Does sativa or indica give you the munchies?


It’s an age-old question that all cannabis fans end up asking themselves at some point.


While marijuana is known to induce many pleasurable sensations, not all its effects are enjoyed by its users.


A sudden desire to eat food is a prime example of these unwanted feelings, and many people believe experiencing it is unavoidable.


It turns out you have more control than you might have thought.


So, does sativa or indica give you the munchies?


Join us as we answer this overdue question and give you the science behind why some buds make you ravenous. You’ll also find a few examples of cannabis cultivars available from our online store that won’t make you hungry.


Let’s dig in!


Does indica or sativa give you the munchies


What causes the munchies?

In order to experience an increase in your appetite, a munchies strain needs to have a high level of THC.

This cannabinoid, which is usually associated with marijuana’s psychoactive qualities, interacts with a hormone in your body called ghrelin. It convinces your brain to ramp up production of this chemical in your stomach, causing you to become hungry.


Another reason a high THC indicas and sativas can make you hungry is due to their ability to improve your senses. As a result, this cannabinoid enhances the smell of food, causing your belly to moan.


In comparison, hemp and cannabis strains with low levels of THC don’t generally make you feel hungry. Some studies have even suggested that CBD could counteract the effects of this iconic psychoactive compound.


So, does sativa or indica give you munchies?


What causes the munchies?  In order to experience an increase in your appetite, a munchies strain needs to have a high level of THC.


While both types of genetics can lead to increased appetite, you’re more likely to experience the sensation when enjoying potent indica strains.


Many sativa cultivars contain a lesser-explored cannabinoid called THCV that’s thought to prevent the munchies. There’s also the possibility that CBD suppresses hunger, but the results aren’t conclusive yet.


All we know for sure is that high THC is the reason people experience the munchies, while CBD isn't.

Which strains are best to avoid the munchies?

Although sativas can make you hungry, picking one of these energizing strains over an indica may help you avoid the munchies.


These wake and bake options not only keep you motivated, but they also contain large amounts of THCV. You’re able to focus on the task at hand without ever craving a snack. Some sativa-heavy strains can even lower your appetite. 


Another way to avoid a munchies strain is by opting for an option with high CBD levels. These cannabis cultivars offer a variety of wellness benefits to people without triggering any psychoactive effects.


Does one strain work better than another?

Every marijuana strain contains a unique blend of genetics, cannabinoids, and terpenes responsible for its effects.


These different mixtures mean that some cannabis cultivars work better as a munchies strain, while others suppress your hunger.


Picking the best one for your situation comes down to when you plan on enjoying your buds and your tolerance levels. It’s also worth remembering that everyone’s experience is different, even when consuming the same marijuana strain.


So, does sativa or indica give you munchies?


It’s best to stay away from relaxing options as they tend to increase your appetite. Instead, choose a cannabis cultivar with low THC levels or a sativa-heavy hybrid.



What causes the munchies?  In order to experience an increase in your appetite, a munchies strain needs to have a high level of THC.

Specific strains of marijuana to use without getting the munchies

Finding the opposite of a munchies strain can become difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. Look out for cannabis cultivars with a high percentage of THCV to ensure you won’t experience an increase in your appetite.


Not sure where to begin? Here are two popular marijuana strains that won’t make you hungry at all.


Durban Poison

Take back control of your mornings with feminized Durban Poison seeds and their energizing buds. This sativa landrace offers an unforgettable sweet and spicy flavor along with hints of licorice.


You don’t need to worry about if this sativa can make you hungry because of its THCV levels. Plus, anyone can raise these marijuana seeds at home and expect incredibly generous yields indoors or outside.


Power Plant

Take your productivity to the next level with Power Plant feminized seeds and their award-winning buds. This stimulating strain promotes focus and creativity without making you feel tired.


Although some sativas do make you hungry, this specific strain leaves your appetite untouched. Cultivating these cannabis seeds is also a pleasure no matter your skill level, promising massive yields.


Indica and sativa CBD strains to avoid the munchies

To help you avoid the dreaded indica munchies, we’ve put together a list of our best CBD strains. Some of these cultivars still have high THC levels, but their effects are often more gentle.


