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Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds

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This sativa rose to prominence during the countercultural movement of the 60s and has remained a star since. It’s been featured in many novels, songs, films, and old-schoolers’ fondest memories. Now’s the time for you to partake in its golden nugs.

Would you like to experience one of the oldest cannabis strains? You’re in luck: our store stocks the highest-quality Acapulco Gold seeds for sale.


This sativa rose to prominence during the countercultural movement of the 60s and has remained a star since. It’s been featured in many novels, songs, films, and old-schoolers’ fondest memories. Now’s the time for you to partake in its golden nugs.


The burned toffee taste, uplifting high, and cultural significance make this strain sought-after among historians, daytimers, and sweet tooth tokers. Discover its origin, growing requirements, flavors, effects, medical uses, and where to get its seeds.


Bud origin


Acapulco Gold is a cult classic. It emerged in Acapulco, Mexico, and got popularized in the US during the Hippie movement. Its allure lies in its potency, sweet taste, and euphoric effects.


It’s believed this strain is a landrace: one of the originals responsible for the massive modern marijuana market. It was superior to the Texan and Californian strains Americans smoked in the 60s, which led to its widespread acclaim.


Acapulco Gold’s name stems from its buds’ semblance to gold nuggets. For a while, it was synonymous with high-quality cannabis. In 2014, High Times included it in their 25 Greatest Strains of All Time.


This strain is central to cannabis history. It was the symbol of expected legalization in the late 60s. It also fathered countless cultivars, including the renowned Skunk #1 feminized.


The strain fell off as the market turned to indoor weed, but its popularity re-surged in recent years. Time-tested and steadfast, Acapulco Gold strain seeds are now facing a renaissance.


Growing Acapulco Gold seeds


Acapulco Gold seeds develop into lanky plants with a preference for tropical climates. They boast incredible genetic stability, consistently producing towering, high-yielding phenotypes.


The strain grows best in organic soil outdoors but can produce hefty indoor harvests with tight climate control. American cultivators might employ greenhouses to satisfy their need for natural sunlight and tropical weather.


Indoor plants in limited spaces remain under four feet tall, while outdoor ones may reach seven feet. They’re skinny and thin-fingered, minimizing the need to prune for airflow and light penetration. The Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique can improve the harvest potential.


Acapulco Gold is an easy plant to grow. It needs plenty of sunlight, moderate food and water, and a pest-free environment. As long as you meet these requirements, it thrives with minimal external assistance.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Acapulco Gold thrives in environments resembling its native Mexican climate. In practice, this means high heat, high humidity, and plenty of sunlight. The plants can tolerate up to 85% air moisture but suffer in cold and dry weather.


Sow outdoors in regions with balmy or muggy summers, choosing sunny spots with a light breeze. Carry the pots indoors if the temperature falls beneath 65°F.


Indoor growers should maintain a 70–80°F temperature in vegging and 75–85°F in flowering. The humidity should be 50–60% and 40–50%, respectively. Slowly increase heat and reduce moisture while moving between stages.


Feeding Acapulco Gold


Sativa plants generally display moderate appetites and susceptibility to nutrient burn. Acapulco Gold is no exception, so err on the side of caution while fertilizing the medium.


Don’t feed 2–3 weeks post-germination, as seedlings don’t need supplements. Start young plants on a half-dose of nitrogen-rich vegging fertilizer and gradually increase the dose as they stretch. Watch for nutrient burn throughout the stage.


Supply plants with a half-and-half blend of vegging and phosphorus-rich nutrients in pre-flowering. Transition to a flower-time fertilizer when the bud sites begin forming. Stop feeding ten days before the harvest and flush the medium to ensure a cleaner fragrance.


Consider going organic to avoid nutrient troubles with this finicky sativa. Living and super soils should meet its needs without added fertilizer.


Flowering & yields


When you grow Acapulco Gold feminized, each plant becomes a prolific bud-bearer. Thin pistil hairs combine into bud sites and start thickening within four weeks. Your grow room emanates strong scents, necessitating a carbon filter to keep things discreet.


Feed with phosphorus and potassium, reduce the watering frequency, and stop training plants in this stage. Focus on stress reduction to increase their productive potential.


