There are few things in life as enjoyable as locking yourself to the couch with a tasty strain and indulging in front of the TV, especially when you know the best shows to watch high.


There has never been a better time to find great shows. With loads to choose from, some shows really blossom when experienced with a nice high.


We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best shows to watch while high. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered! Make sure and stock up—you’ll be screen-locked for hours!  


The Top 20 Shows to Watch Stoned

They aren’t just comedies or shows with aesthetically pleasing visuals. Our list includes entries such as dark comedies and dramas to documentaries and animations. We guarantee you’ll be binge-watching for hours while vegging-out.


Grab your snacks and buds. You’ll need to prepare for hours of couch and screen time, experiencing these shows in the best way possible.


Let’s get rolling!


Trailer Park Boys


trailer park boys


This mockumentary follows three outrageous characters living in a trailer park, committed to get-rich-quick schemes that frequently go wrong. At first, the show was relatively unknown. Now it’s acclaimed as an all-time great comedy and one of the best shows to watch when high.


Trailer Park Boys is next-level funny. Something powerful like Original Lemon Pie is a great choice to enhance the hilarity.


Rick and Morty


The best TV shows to watch when high


This isn't your typical animated family sitcom. Rick and Morty is unlike any show ever made.


Follow the mind-bending adventures of Rick and his anxious grandson Morty. The cosmic chaos has you laughing and contemplating the nature of reality.


The mind-expanding jokes and plots are perfect when high.


The Office


the office


The Office revolutionized sitcoms and is one of the greatest mockumentaries—ever! It depicts the lives of office workers at a fictional paper mill company.


The huge cast of different personalities has you in stitches one moment and feeling wholesome the next.


Its quality makes it great for rewatching or just throwing on random episodes. This multiple award winner is one of the great shows to watch high.


The Simpsons


the simpsons


The original animated family sitcom. It’s universally loved and an all-time great of television in general.


It's famed for its ability to touch on social issues while keeping you laughing out loud.


Whether you're new to it or simply revisiting, The Simpsons remains among the best shows to watch high.






Invincible follows a 17-year-old Mark Grayson in a world where superheroes and villains are accepted as normal.


We can’t say more without spoiling the plot—just trust us and watch until the end of episode 1. It’s not for anyone squeamish, but it's among the best shows to watch when high.


This dark comedy goes great with 24K Gold to keep you feeling uplifted and focused because things can change at any moment.


Arrested Development


arrested development


Arrested Development follows a rich but completely dysfunctional family. If you love a series with clever, long-running gags, this is the show for you!


The cast is amazing. Every character line and expression has you hitting pause from laughing so much.


There are so many jokes that resurface in multiple ways. It's genius. The comedic creativity makes it one of the best shows to watch high.






This comedy, from the Simpsons' creator, is even funnier than its predecessor.


The show follows an inept pizza delivery guy called Fry, who falls into a cryogenic freezer and is awoken 1000 years later. That synopsis alone should give you an idea of why it’s on this list.


The jokes in Futurama and the concepts they explore are genius. The cerebral high of Alien OG really enhances the viewing.       


How It’s Made


how its made


This documentary series is one of the best shows to watch stoned on a nice indica. If you're couch-locked, it'll blow your mind!


It shows the lengthy and complex processes involved in everyday things being made, from toothpicks to light bulbs, with a narrator explaining the process.


Watching this show stoned is incredible! A couch-locking hit of Afghan Kush keeps you glued to the screen.


Peep Show


peep show


This ground-breaking comedy is filmed in a POV way, setting it apart from any other show. 


You can hear both the dialogue between the “frenemy” flatmates and their innermost thoughts, which makes for some hilariously awkward viewing.


This uniquely filmed and relatable show is a real gem for baked viewing and one of the greatest shows to watch high.


Family Guy


family guy


On any list of good shows to watch high, you're guaranteed to see Family Guy, and for good reasons. 


