Weed and gaming: A match made in heaven

Top 9 strains to combine with gaming

Game on!


Ever wonder what's the best weed strain for gaming? There are nine options suited to gaming for long sessions. The goal is to have a relaxed mind while staying focused.

Have you ever needed a boost of energy that simultaneously keeps you calm while gaming? We've got you covered! Our carefully selected strains achieve the desired effect after a few tokes and set the tone for a chilled gaming session

You might also be wondering whether to choose sativa cultivars or indica for gaming. Both options have excellent properties to keep you either alert or relaxed. Ready to find out more? 

Get more than just a "high" score with these incredible cultivars! Let's discover more about these strains of weed.

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Weed and gaming: A match made in heaven

Are you curious about how to enrich your gaming experience? Pair it with cannabis. Ingesting THC induces certain effects that benefit the way you engage in play. 

Anecdotal studies suggest that it boosts your memory and focus, which is ideal for high-concentration games. At the same time, it helps relax both body and mind while improving your creativity. 

Tokers who indulge in weed may find themselves overcoming challenging levels much more quicker.

Computer gaming is a massive part of people's lives in today's era. Some have successfully made a career out of gaming, and with all the high stimulation, some marijuana might help with calming brain activity and enhancing focus

Have you ever wondered how to get your mindset right for a perfect gaming session? Take your pick with the best weed for gaming.


weed strains for gaming


Top 9 strains to combine with gaming

So, which strains pair well with gaming? Some popular options include:


Green Crack

A good fit for: Shooters (FPS and TPS), Simulation and sports, MOBA

THC content: 17–25%

This famous strain gives gamers a clear, invigorating mental buzz, enhancing alertness thanks to its Sativa dominance. It's a fruity-flavored cultivar with mango, citrus, and tropical notes. Buds from these seeds with high THC levels of 17–25% sure pack a punch. 

This cannabis strain is great for shooter games that require quick reflexes. Green Crack is perfect for this as it assists the brain in fighting fatigue. 

This strain helps users calm down and experience improved moods with increased levels of focus. Due to its relaxing properties, it’ll ease tension. The cultivar also comes in a feminized variant, meaning a 99% chance of a female crop with big buds.


Cherry Pie

A good fit for: Shooters (FPS and TPS), Role-playing, Survival horror

THC content: 15–18%

Cherry Pie suits those who live stream fast-paced games for extended hours. Both medicinal and recreational users enjoy Cherry Pie and its aromas, as it’s said to be one of the most amazing scents. 

The cultivar contains 15–18% THC and has dominant indica traits. Tokers enjoy the calming, relaxing properties and delectable sugary flavors of sweet berries with subtle traces of earth. Be sure to keep some snacks close at hand, as it may induce a case of munchies. Don't want to gain weight when smoking? Try one of these strains that don't induce munchies.

This strain gets picked because you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

This strain is also the best for triggering a multi-layered high. When consumed in small doses, it brings a quick awakening with slow-releasing energy, whereas when consuming larger amounts, a stronger wave of relaxation occurs.


Girl Scout Cookies

A good fit for: Action-adventure, Rhythm, Multiplayer online battle arena

THC content: 15–18%

This weed strain offers euphoric effects with a positive mindset, followed shortly by full-body unwinding. One hit of this strain leaves gamers with a feeling of happiness and munchies. A couple of tokes are all it takes to watch your stress disappear.

Girl Scout Cookies is a blend of OG Kush and Durban poison with mostly indica traits. The cultivar is THC-rich and has legendary status in 420 circles. The cultivar pairs well with any game session, inducing positivity and an upbeat demeanor. 

As one of the stronger cultivars, it’s a quick favorite as it is an easier product to grow from seeds. When the consumer uses this indica strain, it’s often a gaming session that is more enjoyable.


Purple Urkle

A good fit for: Action-adventure, Rhythm, Multiplayer online battle arena, Puzzlers, and party games

THC content: 15–18%

As a dominantly indica strain, with THC levels of around 10–14%, Purple Urkle induces a gamer's ideal state of calm and relaxes your brain. It’s perfect for evening use when you don’t need to be productive. 

