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MK Ultra Feminized Seeds

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Floral and fragrant, these tight nugs are smothered in sticky trichomes that scream potency, and a couple of tokes will have you drifting back into a calm, hypnotic drowsiness that frees the mind from worries...

Hypnotizing Highs from this Mesmerizing Marijuana


Bud Basics

Hypnotic and captivating, it’s no wonder that MK Ultra Feminized was named for the notorious mental manipulation research that the CIA conducted in the 50s. Though those experiments were more than a little secretive (not to mention controversial), this weed is an open book.


The hybrid lovechild of OG Kush and G13, this weed (also known as MKU) is a mix of two strains that might be considered contrasting. Indica-heavy, the latter lends her blissful body-stone blanket and the former gives this hybrid her stress-relieving properties and euphoria. The combination can only be described as trancey as hell, mesmeric and excellent at bringing on tranquil, drowsy couchlock.


For veteran smokers, this award-winning strain is a particular favorite - though after bagging 2003’s Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and 2nd place in 2004, newer tokers are inclined to give these credentials a chance.


Medicinal consumers are already on board, as MK Ultra Fem is a potent psychological relief from a variety of ailments, and a decent pain reliever due to her deeply relaxing properties and 21% THC content.


Feminized and festive in all her trichome-laden glory, this earthy, floral weed will delight experienced cannabis cultivators and grow well even when those with little to no ability give growing a go. Outdoors, MK Ultra takes care of herself, and indoors a controlled environment is enough to have average yields in around 9 weeks.



Flavor and Fragrance of MK Ultra Feminized

Floral and fragrant, MK Ultra Fem has a scent reminiscent of pine and damp earth, intensely tangy and certain to have you going back for more.


This sweet and pungent aroma, when combusted, develops further into a creamy smoke with undertones of wood and a sugariness that lingers on the tongue and coats the mouth.




Hard-hitting and fast-acting, MK Ultra Feminized is no strain for newbies, and even veteran smokers should consider their dose before opting for more than normal if they want to avoid falling off to sleep.


The high THC content of this strain means that the surreal cerebral high the weed provides is calming while inducing a hypnotic drowsiness that keeps you giddy and smiling, drawing on her Sativa side before heading into the Indica highlights.


Considered to be one of the most potent Indica strains available, it doesn’t take much (a toke or two at most) to knock even seasoned cannabis consumers flat on their back, ushering in peaceful sensations that overtake the mind and body and leave you chilled and happy for hours.


The dazed and blissful mental flight that MK Ultra brings on can’t be compared to the effect of any other strain - you’ll be wrapped up in an inner calm that keeps thoughts away from worries, leaving you free to drift into a deep body stone. Truly hypnotized as your eyes grow heavy and your lids drop.


If you hadn’t gathered already, this is definitely a strain for evenings and weekends - you’ll get absolutely nothing done after a few tokes, so don’t make any plans other than lazing and lounging around.


Of course, there’s the possibility of adverse side effects… cottonmouth, dry, itchy and bloodshot eyes and dizziness are fairly common, but can be avoided by drinking plenty of water while you smoke, and not overdoing it. If you feel this dizziness heightening, put the joint down - it can sometimes lead to paranoia and anxiety, which is usually a symptom of sensitivity to THC. If so, switch to a lower THC strain.



Medical Uses of MK Ultra Feminized

Many in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community consider MK Ultra Fem’s best qualities to lie in the medicinal arena, and the strain is well-regarded for her therapeutic benefits.


The feeling of lightness and relaxation associated with this weed and her gentle euphoria has been reported to ease the suffering of those with psychological conditions such as stress, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD. By bestowing feelings of peace and tranquility and calming the nerves, consumers will find their minds cleared of worries and concerns, and able to fully relax.


MK Ultra is also well-favored by consumers looking for a weed that can alleviate chronic and severe pain. For those with muscle spasms, PMS and arthritis, this strain can provide great comfort and temporary relief from debilitating symptoms.


Due to the extreme soporific effects of this ganja, many struggling with insomnia have found solace in a spliff of this, as the Indica side of the strain induces a long, deep and restorative sleep.


For those suffering from lack of appetite, the extreme hunger and munchies brought on by a joint of MK Ultra Feminized might just do the trick - particularly for cancer patients struggling with chemotherapy-induced nausea.



Growing MK Ultra Feminized Seeds

If you’re looking for a description of MK Ultra Feminized, think of a Christmas tree. Bushy, no taller than 150 centimeters, with vivid green elongated leaves, this is a particularly festive looking strain. Normally decorate your tree with snow? This weed is thickly coated with thick, frosty resin.


But her beauty isn’t the only reason this hybrid is so well-loved by cannabis cultivators - she doesn’t demand too much energy and attention, and her yield is decent, so she’s an excellent choice for those new to growing their own weed. You’re practically guaranteed success!


Since these seeds are feminized, there’s no need to stress yourself about weeding out and discarding males in the batch. Just plant them and wait for the nugs - but in a controlled environment of course.


MK Ultra works well in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup and will flower for around 8 to 9 weeks before you can reap in her harvest, which is usually around 1.14 ounces per square foot.


Cannabis cultivators that prefer the great outdoors should select a space with lots of sunshine and then leave this lady to nature. In the northern hemisphere, harvest time should fall between late September and early October, and yields can reach up to 6 ounces of tasty, trichome-laden buds.




Not quite as scary as the CIA experiments, MK Ultra Feminized can still knock flat even the most seasoned of tokers - but that’s all part of the fun. Floral and fragrant, these tight nugs are smothered in sticky trichomes that scream potency, and a couple of tokes will have you drifting back into a calm, hypnotic drowsiness that frees the mind from worries.


This blissful blanket of relaxation makes MKU well-loved for her therapeutic benefits, and she’ll help sufferers of physiological and psychological ailments alike to find relief and comfort from symptoms of the body and mind.


Even those with no growing skills will likely find that growing this ganja is a simple task -  controlling her environment indoors is as complicated as it gets, and no real knowledge is required at all if you grow her outdoors. Feminized seeds take some of the work out of the equation, and her average yields are more than worth the very little effort you’ll expend.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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