The ‘high-mile club’ sounds enjoyable, but plane tickets are expensive. What if we told you there was another way to elevate your bedroom experience? Explore our featured collection of the best aphrodisiac strains which increase your libido, help you feel something new, and improve the sexual experience with your partner. 


Bad puns aside, weed and love-making go hand in hand. The legal marijuana market is brimming with topicals, tinctures, and suppositories to sweeten the spice. While these products are must-tries, a toke lifts you even higher up when you’re about to get down. Can you have fun in the bedsheets with any cultivar? Are all sex weed strains created equal?


Join us to explore the use of our favorite green plant for erotic activities. We’ll discuss the reasoning behind this fiery relationship and share several cannabis specimens to consider.


Does weed make sex better? Spoiler: Yes, It Does!

One Google search floods you with plants touted as fire starters, promising to take your arousal to unexplored heights. Exciting stuff, but not always realistic.


Over-the-top advertising can intimidate and confuse. And nothing ruins the mood like picking the wrong bud and getting stuck in your head while your partner’s… you know.


Best weed strains for sex


So, before jumping into our selection of weed strains for sex, we need to lay some groundwork. Each person’s journey with cannabis and coitus is personal. It depends on numerous factors, including:


  • Your mood while toking
  • The plant’s chemical composition
  • How your body reacts to weed
  • The relationship with your partner
  • Any existing sexual tension
  • The type of sex you might be having
  • Your immediate environment


The list goes on.


So, there’s no one-size-fits-all sex weed strain. There are only suggestions and potential benefits to experience in safe environments. Let yourself explore what works and try not to get frustrated. Listen to your body, adapt your approach, and you’ll have a much better time.


Cannabis affects your physical and psychological state, soothing concerns and heightening pleasure. It offers the opportunity to experience sex with a fresh mindset, one more eager to give and receive pleasure.


It also releases inhibitions. Self-consciousness can be a barrier to exploring kinks, styles, or even hitting up a different mate. People discuss the best THC for sex because—and this is backed by research—it reduces the barrier to enjoyment. As long as you’re safe and comfortable, this effect can be a powerful stimulant. It brings something new to the bedroom and encourages further experimentation.  


Best cannabis strains for sex

Again, the best marijuana strain for sex is a matter of personal preference. Sometimes you need a puff to set the mood and turn up the heat. Other times, it’s about losing yourself in the sensual adventure. And there’s weed for both. In general, though, most tokers pair these three cultivars with their intimate moments.


Green Crack

green crack strain for sex

Green Crack is a sativa-dominant herb that delivers a smooth cerebral hit in a sweet cloud of smoke. The experience is super heady, euphoric, and energizing, setting the stage for light-hearted physical fun.


Due to its staggering 25% THC, this sexual weed strain best suits skilled tokers. It takes tolerance and knowledge to harness its punch, so puff with great care. The effects are potent and immediate. Your mood reaches maximum heights, and your attention fixates on whatever, or whoever, is before you. Raw energy replaces fatigue and discomfort, equipping you for a rodeo.


Blue Dream

blue dream strain for libido and arousal

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, but its effects are near-100% balanced. Why wonder whether to smoke indica or sativa for sex? Reap the benefits of both with one sweet marijuana specimen. This herb’s influence is all about pleasure. The energetic sativa nature fuses with its mouth-watering berry-vanilla smoke to awaken desire. At the same time, its soothing touch dissolves discomfort and heightens your senses.


The effects may decrease inhibitions, considering the psychoactive punch of 16–20% THC. The experience isn’t headless, though. Instead, this happy herb leaves you in a state of dreamy delight. Extend foreplay or enjoy several rounds before regaining awareness of your immediate surroundings.


Sour Diesel

sour diesel strain is ideal apfrodisiac

Sour Diesel is yet another sativa-dominant powerhouse. Its uplifting nature and 16–20% THC promise a good time, no matter the activity before you. It’s especially amazing as a weed strain for sex, often used to elongate and strengthen your experience.


This bud boosts your energy levels, but the high’s more physical than you might expect from sativa. It eliminates tension knots, making your limbs mobile and limber. The full-body embrace skyrockets your sensitivity, turning every touch into an electric current. You won’t just receive arousal. Sour Diesel turns lazy lovers into enthusiastic ones, motivating creative actions to delight your partner. We now have three baseline herbs to showcase why sexual strains deserve your attention. Let’s zero in on two types of weed for specific purposes.