This animated comedy is about a family of five, or six if you include their talking dog, Brian. 


It draws from pop culture references and crude jokes—gut-wrenchingly funny after a few tokes of Banana Punch.


American Dad


american dad


American Dad is another show from the creator of Family Guy but never reached the same level of fame. Despite this, many hardcore Family Guy fans agree this is even better.  


The episodes are more plot-driven but just as hilarious.


If Family Guy is a must-see for stoners, then we have to include American Dad too. 


Planet Earth


planet earth


This is TV eye candy at its best. The epic nature documentary Planet Earth was shot with a massive budget and narrated by David Attenborough. 


Planet Earth is among the best shows to watch while high. Incredible footage of the most amazing places and things on Earth leaves you breathless. 


This masterpiece is amazing with a psychedelic visual high; try a few puffs of Mango Kush for maximum effect.






Weeds is a dark comedy-drama that follows a recently widowed mother, Nancy. She sells cannabis to her clients despite having no prior experience.


Things escalate as she expands her operation, and the allure of money brings unexpected new problems.


The show is serious but also has comedic moments. Since it's primarily about marijuana, it's a shoo-in for our list of the best shows to watch high.


Black Mirror


black mirror


This show can leave you feeling disturbed and deeply contemplative, but for some stoners, that’s what we love!


Each episode is based on similar themes of what society might look like in the near future. It’s mostly dystopian with a focus on technology.


If you’re someone who likes deep thinking about the future, this is the best show to watch high. A strain that encourages contemplation like Blue Dream Is perfect for Black Mirror.






On a list of shows to watch with cannabis, Disjointed has to be included. It’s perfect for just vegging out.


It follows Ruth and a team of young “budtenders” she employed to help run a cannabis dispensary in LA.


It’s a lighthearted comedy about cannabis and stoners, making it one of the best shows to watch high.


Nathan for You


nathan for you


This docu-series featuring comedian Nathan Fielder has some of the most incredible moments in TV history. It blurs the line between jokes and reality.


Nathan offers his services as a consultant to real struggling businesses. His suggestions are outlandish and result in hilarious scenes with real people.


Nathan For You premiered in 2013, and critics consider it among the top shows of the decade. It certainly makes our list of the best shows to watch high.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


This comedy is a little too risque for an Emmy, but the lack of commercial fame doesn’t mean it’s unsuccessful.


The fan-driven support has kept this show renewed for 15 seasons and counting. It follows a gang of five outrageous friends who run a pub in Philadelphia.


It has some extremely dark jokes, but the show is strangely uplifting. If we’re talking funny shows to watch high, this is up with the best.






Workaholics follows three college graduates who share a house and office job, but they’re anything but mature. Another main character is their wreckless dealer, living in a van.


They’re incapable of leaving the party lifestyle behind, leading to comic situations both in their personal lives and at work.


The rest of the cast consists of their office colleagues. This should make any list of shows to watch while high.


Chappelle’s Show


Chappelle’s Show

This sketch show launched the career of comedian Dave Chappelle. It’s considered a breakthrough in comedy.


The Chappelle Show is an all-time great for stoners. It features characters who’ve become legends of comedy themselves, like Bill Burr.


This is one of the best shows to watch high, packing some of the greatest comedy sketches ever made.






This animated comedy for adults centers around the “spy” Sterling Archer and the dysfunctional intelligence agency he works for.


The show is highly acclaimed by critics for its witty, deadpan humor. It's one of the best shows to watch when high with a nice sativa.


Archer is quick and snappy. CBD Super Lemon Haze will keep you glued to this laughter-fest.


Rolled up and ready

The shows we’ve selected are certified fan favorites for stoners. With this list, you now have weeks' worth of content to consume with your favorite strain. 


These shows are amazing already, but watching them lit up is an entirely new experience. Time to pick a show, light one up, and delve into the best shows to watch high.

To find the perfect strain with the effects you're looking for, why not explore our incredible range here at Seed Supreme?

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