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Lemon Tree Feminized Seeds

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Boasting an energizing and enlivening high, this strain will focus and motivate even the laziest toker to get up and go - and as such can be used as a potent medicinal strain for stress relief, easing depression and as a guiding hand for attention disorders...

Energizing & Enlivening with Tangy, Tantalizing Twists


Bud Basics

To create an award-winning, balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid of such quality as Lemon Tree, you have to draw upon genetics that are already iconic in their flavor, fragrance and effects.


Lemon Skunk lends her Indica-leanings and lemony flavors to this hybrid herb, while her tempered taste and invigorating mental high is provided by the Sativa legend that is Sour Diesel. These complementary strains combine to create a pot that awakens and enlivens both the mind and the taste buds within moments of taking a toke.


Winner of Best Hybrid at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, tangy with the zest of lemon and sweet with the scent of pine, the scents and flavors of this strain are refreshing and delicious - with just a tiny twist of Sour D’s fuel notes to level things out.


While you’re still pondering the tastiness of Lemon Tree Feminized, this 20% to 25% THC quick hitter will already be filling you with a buzzing, motivational energy that hones focus and pushes you to achieve before she winds you down to tranquility.


As a medical strain, Lemon Tree Fem is abundant with therapeutic benefits for those suffering from attention disorders and stress - and she holds her own as a pain reliever for mild aches and pains, too.


Growing this ganja is a little tricky, as she’s a tall plant that requires knowledge of topping and stress training if you really want her to flourish. Still, Lemon Tree is strong, and recovers quickly from such techniques if her environment is right - and her hefty harvests make it worthwhile.



Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Tree Feminized

A bag of Lemon Tree buds will tantalize with bold and tangy, zesty lemon notes that are sharp and acidic - and perfectly tempered by the sweet pine undertones that balance out the scent's skunkier leanings.


Once you light up, you’ll notice a fuel-like note that adds an extra little twist to the flavor, making for a particularly smooth and pleasant pot that’s usually either instant love - or instant hate.




If you’re one to start your day with a huge cup of coffee, then you’ll love Lemon Tree Feminized - instant in her onset, the energetic buzz and uplifting effects of this strain will beat a caffeine rush any day.


By replenishing your vigor and bringing on a profound mental clarity, this hybrid herb gets you motivated and keeps you on track to complete your goals. Since she heightens your focus, too, you’ll find that distractions disappear, and you’ll be so drawn into whatever you’re doing, you’ll be finished before you know it.


After a while, the body-buzz of Lemon Tree will begin to take effect, in the form of a light pressure that softens the muscles and lifts tension from the body. This feeling will gradually deepen to warm, tingly relaxation that has you feeling lighter than air.


Most tokers will tell you that this strain will have the hunger pangs hitting pretty quickly, so prepping snacks and nibbles before you light up is a great idea if you don’t want to be rummaging in the fridge.


Since she comes in at around 23% THC content, this isn’t a strain for messing around with - even veteran smokers might find that this disorienting high knocks them flat. For newbies, that might lead to adverse effects, with such a mind-bending high lending itself to potentially heightened anxiety, so approach with caution.



Medical Uses of Lemon Tree Feminized

Zesty and tangy in flavor and in effects, the combined result of Lemon Tree Fem’s terpenes and cannabinoids makes this strain a well-balanced choice for those in the medical marijuana community (MMJ).


Capable of blunting both physical pain and the symptoms of psychological afflictions, the mood-elevating properties of this strain make her an excellent herb for relieving stress and depression, whilst sharpening and focusing the mind in a manner that can be beneficial for sufferers of attention deficit disorders, such as ADHD. Plus, the upbeat mood and motivation for accomplishment induced by Lemon Tree can do wonders for those struggling with PTSD.


Aside from the therapeutic effects for mental symptoms, this weed is also a potent analgesic, capable of relaxing the body to mitigate muscle spasms, while simultaneously easing and soothing everyday aches to more chronics pains and inflammation.



Growing Lemon Tree Feminized Seeds

Lemon Tree Feminized is a strong, fairly tall specimen that will require growers to use particular techniques to keep her in check. She’ll flourish in both hydroponic setups or in organic soil, and grows well in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup - but at up to 200cm in height, she’ll need topping soon enough.


Once this plant has 3 or 4 nodes, you’ll need to top her and then ensure that her environment is optimal for her to recover from the injury - good lighting, temperature and humidity are all important at this stage.


Soon, your plants will begin to stretch, and will respond well to vertical training methods like staking and bending. And don’t forget to keep these beauties regularly pruned, to invite lateral growth.


After two weeks of her vegetative stage, Lemon Tree Fem will grow several branches before her flowering period begins, and at this point we’d recommend a high-stress training technique such as super cropping, to encourage maximum trichome production, and boost the final yield.


Since these seeds are all-fem, the chances of pollination are low, and you’ll end up with 350 to 500 grams of round, dark olive nugs per square meter following 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.


Like most cannabis plants, warm, Mediterranean and tropical climates with plenty of sunshine are ideal for outdoor growing. Though she’ll happily grow in cooler environments, you’ll find these plants only truly thrive in the former, and their flowering period in colder regions is likely to be up to three weeks longer. Either way, once harvested you can expect 500 grams of buds per plant.




A sweet and satisfying strain that showcases how well-balanced the buds of modern breeding can be, Lemon Tree Feminized is immediate in her onset and cerebral elevation, invigorating the body and mind better than a cup of Joe, and arguably tastier.


Boasting an energizing and enlivening high, this strain will focus and motivate even the laziest toker to get up and go - and as such can be used as a potent medicinal strain for stress relief, easing depression and as a guiding hand for attention disorders.


Her tangy lemon and pine notes will greet you as you break apart Lemon Tree’s tasty nugs, but to get to that stage you first have to get through growing her. She’s strong and fairly sturdy, but as a larger lady she takes some work if you want to control her height and boost those yields. These nugs are worth it - huge and resinous - but you’ll have to wait up to 9 weeks before you can truly enjoy them - longer if you grow yours outdoors.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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