There's nothing quite like releasing the stresses of a long day than by inhaling your favorite couch-locking strain of White Widow in front of the T.V. 

Most of us have a binge-worthy series preference, yet some shows are more enjoyable after a toke or two. 


Types of shows 

The best shows to watch while high fall into various genres depending on your preferences. These range from cartoons and comedies to cooking contests and nature shows

We've compiled a list of stoner favorites to help you transition from stressed out to chill in no time. 

Don't forget to load up on drinks and snacks, as you’ll be glued to your seat and screen during your cerebral buzz. 


Top 20 shows 

This list gives a brief synopsis of each show to know what you're getting yourself into from the first episode. Go ahead, grab your smoking paper, and check out our 20 best shows to watch high


Family Guy

This comedy series already has 368 episodes under its belt and several awards. It's filled with dark humor that's hilarious after a toke. 

Family Guy is about a family of five and their anthropomorphic dog.

This show is on most stoner's "must watch" list, but we felt it deserved to be mentioned on ours as well.


Planet Earth

If you're looking for soothing but natural eye candy, Planet Earth is the non-fiction documentary for you. The high-definition footage transports you to the best-hidden gems of the planet. If you learn something along the way—big bonus!.

We think that this is one of the best shows to watch when high. The graphics are more intriguing when you're in an altered state of consciousness.


The Office

One of the best shows to watch on Netflix when high is this crowd-pleasing comedy. It follows a bunch of disgruntled colleagues working for a paper company. The show relies mainly on the comedic talent of Steve Carrel and has also won several awards.

Some may consider dry humor more enjoyable when you're couch-locked and euphoric after your Afghan Kush fix.


The Simpsons

The series follows the antics of our favorite animated American family. With 704 episodes over 32 seasons and several awards, you won’t be disappointed.

While the Simpsons are great for vegging out and chilling, hardcore fans have found signs of "clairvoyance" in multiple episodes, accurately predicting current events.

If you're smoking a strain that induces creative focus, like CBD Super Lemon Haze, you might enjoy looking out for these fortune-telling episodes.


Nailed It!

Nailed It! is one of the best shows to watch while high because everyone knows that snacks and pot go together like salt and pepper. 

This series revolves around three contestants in each episode who attempt culinary perfection to redeem their poor track record as home bakers. The incentive for each episode is a $10,000 cash reward.


Big Mouth

Big Mouth is one of the best shows to watch high with its relatable storyline. Most of us experience some awkwardness and discomfort during puberty, even if it may not be quite as severe as Andrew's in this animated series. 

It centers on a group of teenagers navigating their way through adolescence and all the pubescent struggles it comes with.  


Ultimate Beastmaster

If you're looking for a show with some healthy competition, Ultimate Beastmaster is a reality series that doesn't disappoint. Although it's only been around for three seasons, it's extremely popular and one of the best shows to watch high on Netflix. 

Contestants worldwide gather to take on a challenging obstacle course and put their skills to the test


100 Humans

100 Humans offer a prime example of modern mind-blowing reality T.V. It's one of the best shows to watch high on Netflix if you're intrigued by what makes us human.

Those who participate in the quirky experiments come from diverse backgrounds and fall into different age categories. 



Superjail is a dark comedy animation about the largest and cruelest prison, located under a volcano, led by an intense warden and his assistant.



The stereotype is that cannabis and comedy go hand-in-hand. While it's not completely off the mark, sometimes a drama themed around our favorite herb can be just as enjoyable. If you want to prove the theory, watch Weeds.

A show about a widow in need of an income sets up a lucrative business selling marijuana. She runs into several challenges as she becomes more entangled in crime. 

Some hilarious predicaments occur in her daily activities as she tries to support her family as the sole breadwinner.


Rick and Morty

A mad scientist named Rick shows up on his daughter's doorstep decades after disappearing. He uses the family garage as his lab for wacky experiments and drags his grandkids, Morty and Summer, on his universal adventures.

The animated Sci-Fi sitcom is aimed at mature audiences with its gruesome graphics. 

We consider it one of the best tv shows to watch high if you just want a laugh and to escape into a world of fantasy.


Grace and Frankie

An unexpected turn of events causes two recently dumped rivals to forge a friendship and rely on each other. Grace is a typical square, while Frankie is rather eccentric

The two must embrace their newly single lives now that their husbands filed for divorce after falling in love with each other

Stoners will appreciate the gossip-worthy comedy that this tv show offers.



As far as best shows to watch when high go, it doesn't get any better than Disjointed. 

The sitcom follows Ruth and her budtenders as they run a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. 

Essentially it's a comedy about marijuana and stoners. What's not to enjoy?



Cosmos is one of the best shows to watch high if you're interested in uncovering universal secrets and are curious about the unknown

This series is best paired with strains like Blue Dream that encourage deep contemplation.


Trailer Park Boys 

This Canadian mockumentary features three goofy characters keen on get-rich-quick schemes that frequently go awry. 

The show is generally comedic, but it makes the list of best shows to watch high with its added hilarity after a puff of heavy-hitting Lemon Pie.



This animated favorite first aired in 2018 and is set in medieval times. It entails the comical adventures of a hardcore borderline alcoholic princess, her elf companion, and demon as an unlikely trio.

Enhance the dark comedy and vivid colors when mixed with Mango Kush.



Workaholics centers around three roommates in California who seem not to have matured beyond their college years. Their adult life consists mostly of drinking, partying, and interacting with their dealer. Their silly schemes will have you in stitches.


Black Mirror

If you're looking for one of the best shows to watch on Netflix while high and you're a deep thinker, Black Mirror will check all your boxes. 

It's a fictional anthology, thriller, drama, and comedy in one.

The main theme is how technology can have unintended consequences on our existence. Each episode stands alone, and some concepts are utterly mind-blowing.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy series based on a team of quirky detectives in New York City

The comedy won several awards from 2014 to 2019, including the GLAAD Media Award for outstanding comedy.


Ancient Aliens

Certain weed strains, like Master Kush feminized, open up the mind and encourage deep contemplation. This series goes well with such thoughts. Ancient Aliens is one of the best tv shows to watch when high and curious.

The documentary falls into the genre of pseudoscience. 

Watch as historians and experts uncover ancient evidence of extraterrestrial life and give life to legends.


Rolling it up

The best shows to watch when high isn't limited to the series above. There are several classics that tokers can't seem to get enough of, such as Pineapple Express, Futurama, and American Dad, to name a few.

Our top 20 is focused on crowd-pleasing favorites that are sure to enhance the overall stoner experience. 

So, pick a favorite, light up your joint, and unwind with one of the best shows to watch high.

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