Does pot size matter for autoflowers?

What else do you need to consider?

The lowdown on autoflower pot sizes


What does your autoflower’s pot size have to do with your potential cannabis yield? 

Potting is a crucial decision that greatly impacts cannabis growth. Choosing the right container size for your autoflower crops can be a painstaking task. You must consider various factors, such as indoor vs. outdoor growing and your chosen strain’s needs. 

We'll guide you through everything you need to consider, like the correct pot size and type, to ensure your autoflowers reach their full potential.


Does pot size matter for autoflowers?

Yes. A marijuana plant’s root system requires sufficient space, support, and nutrients to flourish. 

A pot that’s too small may hinder root growth. When the container is too large, the soil retains most of the much-needed moisture, leading to issues like bud rot.

The best autoflower pot size depends on several factors:

  • The strain
  • The growing conditions
  • The desired yield

What size pot for autoflower plants should you choose? Does it have an impact during the flowering stage? Let’s take a closer look at the options.

Ideal pot size for 1–4 large auto plants and SCROG (10–15 liters or 2.6–3.9 gallons)

Pots with a size of 2.6–3.9 gallons are most suitable for super-sized autos. It’s vital to use bigger containers for taller plants.

These containers also give impressive results when used for training techniques like the Screen of Green (SCROG). Your plant’s potential growth may increase by up to 20%.


autoflower pot size


Ideal pot size for SOG (6–8 liters or 1.5–2.1 gallons) 

If you have a modest amount of space, like a 2x2 tent or indoor grow room, then 1.5–2.1 gallon containers may suffice. They’re the best size pot for autoflower plants you want to train using the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

You can train your autoflowers to achieve the desired height and quality with a variety of techniques, including the pot size.

Ideal pot size for indoor growing (79 liters or 1.8–2.3 gallons)

What size pot for autoflower indoor crops should you use? Opt for 1.8–2.3 gallon containers. Indoor cultivation usually requires that you minimize space, like with a 4x4 tent.

Use these pots for SOG and auto strains that don’t grow beyond two feet. If you anticipate slightly taller plants, go for an 11-liter pot, which is equal to approximately three gallons.

Ideal pot size for outdoor growing (1215 liters or 3.1–3.9 gallons)

Most outdoor growers select larger containers. For tall and bushy cannabis plants, opt for a 12-liter pot, but don’t go bigger than 15 liters. Autoflowers take a short time to mature.

The best size pot for outdoor autoflower crops varies according to a variety of factors. Planting autoflowers is straightforward, but to get the best yield, take the strain genetics into account. It’s also not advisable to plant two autoflowers in one pot.


What else do you need to consider? 

Other than the pot size, there’s more to consider when selecting the right container for autoflower marijuana plants.


Type of autoflower pots

Any standard plastic pot with drilled holes can grow autoflowers, but they may impact plant health. Opt for containers with proper drainage and aeration for your autos to reach their full potential. The roots must continually be nourished and hydrated.

We recommend these three autoflower pot types:


Fabric pots

These containers are a top choice as they allow the roots to grow healthily. Air circulates more freely, which reduces the risk of root rot and other issues. It also provides excellent drainage and faster growth, leading to better development and bigger yields. 

These containers are light and flexible, so you can move them easily if the need arises.


Air pots

Air pots function similarly to fabric pots in terms of air circulation, being made of plastic with multiple holes around the sides. Their most outstanding attribute is that they automatically prune roots for healthy growth

The main difference between the two is that you have to water the autos in an air pot more frequently since they drain faster. 

Although heavier than fabric pots, they’re less prone to spillage. Air pots don't usually come with a tray to catch water drainage, so you’ll have to purchase one.


best pot size for autoflower


Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots, commonly known as clay pots, are a great option when choosing the best pot size for autoflower cannabis. Thanks to their porosity, the soil environment becomes more breathable. They’re also a go-to due to their water retention and absorption properties

Their simplistic natural design only adds to the advantages, like their ability to regulate temperature and use nutrients sparingly. Terracotta pots are heavy, meaning they’re less likely to be moved around or get knocked over.

These containers usually have a saucer to hold runoff water. They have the structure and properties to help you increase autoflower yields.


Root zone capacity

Like all plants, healthy roots in autoflowers imply impressive buds. The best pot size for your autoflower should promote healthy root activity.

The period between autoflower germination and maturity is short. You have less time to cultivate healthy roots since they only record significant growth before flowering.

What you see above the soil results from the activities underneath. An autoflower’s root zone should be fully developed by the fourth week

It needs to be healthy enough to ingest nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and other minerals to support the whole plant in the coming weeks. 

When selecting a container, picture the growth and quality during maturity. The best autoflower pot size outdoors for a tall, bushy plant is large. Shorter crops do well in small pots. 

The plant’s genetics also help you decide the pot size. Always look up information about autoflower cannabis seeds and planting guides prior to cultivation.


Drainage and grow medium

Drainage plays a crucial role in soil health and cannabis growth, particularly for short autoflower strains. It enables air exchange through the roots, drying the growing medium and boosting plant growth. 

The best size pot for autoflower marijuana crops must allow proper drainage.

Plastic pots, a common choice, often lack holes and need modifications such as drilling or clay balls added. Without it, the plant can become waterlogged, hindering root oxygen uptake and stunting growth. 

Drainage and medium capacity are among the most fundamental yet frequently disregarded factors in pot selection.


Autoflower Pot Size


The lowdown on autoflower pot sizes

What size pot for autoflower plants should you consider? Choosing the right container size and material for your cannabis crops can significantly impact their growth and overall health. 

There are various options available, including plastic, fabric, air, and terracotta pots. Each type bears unique benefits and drawbacks. It's essential to carefully consider the factors that best suit your needs and the strain you’re cultivating

Do bigger pots mean a bigger yield? Not necessarily. The pot size, growing environment, training methods, and strain genetics all play a role. Drainage is crucial to keep in mind, as it can affect growth and soil quality. 

Now that you know more about the potting requirements, why not grow your own plants? Browse through our wide selection of autoflower cannabis seeds at SeedSupreme to get started.

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