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Green Crack seeds give you the 'espresso of weed,' as coined by Rolling Stone. Originally called Cush, Snoop Dogg re-named it Green Crack owing to its powerful, uplifting effects.


Green Crack is the ultimate wake and bake strain with a surprisingly delicious flavor. We unpack everything you need to know about this famous cultivar, including its effects, growing tips for Crack seeds, and medicinal applications.

Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds


Green Crack feminized seeds give you all-female, bud-bearing plants glistening in big buds. High levels of tetrahydrocannabinol make these seeds high in THC. The plants grow tall and heavy with a thick resin coating. If you hold these nugs in your hands, the sticky trichomes let you know you're in for a treat.

This heavy-hitting sativa reduces stress and tension while delivering a euphoric cerebral high. The instant shot of energy keeps your mind focused and alert for hours. 

Green Crack marijuana seeds are easy to grow and thrive in any medium. Collect a huge, juicy harvest whether you cultivate indoors or outdoors. These plants forgive rookie mistakes, making them one of the ultimate beginner strains. With these easy to grow cannabis seeds, you can forget about managing light cycles, protecting from diseases, pests, bugs, instant feeding and other clutter. 

This cultivar averages 22% THC, earning its reputation as the crack of weed strains. Buy Green Crack seeds if you're searching for an intense, powerful, yet grounded buzz. 


Additional information

This award-winning strain was among the five best cannabis seeds of the year in Rolling Stones 2017 top cultivars list. It was also one of the contenders for the 'Best U.S. Sativa’ at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015. 

Some believe that the name Green Crack perpetuates the negative stigmas associated with cannabis use. For this reason, the buds from Green Crack marijuana seeds are sometimes referred to as Green Kush instead. 

Few strains deliver the unique electrifying buzz that Green Crack can. The eccentric effects and hardiness make it a popular parent for newer cultivars on the market like Blue Crack seeds.


How to germinate Green Crack feminized seeds

Originating from Skunk #1 and an unknown Afghani cut makes these cannabis seeds hard-shelled. Whether you're growing Green Crack feminized, autoflowering seeds, or regular versions, germinating is essential. 

Your seedlings have a higher chance of survival by gaining tap roots before planting them. Here's our straightforward method for germinating Green Crack marijuana seeds with a few basic items: 

You'll need:

  • A paper plate
  • Two paper towels 
  • Water 
  • Green Crack seeds


  1. Moisten the paper towels until they're damp but not dripping. 
  2. Lay one of the towels on a clean plate. 
  3. Put the seeds on the plate at least one inch apart. 
  4. Cover the plate with the remaining damp paper towel. 
  5. Store it in a warm, dark place with temperatures from 70–85°F. If you don't have a suitable location, use a second plate to cover it. 
  6. Sprouts appear within 1–5 days, and your seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted to the soil. 


Wellness and Green Crack feminized

The most noticeable effect when you smoke the buds from Green Crack marijuana seeds is the electrifying buzz. It stimulates focus and motivation making this strain popular among medicinal users experiencing fogginess. 

Unlike caffeine, Green Crack energizes you without giving you the jitters, so it’s a common pick for people with ADHD. It clears the mind, hinders procrastination, and won't make you crash. The happy, motivating effects make them an option that possibly relieves depression.

People who have anxiety or panic disorder generally steer clear of sativas. These strains get a bad rep for occasionally causing paranoia, where indicas are sometimes considered too couch-locking and relaxing, affecting daily functioning. 

The buds from Green Crack auto seeds or feminized seeds offer the perfect balance of electrifying sativa buzz with a soothing physical effect. It's a suitable daytime toke that may prevent anxiety while improving productivity. 

As a high THC strain, it may alter your pain perception, which could be helpful for conditions like arthritis and chronic pain


Feeding Green Crack

The three primary nutrients for feeding cannabis plants are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Traditionally you'd give marijuana greenery a higher percentage of nitrogen when vegging, but Green Crack strain seeds are different.

Towards the end of the vegetative stage, increase the level of phosphorus Green Crack seeds receive. Ensure you start adding extra phosphorus before your plants begin flowering and continue for the first two weeks of budding. This feeding trick gives you plump, resinous buds.

Overwatering the plants from Green Crack feminized seeds stresses them out and restricts oxygen, leading to dire symptoms like necrosis. 

