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Banana Punch Feminized Seeds

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Don’t let the sweet and innocent façade fool you - Banana Punch is a punchy specimen that means business. An Indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 22%, you really don’t need much of this stuff to have the desired effect...

A Taste of the Tropics


Bud Basics

The name of this stuff alone immediately sends you on a trip to a dreamy tropical island, cocktail in one hand and joint in the other. Still, it’s not until you see, smell and taste this herb that you get a feel for what Banana Punch Feminized is really all about.


Picture perfect plants, decorated with colorful buds and an immensely sticky coating of trichomes, emitting the most memorable fruity fragrance and setting you up for the sensory ride of a lifetime.


Don’t let the sweet and innocent façade fool you - Banana Punch is a punchy specimen that means business. An Indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 22%, you really don’t need much of this stuff to have the desired effect.


Engineered by combining the genetics of Banana Kush and Purple Punch, the result is a body-blasting new-generation hybrid that’s got relaxation written all over her. If you can’t get to the paradise beach of your dreams right now, a few joints of this on the couch is probably the next best thing.


Appropriately, subtropical conditions work best when growing Banana Punch Feminized from scratch - she isn’t exactly a fan of cooler climates. Nevertheless, invest the necessary time and effort in an appropriate indoor setting and you’ll be looking at a King’s ransom in quality cannabis after just eight weeks of flowering. And as this is the feminized version, you'll find no pesky male plants out to ruin your crop.



Flavor and Fragrance of Banana Punch Feminized

This is the kind of strain you could easily swap out for your favorite dessert as a zero-calorie alternative. The primary terpene composition of limonene, pinene and caryophyllene present here comes together to create a cacophony of sweet and indulgent tropical fruit scents, dominated primarily by pineapples and bananas, though with a teasing hint of fresh baked goods and a pinch of cinnamon in the background.


As you’d expect, all of the above translates to one of the most decadent and enjoyable taste experiences the weed world has to offer. Buckets of fruity flavors on the inhale and exhale, this time joined by notes of strawberries and blueberries.


The flavor of baked goods is particularly pronounced on the exhale, with a sweet and sickly vanilla aftertaste that sticks around indefinitely.


The fact that Banana Punch doesn’t have the quintessential ‘skunk’ stink makes her a comparatively simple strain to keep under wraps, as an added bonus. As rich and dense as the smoke may be, it’s just about as smooth and soothing as it gets on the airways.




Here’s where Banana Punch Feminized really comes into her own, combining a quintessential Indica body stone with a soaring sense of euphoria that lingers throughout. It’s a surprisingly balanced experience for an Indica-heavy specimen, though this is all to the strain's credit.


Every last shred of stress, negativity and pessimism is blasted into oblivion with a few gentle tokes, leaving you looking at the world around you with nothing but positivity and love.


Inspiration and creativity come on in waves, the desire to socialize is impossible to resist, and you’ll have the drive to take on pretty much anything that comes your way. The initial uplift can be quite racy and hard to handle, but quickly gives way to a lingering sense of pure positivity that sticks around indefinitely.


Give things around an hour or so and the body stone starts making its presence known, gradually creeping towards the toes with a feeling of warmth and weight. Couch-lock isn’t out of the question, but moderate consumption of Banana Punch can be just the thing to enhance almost any period of pure relaxation.


Whether it’s on the couch, in the garden or at the beach, this is a strain to make those perfect moments even more idyllic.


Just be sure to take those first few tokes carefully, as the initial cerebral uplift can be disconcerting for novices. Especially if you happen to score a particularly potent batch - Banana Punch Fem can contain more than 25% THC in some instances.



Medical Uses of Banana Punch Feminized

Getting to work on body and brain with equal effectiveness, Banana Punch has a practically endless list of potential medical applications. All types of physical and psychological complaints can be eased temporarily, just as long as you know exactly how much you can tolerate!


The mood-boosting properties of Banana Punch Fem are fantastic for getting to work on mild to moderate cases of depression, anxiety, stress and general mood issues. PTSD patients have also reported positive experiences after switching to this herb, as have individuals with bipolar disorder.


Physically, this stuff is said to be as good as just about any OTC painkiller money can buy - only with none of the synthetic ingredients or potential side effects, as a bonus.


Popular uses for Banana Punch include alleviations of the symptoms of migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and dysmenorrhea. This hybrid is also said to be effective in the alleviation of nausea and poor appetite associated with chemotherapy and similar treatments.


Owing to the potential for this pot to be a particularly potent and powerful strain with an average 23% THC, newcomers to therapeutic cannabis are advised to tread carefully – particularly when experimenting with medical marijuana for the first time.



Growing Banana Punch Feminized Seeds    

The most important thing to factor in if you're planning to grow Banana Punch Feminized is her preference for consistently warm and sunny conditions. Unless it is permanently in the mid-20°C outdoors during the day, you’ll need to set up your grow indoors.


Banana Punch also responds well to a relatively high humidity level, which is something to bear in mind.


Other than this, this herb isn't a strain that demands a huge amount of TLC to deliver superb results. Organic soil is just as good as a hydro setup, so you really don’t need to go to extremes with equipment and accessories. Flowering times average around eight weeks, after which you could be looking at a haul by approximately 500g for every square meter grow space.


Resisting the temptation to harvest early is one of the biggest challenges, as the multicolored buds that form during the flowering stage are simply irresistible. As this is the feminized version of Banana Punch, you won’t have to worry about male plants posing a threat to your females.




Anyone on the lookout for a decadent and delicious dessert strain really needs to add Banana Punch Feminized to their stash box. Along with being one of the most delicious strains ever to exist, she also impresses with a fantastically balanced high that takes the brain and body on the ride of a lifetime.


An epic choice for both social situations and afternoons alone, these buds are all about injecting enjoyment and appreciation into everything you do. You’ll appreciate your surroundings on a level you never knew possible, while savoring the flavor of a five-star dessert strain like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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