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Supreme High THC Feminized Mix-12 Seeds
SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme High THC Feminized Mix is probably the best mix of high thc cannabis seed you will ever find; premium quality seeds at a great price.

Try your hand at veterans’ faves with the high THC feminized seed mix from SeedSupreme. You get high-quality cannabis seeds from 3 legendary powerhouse strains and save $40! Get growing and introduce diversity to your sky-high adventure.


About the high THC feminized seed mix


Our high THC feminized seed mix promises to take you sky high without abandoning the consistent quality of cannabis superstars. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?


Modern seed breeding is a marvelous thing. Endless hybrids now feature tremendous THC levels, leaving you spoiled for choice. In our minds, though, nothing beats the classics.


For that reason, we’ve picked three quintessential powerful cultivars and put them together in our high THC feminized seed mix.


There’s no need to rummage through the massive selection at SeedSupreme to find these potent pot exemplars. They’re all right here, sitting in a specialized feminized seed variety pack.


This set has it all, combining the best of our feminized seeds and highest THC strains. It’s choice for veterans, high-tolerance stoners, people hoping to get more value for their money, and everybody wants to experience the psychoactive punch.


Why would you have to choose one or make three separate purchases? We’ve handpicked top-shelf weed strains that fit this criterion and combined them in a pack you can get at one low price.


Be warned, though. You’re getting these beauties in a mix, not three separate bags. Pay close attention as they grow to separate your crop. Alternatively, go all inand surprise yourself every time you take.


Which strains do you get with the high-THC feminized seed mix, then?


Bruce Banner feminized

We can hardly think of a strain more aptly-named than Bruce Banner. These cannabis plants are real green monsters, massive and towering. The potency is monumental, hitting you with the great fist of the Hulk in one smooth stroke.


That’s not where the similarities end, either. This high will make you feel like a Ph.D. holder, ready to take on and smash any cognitive challenge.



Sativa-dominant hybrid




Sweet, earthy, fuel


Creative, focused, relaxed

Flowering time

8–9 weeks

Growing difficulty



8–17 oz./m² indoors / 17 oz./plant outdoors


An OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel cross, Bruce Banner is a potent strain that never misses its mark. It deserves a spot in any high THC feminized seed mix, and naturally, it’s the bedrock of ours.


You can sense the might as soon as you break open a cured bud. Earth and fuel scents come out to say hello, preparing you for your journey.


Sweet fruit notes in the aromatic bouquet go hand in hand with relaxation that underpins the jolt of energy with this strain. The indica section of the genome tempers its force into something more manageable.


A puff of this stuff leaves you optimistic and confident in your abilities. Your focus is suddenly laser-sharp, making it effortless to perform physical and mental tasks with renewed energy.


Be sure not to plan a full workday after a puff, though. OG Kush genetics comes out several hours into the ride, lulling you into blissful contentment.


You’ll need a blunt of anything from our high THC feminized seed mix to tackle the Bruce Banner branching. Cultivation is an intermediate challenge, but stamina comes in handy as you’re pruning away.


These plants are robust and resilient but count on regular trimming and branch support.

AK-47 feminized

If Bruce Banner has the perfect name to describe its properties, the situation is quite the opposite with AK-47. This award-winning, quadruple landrace cross is anything but loud and aggressive. 


The astronomical THC levels of these flowers take you sky-high. This time, you’re exploring the fluffy clouds with absolute appreciation and dreamy bliss.



Sativa-dominant hybrid




Fruity, wood, floral


Cerebral, euphoric, calming

Flowering time

8–9 weeks

Growing difficulty



14–19 oz./m² indoors / 28–35 oz./plant outdoors


Despite the confusing misnomer, AK-47’s power warrants its position in our high THC feminized seed mix


These THC levels seem moderate but don’t pass judgment before lighting it up. The terpene blend introduces an entourage effect that sends you flying in no time. 


AK-47 effects are versatile. The high can take you in any direction, from a productive day of endless hustling to a party night with friends or a slow evening at home. 


Whatever you want to do, the THC punch has your back. 


