only remains banned in a handful. Laws vary from state to state, so keep up to date to avoid nasty surprises.

A stash this size comes with extra considerations. It needs to be stored in a dark place, in airtight containers.

Buying in bulk can make a significant difference to your total cannabis expenditure. Sellers offer bargains and deals on large-volume purchases, making them highly attractive to regular consumers.

It’s not legal to buy or sell a pound, so the cost is higher due to the law. The marijuana quality has a massive impact on the price. Always check and abide by local cannabis restrictions. 


The lowdown on marijuana weights

When it comes to measurements of weed, you typically want as much weight as possible. More significant volumes are a better bargain for buyers, but choose your strain carefully so you’re not stuck with a “lemon.” 

Dime bags are great for samples, while eighths are popular as they provide a cost-effective portion and promote variety. Quarters, halves, and ounces are heavier weed weights and prices for regular tokers who consume significant volumes.

As a general rule, an ounce is suitable in states where medicinal and recreational use is legal. There are different legal quantities for therapeutic use but check local legislation carefully before buying more than an ounce. 

Every state has different laws about cannabis. Minor but critical regulatory variations exist in cultivation, possession, use, and distribution. No public person can purchase a pound, although dispensaries and manufacturers have strict licenses allowing them to deal in these quantities. 

You could also bypass weed measurements and prices and grow a pound. Order your epic weed seeds from SeedSupreme and germinate them by the end of the week. Grow a few different strains for variety and fatten your stash for the months ahead.

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