Explaining the munchies

10 weed strains to avoid the munchies

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Minimal munchie marijuana: It’s all about choice


Munchies are an inevitable part of cannabis consumption, right? Wrong. While ganja often causes food cravings, you don’t have to rummage through your fridge after a puff. All you need is a weed strain that doesn’t make you hungry.

The chemical composition of cannabis induces hunger, but that’s a trend rather than a rule. Some buds are rich in appetite-suppressing chemicals, helping tokers watch their figures and unhealthy food intakes.

Join us to learn about the reasons behind canna-driven eating habits and discover ten weed strains that don’t cause the munchies.


Explaining the munchies

Munchies are a slang term for a strong desire for food, especially following cannabis consumption. You need to know why they occur to understand how you can avoid them.

Like all marijuana effects, the munchies arise from the interplay of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Previously, we explained in detail why weed makes you hungry, but research is limited. Existing studies suggest that high-THC pot stimulates the appetite while CBD suppresses it. Terpenes might play a secondary role. Several aromatic chemicals found in marijuana (especially indica breeds) are known to trigger hunger.


why does weed give you munchies


THC is the main culprit, though. What happens here?

It turned out that THC affects the same neural pathway that responds to starvation. It amplifies the senses of taste and smell, encouraging you to eat more.

In a nutshell, the psychoactive compound convinces our brains that we’re starving. The body responds by stocking up on calories while they’re around.

Ample doses of CBD can curb this influence. When THC meets equal or higher levels than its non-psychoactive counterpart, weed no longer induces excessive hunger.

Not all THC acts the same, either. We need to introduce tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) to this explanation.

Colloquially called ‘skinny pot,’ this THC variant might energize without causing cravings. It blocks the receptor activated by THC, preventing the overwhelming desire for food. Pure sativa strains test the highest for THCV contents.


10 weed strains to avoid the munchies

Now onto cultivar selection. To avoid excessive hunger, get buds from high CBD seeds or sativa-derived breeds with higher THCV contents.

Don’t feel like doing chemistry-based research? We have your back. Here are ten strains that don’t give you munchies.


#1 – Cannatonic

Type: Hybrid

THC: 4–6%

CBD: 13–17%

cannatonic cannabis strain to avoid munchies

Cannatonic feminized is the quintessential medicinal cultivar. This CBD-rich award winner kickstarted the medical marijuana movement and earned popularity among low-tolerance tokers. People pick it to relieve various mind and body conditions; it also brings a feel-good, munchie-free buzz.

This herb has a balanced gene pool, exhibiting indica and sativa traits. Its bouquet is a dank mix of earth and pine streaked with refreshing citrus. The effect profile is gentle, inducing mental clarity and melting physical tension. Tokers find it pain-relieving and stress-busting, too.

Smoke this bud during daytime and evening hours—it suits all occasions. It leaves you happy, limber, and creative without diverting you via a drive-through.


#2 – Moby Dick

Type: Sativa-dominant

THC: 24–27%

CBD: Under 2%