The experience gets even better with the aroma of sweet floral notes and hints of gunpowder. This delectable perfume delights and informs you that you’re dealing with a potent strain.


The influence of a Mexican sativa landrace influences the stimulating high, as well as the growth of vegging plants. Crops don’t get as tall as their stretchy parent, but they’re vigorous.


Outdoor cultivation is preferred here, where the yields are enormous and award every ounce of your effort. Ensure there’s enough overhead space indoors—why would you stunt this stunner?


Prune regularly, and you’ll face no issues with this addition to our feminized seed variety pack that emphasizes potency.


Girl Scout Cookies feminized

Girl Scout Cookies holds its iconic status for several reasons, the primary of which is the unmistakable aroma. Connoisseurs, sweet-tooth stoners, and stinky pot enjoyers looking for a palate cleanser are in love with this strain. 


It’s not all sweet innocence, either. The balanced, euphoric high of this hybrid takes you higher than a sugar rush. 



Balanced hybrid


16–21% THC


Euphoric, relaxed, pain-free


Earthy, sweet, caramel

Flowering time

10 weeks

Growing difficulty



15–17 oz./m² indoors / 17–19 oz./plant outdoors


Blending Durban Poison and OG Kush, this choice for our high THC feminized seed mix displays gorgeous balance.


The equal rate of indica and sativa characteristics promises cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. 


This bud inspires optimism and productivity, perfect for tackling your to-do list or a social setting. After a while, it leaves you in a state of deep physical calm. It’s just what you need for and after a party or a long workday.


Indica qualities are evident in the squat and bushy growth pattern. Resistances are plenty with this beauty, and it delivers abundant harvests with ease. 


Colas smell of skunky earth but add a layer of unmistakable sweetness that has you reaching for a second serving.


These qualities put GSC in any quality feminized seed variety pack. It made its way to this one for its potency, but this cultivar knows that people have limits.


Thanks to the steady nature of the high, its one-two punch is far from overpowering. It’s ideal for stoners of all levels looking to dip their toes in the exciting waters of potent pot.



Once you get your psychoactive feminized seed variety pack, it’s time to get growing.


Lucky for you, all three strains are super resilient. What’s more, they all prefer a Mediterranean climate with low humidity levels.


You won’t need to set up three separate grow rooms, courtesy of feminized genetics that eliminates the risk of pollination and new accidental hybrids!


Pay close attention to the requirements of each crop in the mix. For instance, AK-47 needs regular pruning, while Bruce Banner might need some branch support.


As long as you regularly check your strains, growing them together enhances the fun with our high THC feminized seed mix.


Once the buds are cured and ready to smoke, pick and choose the flavor and essence of your high. Other times, why not take yourself on a wild adventure blindly for added adrenaline? 


Whatever your approach ends up being, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. The bud value of these strains is unprecedented.


With this in mind, our high THC feminized seed mix is most suited for growers and stoners with some experience. It adds a wild card to the otherwise straightforward cultivation journey.


Get this cannabis seed pack and double the fun of growing weed at home.


Buy our high THC feminized seed mix

The world of weed strains is enormous. It’s sometimes super fun to rummage the selection in search of your next cultivation project. 


At other times, though, you want quality delivered right to our doorstep. That’s where our high THC feminized seed mix comes into play.


If you’re looking for a place to start exploring THC rulers of the weed world, it’s just the thing for you. 


We orchestrate our mixes and collections to cater to various types of growers and stoners. Everybody gets a stepping stone where enjoyment’s guaranteed.


What’s more, we pack our seeds together to add a bit of mystery to the next weed season. How’s that for keeping things fun and fresh?


Why shop with us and not somebody else, though? You can take advantage of:


  • Numerous seed packs to spice up your weed garden
  • Various payment methods, including cryptocurrency
  • Safe, secure, discreet shipments
  • The highest-quality marijuana seeds from top-shelf American seed banks


Enjoy three familiar classics or try something new with our high THC feminized pack. Check out the educational resources on the site if you have any questions or concerns. Happy growing!

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthMixed
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering TimeMixed
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)