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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds

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A starburst of tropical scents and flavors, Grapefruit Feminized is ganja for those who lean towards Sativa-dominance and a delectable palate. Tangy, citrusy and sweet all at once...

Bittersweet Fruity Flavors and Favors


Bud Basics

A starburst of tropical scents and flavors, Grapefruit Feminized is ganja for those who lean towards Sativa-dominance and a delectable palate. Tangy, citrusy and sweet all at once, everything from the scent to the taste to the high itself will draw you in - a strain that starts out as a treat can soon become a firm favorite and everyday indulgence if you let her lure you in.


Popular for all the right reasons, Grapefruit will induce a euphoric, happy buzz and a go-get-em energy almost as soon as the smoke passes your lips. Boasting a number of creative and vigor-boosting benefits courtesy of her Cinderella 99 (C99) parentage, she’s the whole package of flavor and favor with THC levels of around 15% to 20%.


This strain's particular package of cerebral highs and analgesic properties make her an instant hit with medicinal marijuana users who are looking for something that’s tasty and effective and relieving symptoms. Consumers with depression, anxiety and PTSD have found this lady to be particularly effective, as have those suffering from minor aches, pains and headaches.


As a feminized strain of the ever-popular Grapefruit, these seeds combine the heavy yields and fast growth cycles of her predecessors to prove themselves simple to grow and easy to love with just a little care and attention.



Flavor and Fragrance of Grapefruit

A soft citrus flavor from flower to bag to joint, Grapefruit Feminized is a mouth-watering delicacy of tropical fruit blended with sweet earthy notes and a sour tang that will linger in your mouth long after you’ve finished smoking her.




Better than your morning cup of java, Grapefruit Fem is as refreshing and awakening as you’d expect from a strain that’s named for her fruity flavors. A few tokes of this lady will quickly boost your energy and increase your focus, waking you up with a cerebral buzz that’s as uplifting and creative as it gets.


A choice weed for creatives and artists of all kinds, Grapefruit is the kind of high you can imagine Da Vinci or Boticelli riding - a wake-and-bake mood lifter that sets you up to soar and marvel at the mastery of your own ability. Creative block will be a thing of the past with this lady on your side.


Smokers confined to the more everyday drudgery of desk and office jobs have also found this weed to be particularly beneficial at motivating them and getting them ready for the day. A positive mental journey of a morning will leave you buzzing with motivation and energy for hours, hammering through heavy workloads with newfound vigor.


As the high starts to wind down, Grapefruit will eventually begin to sink you down a little, great for chilling and taking a well deserved rest after a long day of exertion. Eventually, she’ll lull you into a long, peaceful sleep, ready to start anew tomorrow.



Medical Uses of Grapefruit Feminized

Popular amongst the medical marijuana crowds, Grapefruit Feminized’s uplifting, euphoric buzz has been found to be of particular benefit in relieving low mood and negativity with such conditions as depression, anxiety and PTSD. The ease afforded by a few tokes of these buds is such that consumers find their unhappy mind fog lifted and are able to focus on peace and progress once more.


Since Grapefruit is such an energizing cannabis strain, she has been used effectively to combat fatigue in some medicinal users. Due to her analgesic properties, she’s also been found to reduce inflammation, swelling and minor aches and pains alongside her mental benefits.


The combination of Grapefruit’s physical and mental medicinal properties makes her a particularly good strain for relaxing and clearing the mind of unpleasant thoughts and everyday aches, gently sedating you into a restful slumber that will leave you feeling refreshed.


As with most strains, this fruity hybrid isn’t without side effects, and dry eyes and cottonmouth can be common. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated during consumption is crucial. In rarer cases, some could experience mild anxiety or paranoia with this strain, and occasional mild headaches. These are more common amongst unseasoned smokers, and taking Grapefruit in moderation is recommended for newbies and anyone who might be sensitive to THC. If negative side effects persist, we would encourage you to try an alternative strain.



Growing Grapefruit Feminized

With feminized seeds, growing an all-female Grapefruit crop is straightforward business - but it’ll require commitment if you want that all important heavy harvest.


Your first priority here should be maintaining an optimal environment. Grapefruit Feminized requires a balanced temperature, humidity and air circulation and will grow up to 60cm if you keep the light at 12/12 after the first week or so.


This is a hybrid that will require some care and attention, and as such should be regularly fed with fertilizer and water. Because of this, you might find she’s at risk from mold due to the moisture build-up, so we’d recommend you keep a close eye on her to prevent this.


If cared for properly, this lady will prosper beautifully - but be warned that her buds are fairly strong smelling, and you may require an adequate air filtration system if you intend to be discreet.


Grapefruit Fem will flower at around the 8 to 9 week mark, with a yield of around 1.62 ounces per square foot - though she might turn out smaller if grown outdoors. If you do choose to grow her outside, then keep her in a sunny spot and harvest her by mid-October. This should leave you with a healthy 10.5oz per plant.




If you want the best, you have to give it your best - such is the case with Grapefruit Feminized. With an all-female crop, we’ve taken much of the hard work out of it, but you’ll still need to show some serious love and care to her if you want her to grow as well as can be. Treat her right, and you’re sure to find a healthy harvest ready and waiting for you in no time at all.


Dried and cured, this strain is a particularly pleasing plant both in the bag and rolled up.  Her aroma and taste recall the sweet, bitter-tang and citrus flavors of her namesake fruit, underpinned with a delicate earthiness that only serves to make her more-ish as hell.


Even without the soft, grapefruit flavors, this is a strain that deserves her fame, ideal for those looking for a wake-and-bake that will energize and motivate even the most slovenly of stoners. Creativity will flow and ideas will appear with a toke of Grapefruit, and even the comedown is a relaxing slip into slumber.


If soothing back those low moods and negative thoughts is your goal, again, this is the stuff you need. Potent analgesic properties and a dreamy head-high combine to sweep away unpleasantness of the mind and body and leave you drifting on a bed of calm - how can you pass that up?

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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