Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized Seeds

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From generous yielding potential to an average of 18 to 23% THC content and an intense and lengthy psychedelic high bursting with euphoria, it’s easy to see why this herb has enjoyed instant renown...

Deeply Dark, Dank and Delightful


Bud Basics

Indica-dominant Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized mashes together two perennial legends in an awesome hybrid with a truly distinctive flavor profile.


UK fan favorite Cheese brings an abundance of skunkiness and landrace stability to this genetic super ganja, delivering a uniquely decadent sourness that may sound odd to the uninitiated, but to cannabis connoisseurs spell worlds of wonder up ahead.


Meanwhile, West Coast icon Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC) adds her eternally popular Durban Poison and OG Kush dessert-like quality to the mix, sending bag appeal through the roof.


From generous yielding potential to an average of 18 to 23% THC content and an intense and lengthy psychedelic high bursting with euphoria, it’s easy to see why this herb has enjoyed instant renown - and a mystery why these two super strains weren’t bred sooner!


Even more bizarre is the rarity of this stuff - in fact, you’re likely only to lay your hands on a batch of these potent buds if you’ve grown the beauties yourself.


Thankfully, cultivating Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized is not only a relatively easy experience, but also a highly rewarding one - especially if you’re growing outdoors in an optimal Mediterranean-like climate, where these decidedly beautiful specimens can reach heights of a whopping 8 feet tall!



Flavor and Fragrance of Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized

Take the quintessential earthy cookiness of Girl Scout Cookies and throw in the mustiness of Cheese and you’re half-way there. Top that pure decadence off with a splash of OG spiciness and you’re pretty well there.


This hybrid blends caryophyllene, limonene, humulene and myrcene terps like it ain’t no thing, blending the flavor and aroma profiles of her parents as though they were always meant to be together.


It’s very much the same experience for the tongue as the nose, packed with surprisingly complimentary dessert-like qualities that simultaneously reminds of warm sugary pastries and a sour dankness for the ages.




Indica-dominant 21% THC Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized is without a doubt the definition of a swift-hitting evening strain - one with enough potency to knock even unsuspecting seasoned tokers for six.


That said, for those who ride the wave without overindulging, you’ll rarely find this high gets too overwhelming or couchlocking.


Things kick off with a fairly immediate sense of uplifted euphoria that washes away all worries and stress in a matter of minutes, leaving the user with a feeling of floatiness. On occasion, it’s possible this will manifest into strong visual and auditory manipulations, the world around you becoming brighter, sharper, crisper - from SD to HD to 4K in a few blinks of the eyes.


The whole experience can be quite intense if you’re not expecting it, so be sure you’re ready and relaxing somewhere you feel comfortable before your first hit - it’ll go a long way towards soothing your transition from the regular world to the GSC x Cheese-enhanced world.


Often described as a kaleidoscopic kind of high, though you’ll find there is more to these buds than just an intensely cerebral hit.


A pervasive sense of physical sedation sweeps through you almost unnoticed (courtesy of the intensity we’ve already discussed), and while it’s rarely couchlocking in nature, you’ll find your limbs leadening more with each passing minute.


Eventually, when you find yourself a grinning, giggling puddle sinking deeper into your chosen comfy position, Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized will see you peacefully off to the land of dreams for a truly rejuvenating night’s sleep.



Medical Uses of Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized

With CBD sitting around 0.6% and THC as high as 21%, this hybrid was certainly designed with the recreational market in mind - but that’s not to say there aren’t abundant medical uses for Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized.


The high this herb delivers is a powerful aid in the fight against both physical and psychological conditions, though it’s easy to overindulge with marijuana as delicious as this. Anyone with low THC tolerance or new to consuming cannabis should approach with care, dose in moderation and remain hydrated throughout the experience.


Perhaps most prominent on the list of therapeutic benefits is found in the mood-modulating attributes of these buds, which are capable of reversing negativity in a matter of minutes. The likes of stress, concern, depression, anxiety and general malaise simply melt away, leaving the mind free and fresh to explore possibilities - a path far more likely, given the new perspective this pot offers.


When the visual and auditory stimulation switches on, it’s difficult not to consider another point of view or approach to dealing with the demons which haunt our lives, and this can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to turn over a new leaf or figure themselves out.


On the physical side of things, you’ll find Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Fem buds are an effective painkiller capable of alleviating mild and more severe aches and pains - whether caused by a simple headache or a serious condition like Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis.


And when the sedative influence of this hybrid reaches its peak, even patients suffering from insomnia will struggle to keep their eyes open any longer.



Growing Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized Seeds

Since both parent strains are famously renowned simple strains to cultivate, you’ll be pleased to know that growing Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized is a relative walk in the park - one even less experienced cultivators can easily see epic yields from.


The strong landrace genetics inherited from this hybrid’s forebearers make for some considerably tough plants that are both robust enough to fend off common plant problems (like mold, pests or pathogens), and more than capable of supporting their own (hefty) weight.


In fact, there is very little growers will need to do to succeed with this herb.


Firstly, only opt for outdoor cultivation if you’re in an ideal Mediterranean climate for the job - in such conditions, these beauties can reach over 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall and produce the biggest possible yields.


Without such idyllic conditions, set your crop up indoors and imitate that desirable environment with a temperature between 21 and 26°C (or 69.8 to 78.8°F), and relative humidity (RH) levels between 40 and 50%.


You’ll want to avoid anything close to poor weather, so keep that in mind when choosing to grow indoors or out. Indoors, you’ll find these plants reach a far more manageable average of 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall, but are still capable of bountiful yields.


Consider your growing medium, too, for best results - hydroponics works to boost productivity and explosive growth patterns, while organic soil will help draw out the full terpene profile for flavor, aroma and therapeutic attributes.


If you’re able to, get these beans going in either a Sea of Green (SoG) or a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup as many growers find this a highly effective technique when growing Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Fem.


As the plants grow, you’ll find they need regular trimming of their thick and abundant leaves - this is simple enough to achieve, and will help increase light penetration and airflow to all budding regions of your plants.


Expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering for these frosty crystal-coated beauties to fully mature, after which the indoor grower can look forward to up to 500 grams per meter squared for their efforts. Outdoors, in optimal conditions, it’s possible to rake in up to 750 grams per plant - a fact you will assuredly be doing backflips over.




Medically awesome, recreationally fantastic, easy to grow and generous to boot - I dare you to find a reason not to love Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized.


From award-winning genetics and born for ganja greatness, this rare hybrid is one you simply do not want to miss.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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