Best strains for male arousal

The male libido is mostly a case of mood, physical contact, and testosterone. Strains for sex affect the first two factors—uplifting spirits, relieving anxiety, causing fits of giggles, and heightening your reaction to touch. There’s also the third factor to consider. Research is still inconclusive, but some studies suggest smoking cannabis might cause a short-term testosterone increase. Higher T levels mean more bedroom vigor.


While we wait for further evidence, here are the best marijuana strains for sex from the male perspective.


Best weed strains for sex




Gelato is calmer than the previous sexual strains but no less effective. Its hybrid nature is amazing for casual sessions, bringing a euphoric mental ride paired with full-body relaxation. This balanced effect profile is ideal when you’re not aiming for speed, but some intensity does sound appealing.


Besides elevating the physical elements of your adventure, Gelato could also assist with potential hindrances. Stoners report feeling like a better version of themselves after a toke. Like our earlier suggestions, this one contains 16–20% THC. Its influence is more gradual, though. Take it one step at a time, let the smoke launch you into action, and prolong the enjoyment.



Trainwreck is Sativa-dominantant weed strain for sex. Despite its disconcerting name, it’s less spirited than other sativa entries on our list. It delivers magnificently happy energy that eventually melts into ease. As such, it assists with everything from foreplay to the post-coital chill.


This bud brings a hearty dose of euphoria. Its physical effects bust discomfort and promote mobility. What’s more, the high makes your creativity surge, promoting fun bedroom experiments. The plant’s powerful, reaching 20% THC. Once things get hot and heavy, they’re not likely to falter. It’s not rare to disregard the clock as you get lost in a current of positive sensations.


Best strains for female arousal

Female arousal is more intricate than its masculine counterpart, but reports suggest ladies also find ganja an aphrodisiac. In a nutshell, women need to de-stress for maximum enjoyment, and a dash of euphoria helps the mood. Cannabis-induced physical relaxation assists with the pain they might feel during intercourse, helping them orgasm.


Many cultivars bring these effects, but not all get it just right. According to our female audience, these three are the go-to sex weed strains.


Best weed strains for sex


Granddaddy Purple

Some cultivars are perfect for quick bouts of intense activity. Other sex weed strains are heavy and long-lasting. Grandaddy Purple is a member of the latter category, with 15–19% THC and strong indica genetics. A puff prepares you for a hot session of dreamy bliss.


This sweet smoke increases your appetite for the finest things in life. Mundane thoughts decelerate, movement gets slow and deliberate, and all five senses amplify. A lengthy and comfy ride follows, leaving you exhilarated and wrapped in your partners’ arms.


Expert tip: Unlike many other best marijuana strains for sex, this could make you too lazy to move if you overdo it. Couch-lock isn’t a sexy look, so toke in moderation.


Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant cultivar with a strong sativa streak and a whopping 23% THC. It’s ideal for seasoned tokers looking to experience the best of both cannabis worlds with their weed strain for sex. The experience starts high and ends low to the ground, amping things up and immersing you in the moment. People rarely struggle with laziness after smoking this decadent herb—it leaves you chilled out and ready to go.


Body-warming euphoria gets you craving physical contact, while the cerebral influence deepens every smell, taste, and touch. Blissful peace follows, but you’re limber enough for round two.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid cultivar with 16–21% THC, delectable flavor, and incredible capability to encourage self-indulgence. It’s among the best cannabis strains for sex and especially useful for ladies, as it promotes natural moisture. This bud’s sativa contents get you animated, giggly, and creative. The happy vibes blend with supreme physical comfort, preventing any achiness (although your muscles might feel the consequences the following morning).


You find yourself utterly serene after a long and passionate round—or two, given the duration of these effects. Blissful sleep ensues as the high dissipates, infusing your tousle with intimacy.


Strains for sex: Take your experience higher

In the end, the top weed strains for sex can be game-changing. But only if you approach them right. First off, this topic is super individual. It’s not about finding the Libido Plant—looking at it that way can only add pressure to what’s supposed to be spontaneous.


Instead, focus on the desired effects and find a matching cultivar. Try and test, learning what works for your body, partner, and the moment. Let the journey be as fun as the destination. You don’t want to get socks-off high, either. Start slow, build it up, and enjoy every beat of the pleasure ride. And don't forget to browse our selection of cannabis seeds to grow a cultivar of your choice.


Keep these tips in mind and dig into new ways to go off. Our best marijuana strains for sex list is the perfect place to start. Pick the most appealing herb and let it rock your world. Stay tuned to our blog for more guides on having weed-driven good times.

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