Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

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Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

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Are you ready to grow highly rewarding and super potent cannabis in just a few weeks? Blue Dream autoflower is your best bet.


This strain is relatively easy to cultivate, even without prior experience. It rewards you with lip-smacking buds and moderate THC content for a subtle cerebral punch. The nugs leave you energized, motivating you to socialize and complete tasks. 


Blue Dream takes you on an adventurous experience, from growing to smoking. Discover this strain’s effects, origin, top cultivation tips, and where to buy weed seeds below.

Bud origin


The original Blue Dream strain debuted in the cannabis world around 2003 and originated in Santa Cruz, California. It’s the bud child of Blueberry and Haze. 


This finger-licking hybrid boasts a sweet berry flavor and is among the most popular strains in the Blue family. Autoflower Blue Dream comes from breeding the original cultivar genetics with a house ruderalis.


This combination makes the plants non-photoperiodic and resilient to harsh climatic conditions, pests, and diseases. The strain inherits Blueberry’s sweet flavor and aroma, while its energizing and uplifting effects originate from Haze. 


Besides being autoflowering, these Blue Dream seeds are also feminized, which results in 99.99% female crops that produce smokable buds.


Growing Blue Dream autoflower seeds


Blue Dream autoflower seeds are among the most straightforward variants to cultivate since they don’t require prior growing experience. Germinate them using the paper towel method and transfer them after they sprout. 


It takes about five days before the first taproots appear. Factors that influence the germination process include humidity, light, and temperature. 


Like feminized Blue Dream seeds, this autoflowering variant also thrives in soil or hydroponic setups. Due to the ruderalis genetics, these crops are hardy and can reach their full potential outdoors.


The Blue Dream autoflower height is moderate when cultivating indoors at about 2–3 feet. Since it’s a sativa-dominant strain, it can grow a bit taller outside. 


Avoid high-stress training (HST) methods like topping and fimming when cultivating these cannabis crops. Though they can reach higher heights, removing excess leaves is better than potentially stressing and damaging the plants with these techniques.


It’s best to grow Blue Dream crops indoors to protect them from harsh climatic elements and common pests that attack cannabis plants.


Some cultivators suggest using low-stress training (LST) methods to boost the plant’s productivity.


Since these Blue family seeds are autoflowering, they produce crops with a short vegetative period and don’t have enough time to recover from damage. The crops enter the flowering stage automatically without depending on the light/dark cycle. 


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Blue Dream autoflower grows best indoors, where you can control the environment. If you cultivate outdoors, choose an area with a dry and warm climate. Under optimum conditions, the crops can move from germination to harvest in 10–14 weeks. 


When growing indoors, the plants require warm temperatures between 65–85°F. Keep the humidity at moderate levels of about 50–55%. It’s advisable to invest in fans that improve air circulation.


Maintain an 18/6 light cycle during vegging, which involves switching on the lamps for 18 hours and providing 6 hours of darkness. The plants will start flowering automatically after several weeks; give them 18–24 hours of light daily during this period.


Some growers prefer HID lamps, while others opt for LED bulbs that consume less energy and emit minimal heat. Position the growing lights strategically to prevent the plants from overstretching. If the bulbs are too close, they might burn or damage the crops.


Feeding Blue Dream autoflower


Blue Dream autoflower requires adequate nutrients to stay healthy and reach its maximum potential. Provide nitrogen-rich fertilizer during the vegetative stage. After the crops start flowering, add potassium and phosphorus to encourage the development of more buds.


If your growing medium is nutrient-rich, you may only need to top dress a few times during the vegetative and flowering stage.


Blue Dream plants require regular watering to promote their growth and the absorption of minerals. Avoid giving the crops excess liquid, as it can result in root rot or other issues.


Too little water may cause dehydration and weaken your plants. Insert a finger into the medium and add more moisture if dry. Moist soil means you don’t need to provide H2O.


Flowering & yields


The Blue Dream autoflower flowering time is about 8–9 weeks. During this stage, the crops require lower humidity (about 35–35%) to prevent bud rot and mold. 


Due to high resin production, the buds release a strong aroma. Stay discreet by installing carbon filters that help mask the smell. Trim the plant if it’s too bushy to improve light penetration and boost nug development.


Stop supplying nutrients to your crops in the last two weeks before harvest. Flush the soil with pH-correct water to raise the quality and taste of the buds. Pick the nugs once fully ripened, then dry and cure them. 


At Blue Dream autoflower harvest time, you can expect about 10–16 oz./m2 indoors and 14–18 oz./plant outdoors.


Experiencing the Blue Dream strain


These sweet-flavored buds are 80% sativa and 20% indica. They deliver a subtle punch with up to 20% THC and minimal CBD content.


Smoke Blue Dream buds and feel the effects trickle in after a few minutes. This strain kicks you with a cerebral punch that elevates energy and brings positive emotions. 


Enjoy the uplifting and relaxing sensations that can last several hours. Autoflower Blue Dream is perfect for sharing with friends or toking when going out since it may increase sociability. The sativa traits make it ideal for a wake-and-bake session to start your day with energy. 


This cultivar contains moderate THC levels, so smoke it carefully to avoid potential adverse reactions. Taking high doses may cause dry eyes, slight paranoia, or cottonmouth. Stay hydrated while toking this strain to prevent these side effects.


Aroma and flavor


The Blue Dream autoflower yield produces large, resinous buds filled with terpenes such as myrcene, pinene, and limonene. These nugs typically share identical sweet scents as other Haze seeds with similar genetics. 


Walk into the grow room and view eye-appealing green buds with purple and orange hairs. The nugs release fruity fragrances that get stronger and more evident as they near harvesting. Once ripe, the buds ooze a sweet tropical smell with spicy and berry undertones. 


Light the well-cured and dried nugs and experience an intense fruity aroma that may satisfy your cravings. Citrus, berries, pinewood, and earthy tastes are more evident as you exhale the smoke. 


Helps with


Blue Dream autoflower seeds in the USA are also popular among medical users who report their useful therapeutic benefits. The buds contain moderate THC levels and beneficial terpenes that may help treat some conditions. 


Blue Dream nugs have high levels of myrcene, which people believe offers relaxing and sedating effects. Limonene, which gives the buds a citrus flavor, may assist in reducing anxiety. 


Users report this strain has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve chronic and acute pain. It could also assist people with insomnia to relax and fall asleep. Take a toke and chase away the negative thoughts, leaving you with energy. 


This cultivar may reduce anxiety, stress levels, and depression. Users also claim that taking it after a long day might kick out fatigue and muscle tension.


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Strain Profile
GeneticsBlue Dream x Ruderalis
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyMostly Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8–9 weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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