The foliage goes yellow and may start falling off as plants ripen. The buds shimmer in deep yellows and browns, with a light dusting on crystal trichomes at peak maturity.


Indoor phenotypes yield around 17 ounces of weed per square meter after a 9–10 week flowering period. Outdoor gardens are harvest-ready by mid-October, carrying upwards of 52 ounces of bud per plant.


Experiencing Acapulco Gold weed


Smoking Acapulco Gold weed is akin to waking up on the right side of the bed. It leaves you feeling happy, motivated, and larger than life.


With 15–23% THC and under 1% CBD, this weed packs a psychoactive punch but doesn’t incapacitate. The high lasts 2–3 hours from the final puff, giving you a mid-length, manageable boost.


People commonly blaze these buds as morning kick-starts or afternoon pick-me-ups. Besides recreational use for enjoyment, it’s suitable for creatives, type-A personalities, and anybody with a long to-do list.


This strain delivers a quintessential sativa high. It begins with a mood uplift and enhanced cerebral activity. Your focus sharpens, your disposition brightens, and you’re ready for creative and social endeavors.


The high is clean and rarely disorienting. Acapulco Gold makes you pleasantly clear-headed and capable of carrying on conversations or productive tasks. This effect is super-valuable, as motivation to get things done skyrockets after several puffs.


The mental uplift translates into physical energy. This cultivar infuses your body with power, leaving you light on your toes and ready to partake in activities. The boost dissipates as you sober up, but you’re not left drowsy.


Despite its moderate potency, practice careful consumption with this cultivar. Overindulgence may lead to red eyes, cottonmouth, headaches, jitters, and paranoia. You can offset these side effects by staying hydrated and sticking to your limits.


Aroma and flavor


Acapulco Gold is caryophyllene-dominant, spicy, and multi-layered. The bouquet contains herbal myrcene, fruity linalool, floral terpinolene, and citrusy limonene.


Ripening flowers smell like earth and wood, becoming muskier with curing. Connoisseurs can already detect the fruit and spice while grinding the buds.


Combustion makes these fragrances come to life. The scent of a lit blunt is reminiscent of coffee, caramel, or honey: creamy, sugary, and slightly burned. The spice may make rookies cough, but the velvety smoke lessens the throat-tickling effect.


The fragrance matches the flavor. The smoke is earthy-simple as you inhale but develops a chestnut and fruit taste on the exhale. A nutmeg-cinnamon aftertaste lingers on the palate.


What does it help with?


While medical users often turn to indica seeds, some prefer energizing therapy. Acapulco Gold gained traction in the community thanks to its uplifting and rejuvenating properties. According to users, it can also alleviate mild pains and aches.


The cultivar’s main therapeutic uses are for mental health. Its feel-good effects silence stressful and negative thoughts and uplift the mood. They offer a positive outlook to individuals struggling with tension, anxiety, and depression.


Fatigue and focus are its other significant applications. This weed jolts the mind and body into action, sharpening concentration and encouraging movement. It might aid people with ADHD and chronic diseases.


The effect profile may aid folks looking to manage pain while staying productive. Its chemicals might soothe inflammation and reduce pain perception, letting you push through your day.


Despite its sativa dominance, Acapulco Gold belongs to the category of weed that gives you munchies. It might help people struggling with nausea and low appetite without making them sleepy like an indica would.


Buy Acapulco Gold feminized seeds from Seed Supreme


Would you like to raise and savor this strain at home? You’re in the right place: our library features the highest-quality Acapulco Gold seeds for sale.


Shop with us to set yourself up for cultivation success. Our feminized seeds ensure you get a garden of healthy, bud-bearing females from every batch.


We stock seeds from the market’s top breeders, ensuring consistent germination rates and healthy seedlings. They also contain only the X chromosome, reducing the risk of rogue males and accidental pollination.


Do you have modest or lofty gardening ambitions? No matter, we have seed packs for all preferences:


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Strain Profile
GeneticsMexican x Skunk x Apple Pie
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyMostly Sativa
CBD ContentMedium (1-5%)
Flowering Time9–10 week
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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