Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds

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Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds

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One glance at these sparklings nugs, laden with trichomes, will tell you just exactly how potent this pot is - but smoking Strawberry Banana Feminized’s sweet and fruity banana essence can be deceiving...

Sweet, Smooth and Mellow


Bud Basics

Indisputably mouth-watering, Strawberry Banana Feminized (aka Strawnana) is a treat for the senses, with a fresh banana and berry scent that’s much like a smoothie, with creamy smoke to cap it off. Bred from Strawberry and Banana Kush, her flavor profile comes as no surprise, but her parents bestowed an abundance of other gifts on this ganja too.


Indica-dominant with a THC content of between 17% and 23%, this pot is potent indeed, but remains mellow in the buzz she provides. Inducing a relaxed, euphoric sensation in tokers, this delectable weed works to relax the body and mind simultaneously to provide a tranquil state of bliss that’s accompanied by a mildly trippy cerebral effect.


The combination of mental and physical effects from Strawberry Banana make her a potent medicinal cannabis, and patients struggling with stress, anxiety and depression have found that the reprieve she provides is one of a kind.


Thanks to her sedating qualities, she’s also a therapeutic, natural alternative to traditional pain medication. One used for the management of various chronic conditions by tokers across the globe.


Since this strain is easy to cultivate even for novices, there’s no excuse not to get started on your own batch of these feminized beans. This herb is hardy and resilient to minor blunders and requires no more than an average grow room can provide to thrive. And that’s not to mention that the typically Indica structure of this specimen makes her a particularly heavy yielder, even before growth-boosting techniques are put into place.



Flavor and Fragrance of Strawberry Banana Feminized

Breaking apart the nugs of Strawberry Banana Feminized, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the fresh banana fragrance of this weed, which is far more prominent than her more subtle strawberry notes. Sweet with a mildly fruity twist, this herb also emits notes of spice and hash that are a nod to her OG Kush roots, and the overall impression is one of warmth.


When combusted, the smoke is smooth and creamy with berry notes that linger on the tongue and a milder banana kick.




Though potent at 20% THC, Strawberry Banana Fem presents with only a mild initial buzz, and though this intensifies as time goes on, it remains fairly mellow thanks to her Indica-dominance. Powerfully relaxing, this ganja ousts negative thoughts, stress and worries from the mind without overwhelming, and subtly sharpens the senses to stimulate visual and auditory perceptions.


Some tokers have reported that this stimulation can border on psychedelia, making for a trippy ride that’s a good accompaniment to consuming media such as television and music with friends. This cannabis can also boost creativity, and is well-loved by artists, writers, painters and musicians.


The cerebral influence of this cannabis is swiftly followed by a physical sensation that’s calming and tends to induce a soft and heavy feeling throughout the body.


Though not intensely sedating to start with, you’re unlikely to feel motivated to move while you enjoy this sensation. This weed is best paired with easygoing activities that don’t require too much participation.


Eventually, the sleepy side of this weed will take hold, manifesting first as a drowsy, lethargic feeling that’s still pleasant to unwind with. Gradually this will grow stronger until the call of the couch or bed is hard to ignore, your eyelids begin to drop, and you fall into a long, deep and restorative sleep.


Of course, like most strains, Strawberry Banana Feminized comes with the addition of a few unwanted effects. Most common are dry, red eyes and cottonmouth, which are easily alleviated with OTC eye drops and drinking plenty of water.


Since this herb is deceptively potent, those sensitive to THC or new to consuming marijuana should consider a milder strain, as over-consumption can lead to headaches, dizziness, heightened anxiety and increased paranoia.



Medical Uses of Strawberry Banana Feminized

Though toking Strawberry Banana Feminized doesn’t quite count as consuming fruit for nutritional value, that doesn’t mean that aren’t potent health-giving properties to this weed that can benefit the body and the mind. The fact that this fruity pot is far more flavorful than the average synthetic medication doesn’t hurt, either.


The cerebral side of this hybrid is known to be useful in the treatment of various mental health concerns.


Boasting anxiolytic and antidepressant properties, Strawberry Banana is capable of reducing negative and intrusive thoughts and normalizing dopamine and serotonin uptake in the brain. As such, those seeking medicinal marijuana (MMJ) for the purposes of managing stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD will find that this herb is a choice strain.


Whilst clearing the head to make way for more pleasant thoughts, this weed also functions to clear away pain and inflammation, functioning as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that’s suitable for the treatment of migraines, arthritis, PMS, multiple sclerosis and various other chronic conditions.


In addition to this, the deep and restful sleep that overtakes tokers as Strawberry Banana Fem’s high winds down is a quality that’s much sought after by those struggling with chronic fatigue or amnesia.



Growing Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds

A particularly exceptional example of an Indica strain, Strawberry Banana Feminized is stocky in structure, with robust, sturdy branches that hide beneath her ample, wide-fingered foliage. With one large central cola and many smaller, secondary budding sites, it’s no surprise that this plant is a high yielder that doesn’t need additional growth-boosting techniques.


That said, there’s no harm in topping her and increasing her feeding, just to make the most of her size.


Fairly forgiving of small mistakes or errors and pre-feminized, this strain is well-suited to novice growers and will grow in most environments, whether indoors or out. The average grow room should be able to accommodate Strawberry Banana without the need for additional adjustments, and she’ll flourish in organic soil or hydroponics, with Relative Humidity (RH) levels of between 40% and 50%, and an average temperature of around 21°C.


Once Strawberry Banana Fem reaches the later part of her flowering stage, her vivid green leaves will begin to lighten to a lovely shade of yellow, and her buds will similarly brighten to reveal pale orange pistils (hairs) and a shimmering coat of trichomes.


To enhance coloration further, growers can expose the plant to cooler temperatures to bring out purple tones, which won’t change her potency, but will boost bag appeal.


A Sea of Green (SOG) technique, employed in a controlled setup will increase the already substantial yields of this strain. These beauties are capable of a final yield between 450 and 550 grams of glittering nugs per square meter - sticky with trichomes, these are ideal for use in making hash.


If you prefer to cultivate outdoors, ideal locations are those such as the Mediterranean, southern Europe or Australia, where temperatures are optimal, warm and dry. This strain flowers for around 9 weeks, and in the northern hemisphere is ready for harvesting at the end of October, for a reward of 600 to 700 grams per plant.




One glance at these sparklings nugs, laden with trichomes, will tell you just exactly how potent this pot is - but smoking Strawberry Banana Feminized’s sweet and fruity banana essence can be deceiving. Though her effects are often described as mellow, there’s no doubt about the pleasant and uplifted mental state this herb induces, and her simultaneously sedating body-stone.


Given the wide range of effects these buds induce, their capability as MMJ has never been in question. This stuff is an effective painkiller, bursting with properties that can alleviate various mental health concerns without breaking a sweat.


For beginners with a sweet tooth, Strawberry Banana is a great choice to develop your skills, as she’s resilient and hardy, and capable of surviving most little blunders. Average temperature and RH controls are required, but she’s not fussy about substrates and will yield well whether you leave her alone or utilize training techniques - the choice is yours.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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