Each of the strains offers something unique in terms of flavor, effects, and yield size. They also all contain more than 4% CBD, ensuring you never get hungry during your smoke sessions.


What causes the munchies?  In order to experience an increase in your appetite, a munchies strain needs to have a high level of THC.


Heavy Bud

Anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful evening will love the tantalizing flowers from Heavy Bud feminized seeds. While most indicas give you the munchies, this particular marijuana strain doesn’t affect your appetite at all.


These high CBD-infused buds fill you with a calm and relaxed feeling, allowing you to release any built-up stress. Plus, their sweet, fruity fragrance and citrus flavors keep you coming back for more.


Not only is this cultivar the opposite of a munchies strain, but it's also incredibly easy to raise at home. Cultivators can plant these marijuana seeds anywhere and expect heavy yields in a few months. 


Barneys Farm

Blue Cheese feminized seeds from Barneys Farm are perfect for people looking to end their day cuddled up on the couch. Although these indica-heavy buds have high levels of THC, their CBD content keeps your appetite suppressed.


Just because it’s not a munchies strain doesn’t mean the physical effects you experience aren't strong. These tangy buds fill your lungs with a rich, cheese-flavored smoke that locks you to the sofa for hours.


Beginners love growing these feminized weed seeds at home as they are very resilient and produce generous harvests. Plants also tend to stay small in size, allowing cultivators to easily raise them in confined spaces.


Vanilla Kush

The high CBD content in Vanilla Kush is a shining example of how not all indicas give you the munchies. These buds take you on a relaxing journey while releasing any tension and stress from your mind and body.


Although this cannabis cultivar’s potency draws some attention, its biggest attraction is its flavor profile. Large, resinous buds release a delightful fragrance, combining vanilla, ginger, orange, and lavender.


Not only do these buds prevent the typical indica munchies, but they’re also very easy to cultivate outdoors. These crops can survive pests and fluctuating temperatures, producing heavy yields by the end of September.


Laughing Buddha

While some sativas can make you hungry, Laughing Buddha has the ability to improve your mood without increasing your appetite. Many fans of this beloved cultivar utilize its energizing qualities to start their day with a bang.


These marijuana buds ooze bag appeal as its majestic name suggests, displaying a thick coat of resinous trichomes. Break these dense flowers open, and you’re greeted by a sweet and spicy aroma that’ll have you smiling in no time.


Beginners looking to avoid a munchies strain will love the simplicity of raising these regular weed seeds. Just remember to check your crops early for any male plants and remove them to ensure quality yields. 



Orka feminized seeds are one of the most potent uplifting strains to come from breeders at BlimBurn. This sativa-leaning hybrid wastes no time getting to work by sending your mind on an intense cerebral rush.


The high amount of THC in these appetizing buds gives many users the impression that it’s a munchies strain. Luckily, the large concentration of CBD and THCV keeps your desire for food very low.


Legendary genetics allow these cannabis seeds to survive most outdoor conditions with little need for maintenance. Cultivators don’t have to worry about moisture-related issues ruining their crops and can expect generous yields by early October.


Bomb Seeds

Killer Purps from Bomb Seeds is another example of why it’s wrong to say sativas can make you hungry. This potent cannabis cultivar wastes no time announcing its presence, sending your mind into blissful euphoria.


These marijuana buds dazzle you with their gorgeous appearance while displaying deep shades of purple. Breaking open these resinous nugs emits a pungent aroma into the air and leaves a sweet citrus taste on your tongue.


First-time cultivators who want to avoid buying a munchies strain will adore growing these cannabis seeds at home. Their rugged genetics allows them to thrive in most conditions, and they promise medium to heavy yields without any fuss. 


Prevention is better than cure

Consuming a cannabis cultivar doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely experience an increase in your appetite.


Instead, this effect is more common in marijuana strains with high THC. It also comes down to how much CBD is present in your buds.


So, does sativa or indica give you munchies?


While both can lead to feeling hungry, you’re more likely to want to eat after enjoying a relaxing indica strain.


The best way to avoid this feeling is by ordering cannabis seeds from our store with high CBD levels. Which one of these strains are you going to try next?

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