As a general rule, inspect the hydration levels by feeling the top layer or first inch of soil. If it's damp to the touch, don't water the plant. You need to add more moisture when it's excessively dry with a crumbly texture.

Choose your water carefully. If you use it straight from the tap, ensure it doesn't contain huge amounts of chlorine, as this causes damage to your flora.


Flowering & yield

When growing Green Crack feminized seeds outdoors in a Mediterranean climate, plants should start vegging around early to mid-June. Northerners can achieve a full harvest within a single summer season. 

Regular pruning and low-stress training (LST) techniques paired with at least 10–12 hours of sunlight give you an unbelievable yield of 28–42 oz./plant outdoors. 

If you're growing Green Crack seeds indoors, pay careful attention to humidity levels as they’re susceptible to mold. Keep humidity within 40–50% and use LST techniques like Screen of Green to keep these huge plants from sprouting through the roof. 

The flowering stage lasts around 7–9 weeks, depending on nutrition levels and environmental factors. If you feed them well, watch out for mildew and provide equal light distribution, you collect up to 21oz./m² indoors. 


What are Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds?

Green Crack seeds originate from a mysterious Afghani and world-renown cultivar, Skunk #1. The feminized version gives you all-female plants 99% of the time, boasting a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Maximum efficiency for your grow area
  • No waiting period to figure out the sex or needing to separate plants 
  • Uniform growing with more stability 
  • You can begin training early on

If you're not looking to experiment with breeding new cannabis cultivars or create clones, then there's no need to pick any other seed variant. Green Crack feminized seeds are perfect for growers who want to produce their personal collection of high-quality smokables. 

This cultivar has been making waves since the 80s'. It’s so popular that growers even came up with super Green Crack seeds and countless other hybrids sharing its genes. 

It’s favored for its speed and incredible yields, especially for outdoor growers. The buds have high bag quality thanks to their forest green calyxes, all packaged in snow-like trichomes, contrasted by vibrant yellow stigmata.

Ensure you have sufficient space when growing Green Crack seeds. On average, these plants reach around 5.5 feet with a glorious Christmas tree-like appearance and glittering trichomes resembling silver tinsel.  


What are the Green Crack effects?

The main effects of the buds from Green Crack marijuana seeds are a strong uplifting cerebral buzz and a mellow, soothing physical sensation. With THC levels between 17–25% and CBD at less than 2%, you might expect this strain to throw you overboard, but it won't. 

This gentle giant delivers an intense mental boost, instantly energizing you without causing physical heaviness. Its cerebral effects stimulate creativity, making it popular among artists. It frees the mind from distractions, allowing imagination to run wild while providing intense focus. 

Always have a snack if you're smoking the buds from Green Crack feminized seeds. The munchies hit hard with this one; staying nourished is essential. 

As the effects fade, a sense of calm washes over you, tension in your joints and muscles dissipate, leaving your body feeling light and floaty. 

When you smoke more than planned, the buds from Green Crack seeds may conjure fascinating psychedelic effects and visual distortions. Colors appear brighter, and time feels slower while you get things done faster. 

Start with lower doses or shorter puffs if you're not accustomed to THC's mind-warping effects. When over-consumed, these buds can knock out even experienced smokers. Stay hydrated to prevent common side effects like cottonmouth and red eyes. 


What does Green Crack feminized smell like?

The name doesn't necessarily excite your olfactory senses, but when you buy these cannabis seeds from SeedSupreme you're in for a treat. 

The nugs from Green Crack feminized seeds are a connoisseurs' dream, bursting with complex aromatics. 

Once lit, the smoke is thick, white, and creamy, with a rich taste of tropical fruits like papaya, bananas, mango, and passionfruit. An earthy dank flavor appears as you inhale, making you aware of the potent effects you're about to experience. 

Along with the fruity flavor and earthy notes, hints of tart citrus add a refreshing bite to this toke. 

The gorgeous buds from Green Crack marijuana seeds are packed with terpenes responsible for their captivating flavor profile. Dominant terpenes myrcene, alpha-pinene, and limonene work together to create this mouth-watering strain. 


Take a sip of the espresso of cannabis: Green Crack

Green Crack seeds grow into generous, hardy plants. They're easy to grow and a pleasure to smoke. The effects are uplifting, euphoric, and mostly cerebral, perfect for recreational and medicinal users. 

Buy Green Crack seeds from our collection of top-shelf cannabis seeds and see what all the buzz is about. 

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