The potency is intense for those with a low tolerance level to high THC and is best suited to experienced users.

Many believe Purple Urkle is the best strain for gaming, especially those who enjoy games with high-stress levels and constant strategic thinking.

It gets the creative juices flowing. Medical consumers report that it’s excellent for helping with anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, and even arthritis.


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Critical Mass

A good fit for: Action-adventure, Rhythm, Multiplayer online battle arena, Puzzles, Platformer

THC content: 22%

Critical Mass has fruity, spicy, and herbal flavors with hints of wood. This mostly Indica strain is a cross between Afghani and Skunk #1.

Critical Mass feminized induces bliss and a full-body buzz. Small doses induce sensations of creativity and calm, resulting in peak performance. Tokers report that it simultaneously reduces fatigue, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, and stress. 

Critical Mass seeds don’t require much experience to cultivate. They have minimal maintenance requirements and don’t need much supplementation to flourish. This gaming weed also offers generous yields.


Lemon Kush

A good fit for: Action-adventure, MOBA, Puzzles, Platformer, RPG, ARPG

THC content: 26%

This strain of weed assists brings out happiness and, in some cases, giggle fits, enabling gamers to have a good time. 

Lemon Kush, an indica-leaning strain, is great for an informal setting with friends. It creates energetic, euphoric, yet focused effects. This strain of weed and gaming boosts your mood.

A burst of tangy citrus and an earthy lemon flavor tantalize your taste buds when you take a puff. It has a spicy yet sweet aftertaste that lingers for several minutes.


Pineapple Express

A good fit for: Action-adventure, MOBA, Puzzles, Platformer, RPG, ARPG

THC content: 12-15%

Pineapple Express the movie? Nope, but certainly inspired by it! The cultivar is one of the best for gaming as it gives gamers a burst of energy that promotes focused awareness and creativity.

It's sweet and fruity with a powerful hit and contains 12–15% THC. Tokers typically feel tranquil, and after two to three puffs, consumers taste the flavors of apple citrus, earthy flowery pine, pineapple mixed with skunk, and a sweet tropical taste.

Consumed in moderation, gamers enjoy a comfortable buzz; however, if you overindulge, sleepy sensations may creep in. 


Blue Dream

A good fit for: MOBA, Simulation and sports, Shooters, Platformer, RPG, ARPG

THC content: 14-20%

When it comes to good weed strains for gaming, this cultivar is a strong contender. Blue Dream keeps you and induces mellow sensations of tranquility

It's an incredible strain of weed enjoyed mainly by recreational users. The cultivar is sativa dominant, with moderate THC levels from 14–20% that suit novice users. The buzz is light and enjoyable and doesn't overwhelm beginners like some potent alternatives.

Each bud is reminiscent of a sweet-smelling berry dessert. It has a mouthwatering flavor profile. The first toke tastes of sweet berries, tropical fruit, and hints of spice. These nugs are quite colorful in certain climates at specific times of the year. 

This is one of the top strains for gaming. The cultivar creates a good balance of physical and mental effects. It turbocharges your energy and opens your mind to relaxation.


OG Kush

A good fit for: RTS, Survival and horror, Simulation and sports, Shooters, Platformer.

THC content: 17-21%

The cultivar induces relaxation and makes consumers more sociable than usual. 

OG Kush assists gamers with mental clarity so that they can enjoy a game to its fullest. 

It is quite powerful, with THC levels as high as 17–21%. The strain is flavorful and boasts a blend of fruity notes with diesel undertones. The taste is mainly citrus, making it a refreshing toke after a long day. OG Kush and gaming are an excellent combination.

OG Kush produces massive-yielding crops with feminized varieties offering 16 oz./㎡ indoors and 16 oz./plant outdoors. These crops are highly resistant to mold and disease and thrive in a temperate climate.


Game on!

games and weed

So, what is the best weed strain for gaming? 

We've given you our top picks, but ultimately it depends on user preference. Try some of the selected cultivars and find out is indica or sativa better for gaming. Once you do, why not grow your own from high-quality cannabis seeds?

Check out our SeedSupreme store to get started. Our wide selection will surely have the ideal strain for your gaming needs.

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