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Lemon Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge in an era where the marijuana market is heavily saturated with so many damn sweet strains to try. Even so, Lemon Diesel Feminized manages to make herself known, easily recognized by her sour-lemon and fuel scent...

A Masseuse for the Mind


Bud Basics

Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge in an era where the marijuana market is heavily saturated with so many damn sweet strains to try. Even so, Lemon Diesel Feminized manages to make herself known, easily recognized by her sour-lemon and fuel scent.


Always in high demand, the genetic origins of this ganja are a mystery yet to be revealed, as many breeders have created variants of this cannabis. The one thing that most seem to be able to agree on though, is that once upon a time, the original version was a cross between Lost Coast OG and California Sour.


A 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid and winner of the Emerald Cup in 2010, this strain’s effects make her highly valued - as you’d expect from THC levels that vary from 16% up to 23%. She boasts a slow-building body high than even the most experienced tokers can enjoy, whilst keeping your mind buzzing with energy and positivity by drawing on her Sativa side.


Amongst the medicinal marijuana community, Lemon Diesel Fem is also making waves, providing temporary relief from mild pain and more potent relief from stress and depression due to her mood-boosting, mind-clearing properties.


Growing this ganja isn’t one for newbies, but neither do you need to be chock-full of experience to give it a try. With all-fem seeds, some of the work is done for you, but Lemon Diesel still needs care and attention to thrive - and to reap that all-important harvest at the end of it.



Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Diesel Feminized

Breaking open the buds of Lemon Diesel Fem releases a sour lemon scent with a skunky aroma, that becomes more noticeably chemical and petrol-like as you continue to inhale.


Certainly an unmistakable fragrance, hardcore users love the scent of this strain, though newbies may take some convincing at first.


When combusted, the tangy citrus and diesel flavors combine on the tongue, and those with a more refined palate may note hints of pepper in her flavor profile.




Truly a strain that creeps up on you, Lemon Diesel Fem’s effects take some time to kick in, but are entirely worth the wait. Once she hits.


This head-high is like a masseuse for the mind, gently soothing and easing out the kinks to create an uplifted, euphoric buzz all through your brain.


Boosting your energy levels, your focus and inviting creativity, the blissful cerebral ride of this weed will quickly turn sociable, and you’ll find yourself chattering away while her Indica side begins to manifest.


That relaxation slowly takes over, spreading from top to toe to release tension and settle those frazzled nerves - though don’t take that to mean that Lemon Diesel will couchlock you, quite the opposite, you’ll find activity is very much still on the cards.


Rarely seen in a strain that’s Indica-dominant, productivity is still increased with a hit of these buds, as the Sativa effects rise to the occasion. Though this will linger for a few hours, the calming body-buzz this hybrid brings on will eventually begin to take over, and you’ll find yourself with some serious munchies.


An excellent after-work strain, Lemon Diesel Feminized is ideal for adding a little extra vigor to your afternoon, to get you through those evening activities without the need for a coffee that’ll keep you awake half of the night. A joint of this stuff is great for pursuing hobbies or smoking before a party to really bring out the extravert in any shy introvert.



Medical Uses of Lemon Diesel Feminized

As a therapeutic strain, this is a specimen that’s abundant with benefits and well-loved by those in the cannabis community seeking medicinal marijuana.


For those suffering from stress or depression, the uplifting euphoric effects courtesy of Lemon Diesel’s Sativa side can banish low mood and intrusive negative thoughts with just one joint, instead filling you with mellow, happier thoughts for temporary relief. Do note though - larger doses of this strain can be overwhelming, and this isn’t a great choice for those with PTSD or anxiety.


For those struggling with chronic fatigue, the energy boost this strain provides can be of great benefit, and give you that push you need to get through the day.


There are also some analgesic benefits to Lemon Diesel Fem, as she’s often used to relieve the symptoms of joint pain, arthritis and migraines. Some reports also state that this is a great strain for low libido and treating erectile dysfunction.


Because of the intense munchies you’ll get once you start to wind down from this baby, patients wishing to stimulate their appetites can find this strain to be beneficial, whether she’s providing relief from nausea and vomiting, or the lack of appetite associated with chemotherapy and cancer.


Lemon Diesel Feminized is clearly a valuable strain, but that doesn’t mean she’s without drawbacks. Dry eyes and mouth are common side effects of most cannabis strains, and can be rectified by increasing your hydration - but in the rarer cases of those new to marijuana or with low THC tolerances, heightened paranoia and anxiety could be a concern.



Growing Lemon Diesel Feminized Seeds

Effort and experience are key here - she’s not a strain for newbies, but neither is Lemon Diesel Feminized the hardest ganja to grow, either. She’s already resistant to most common molds and pests, so it only takes some work on your part before she’ll mature into a generous yield of gorgeous nugs.


The tall, neon green colas of this strain are only medium-sized, but particularly dense. The plant herself appears largely white and translucent, despite boasting great and purple leaves - largely due to her glistening frosting of trichomes. But as these plants mature, those long yellow pistils (hairs) will darken to an orange-amber color.


For those growing her indoors, Lemon Diesel will prosper in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup provided she receives the proper nutrients and light management. She’ll flower for around 9 to 10 weeks if you care for her right, and will reward you handsomely with a yield of between 350 and 400 grams per square meter. Do remember to take precautions to stop the odor escaping with this hybrid though, as she’s pungent.


Outdoor growers will find this strain truly thrives in nature, though. She’ll flourish best in a sunny and warm climate, and can be harvested by mid-October in the northern hemisphere. If all goes to plan, you’ll be reaping around 500 grams of beauteous buds.




100% ganja worth blazing, Lemon Diesel Fem might have a touch of mystery about her, but that doesn’t mean that her reputation isn’t well deserved. Her flavor might take some getting used to, as though the lemon tang is delicious, the diesel, fuel notes that dominate are on an entirely new level and can be odd to the taste buds for newbies.


That said, her effects can be argued with – these buds are bliss. Slow-building head highs that wash away negative thoughts and fill your mind with cerebral, euphoric joy combine with a body-buzz that doesn’t couchlock and leaves you chattering and able to move around. As a therapeutic strain, Lemon Diesel holds her own, functioning as a mild pain reliever and a potent psychological aide for those suffering from stress and depression.


If you’re after a stash of your very own, don’t be too put off - she’s an intermediate strain and a little experience is likely enough to succeed - she’s got some resilience to lean on. But don’t expect those all-fem seeds to do all the work for you. If you want tasty nugs, you’ve got to give it your all.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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